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Catching up with TTC #1, thread 8!

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MrsEG Thu 07-Nov-19 12:50:37

Getting a new one started before we are full! I’ll go back now and add people - answering everyone’s last posts here!!

@MrsR16 Nesting sounds like a good idea! Our house is such a mess at the moment mid-decorating and I cant wait for it all to be done so I can tidy!!

@BabySquid Fabulous bump! Glad you had such a brilliant time. I’m starting to think that pain sleeping is all just part and parcel of being pregnant now! At my yoga class everyone complains of it!

@Tropicana1 I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about!

@purplefig Yeah it was amazing to hear! Apparently IVF twins are more likely to be small but she never explained why. But yeah, induction is less likely for growth - it could still be needed for other reasons but it’s nice to have one of them off the list! How are you feeling, sleeping any better?

@ELW85 I did sleep a little bit better! I still woke up about 4:30 but slept all the way from 10 til then which is amazing! I feel like I’m slowly getting used to just being tired now! Glad you managed a better sleep!

@PippaPug Glad you got the radiator sorted! Yeah I’m amazed at how care changes from place to place but I think the main thing is as long as someone is seeing us at least once a month then that’s great!! How have you been feeling? I’m 24+4 today and really starting to feel uncomfortable now. My bump measured approx 32 weeks yesterday!! 32!!! She thinks they must be lying all at the front.

@cupcakesandglitter From doing some googling I think at the 28 week appt they’ll more start telling me what I can and can’t do in the birth - like start laying out all of my options? So I’m not gonna worry too much and wait to see what they say! My only ‘preference’ is everyone arrives happy and healthy and all are safe and well! I love the bong haha - how are you feeling today?

cupcakesandglitter Fri 08-Nov-19 10:18:42

@LokiCat definitely interesting, I had to use it last night 😂 glad your MW app went well - shame that you're going see someone new again, hopefully this one sticks!!

Much better thanks @BostonFern I guess that makes sense, as long as you're comfortable and have a healthy baby that's all that matters x

Oh no @MrsR16 that's so sad 😞 poor her, it's a shame but I remember just wanting to be left alone really and to not be asked too much about it but then again, everyone is different!

@MrsEG that bump 😭🥰 can you feel them at the front? That's so cute 😭😭😭 shame about the poo incident 😂 but glad you got your cake!! Did you go for the Yule log?!

Fingers crossed for you @PippaPug !! Could you wear a loose smart top? Or maybe a shirt and jumper that could cover your bump?

@ELW85 my DH is working all weekend too so I'm with you 😂 might visit my mum, I hate being alone 😂😞

Oh my god @Fivebyfive2 what?! Do you know how many weeks she was?! My baby brain won't let me figure it out 😂

Omg @thumper59 I knew it!! Massive congrats! and happy birthday too, how amazing! You look incredible as per and Freddie is absolutely gorgeous, hope you have a quick and healthy recovery!! X

Sorry if I've missed anyone, ended up cooking 😯 as well as cleaning yesterday (who am I?!) but then overdid it and had to use the bong 😂 not my finest moment but hey! Happy Friday 😊 I'm 19 weeks tomorrow and can't wait!!!

PippaPug Fri 08-Nov-19 10:24:17

Happy Friday everyone!

@ELW85 - Yes like you I want to do some more digging around about it, there are so many options when it comes to giving birth isn’t there!

@thumper59 - CONGRATULATIONS! Freddie is gorgeous and has such long legs and you look glowing, he must of been the best birthday present you have ever received! I hope your home soon and enjoying being a family of three 💐💐💐

@MrsEG - There is so many decisions to make regarding birth, and I know ultimately we all want our babies to be born safe as well as us but so many options! I always feel movements on one side where Pip is but not as many on the other side, is it the same for you?

@LokiCat - there is something about the fact baby animals are so cute! I can’t wait to see everyone’s nursery!

@purplefig - Thank you so much for that info, will read up on it! I wanted to do our NHS classes but they are in the middle of the day which isn’t very helpful for most men even if their partners are already on maternity leave!

@BostonFern - I haven’t heard of that so I will read up on that as well, sounds interesting!

How many nappies is everyone taking to hospital with them (I know MrsEG and I will need double 😂) my friend is going to be induced next week, still hasn’t packed her hospital bag and I advised her that a newborns go through roughly 12 nappies in a 24 hour period so she suggested taking 6 nappies?
I didn’t know if I was thinking about packing too many?!

We have ordered our pram this week, at our local pram shop - the place that my Nan ordered my Dads, and my parents ordered mine. My parents very generously bought it so I took my mum in and she loved looking around it all. The shop also price matched and then got 10% off as a twin discount too 🎉

DH is home tonight (probably around 1am) and after working 14/15 hour days this week he will be shattered so a quiet weekend for us, getting rid of the wardrobe in the Nursery and we will start stripping the wallpaper too ☺️ Hope everyone has a good weekend!

stormtrooperjulian Fri 08-Nov-19 11:26:34

@thumper59 congratulations! He's absolutely beautiful, what an amazing birthday present for you

MrsH497 Fri 08-Nov-19 11:40:35

Omg @thumper59 huge congratulations and welcome baby Freddie! What a darling. Hope you're recovering well you look amazing. Happy birthday xx

purplefig Fri 08-Nov-19 15:10:10

@PippaPug No problem - hope it's helpful! Yeah we would've done NHS classes if they had evenings/weekends, but I guess midwives do need some time off too grin . Re: nappies - you could always pack extra and leave them in your car if you're worried you're going to run out? Enjoy having DH home this weekend!

MrsEG Fri 08-Nov-19 16:47:49

@LokiCat Do whatever works for you and DH! I’m not a big fan of forced interaction either (there was a lot of it at baby first aid!) and I do think with NCT most of it is geared towards mum anyway. You can train him up yourself when you get home smile

@purplefig Oh I’m so jealous of your sleep haha! I may even try just putting a load of blankets down as we definitely have loads of those. Your weekend sounds fab! Enjoy smile

@BostonFern Hope you enjoyed the pregnancy massage!

@cupcakesandglitter Yeah I do feel them at the front and I’ve been seeing them move at the front loads too! DH has felt/seen them a bunch of times too! 19 weeks - amazing, that 20 week scan will be here before you know it!

@PippaPug I definitely feel a lot more on the left than the right, but the right is slowly catching up/getting a bit stronger! Nappies wise just take a few - the midwife told me the hospital will provide if you have to stay in longer than you realise/prepare for, if no one can pop out and grab you some. She said they have all sizes to ensure no matter what, there will be a suitable nappy available! Bet you can’t wait to get your pram!

I am so glad this day is done! I’ve loosened up a bit as the day has gone on luckily! We’re off to collect a changing table we found on FB marketplace tonight which I’m excited for. Getting my hair done tomorrow. Then our hospital tour on Sunday! Not really sure what to expect other than knowing where to go when we get there on the big day haha! Happy weekend everyone.

BostonFern Sat 09-Nov-19 08:33:12

@PippaPug I'm taking loads of nappies, probably far too many-I've put a pack of 24 in 😬 But I think I'm being cautious as I'm high risk and not expecting to be out that quickly.
What pram did you go for?

@MrsEG the pregnancy massage was amazing, thank you. Tried a few acupressure points to encourage labour to start, think I felt a few twinges in the night, so maybe it's encouraged something.
Enjoy getting your hair done.

Happy weekend everyone!
No big plans today here, maybe a food shop. I've woken up and it's freezing here though, frost everywhere. I love these kinds of mornings as everything looks so pretty, but it's just dawned on me that we could end up having to defrost the car if I go into labour and the weathers like this-not a big deal at all, but not something is considered until this morning!

Fivebyfive2 Sat 09-Nov-19 09:31:06

Hi all, happy weekend!

@Bostonfern, I agree about these kind of mornings 🙂 My brother works at a warehouse and has to go out in the early hours, so he always puts a cover over his car to stop the ice! Maybe give that a try? Xx

Just a quick note about NCT and partners etc. My dh isn't very social so was a bit worried about going. But he's quite enjoying it! I guess every group will be different, but it's quite a nice mix of people and as you're all in the same boat, it's quite relaxed. He drew the line at the watsap group though!

I'm thinking of heading to the Mothercare by us later, to check out if there are any good offers on in the closing down sale. I didn't think they'd be on this soon after the news about administrators, but apparently they started yesterday? And apparently, mamas and papas have gone as well now?! What is going on with the high street?!

ELW85 Sat 09-Nov-19 10:03:29

Morning all!

Sorry for the late reply; I had an early night last night as was feeling super dizzy, but fingers crossed it’s stopped now.
A lie in with candles on and granola in bed has definitely helped!
DH bought me a lovely ‘Bump’s 1st Christmas’ nightie yesterday at Mothercare so I’ve been curled up in that 😊

@MrsEG - ice cream and RuPaul sounds like exactly what was needed! Did you go for the ‘love is’ flavour? Those Snowy Road things are awesome, and it’s cranberry and yogurt so you can lie to yourself about it being healthy 😂
How exciting that you’ve got your tour tomorrow! You’ll have to let us know how it goes. Ours is in January and I’m already excited!

@MrsR16 - what a wonderful way to spend a weekend; I’m going to watch the Remembrance Services this weekend. And cry my eyes out.

@thumper59 - congratulations and happy birthday! What a day! You look fantastic and Freddie is gorgeous; definitely headed to the NBA with those legs!

@purplefig - I don’t blame you for not looking; sometimes it’s better to not know, especially when you’ve had a hell of a day! I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend 😊

@LokiCat - shopping has now been narrowed down to food as we did a bit of baby shopping yesterday. A few people nudged me in the direction of the online Mothercare sale, so we grabbed a couple of bits, and went to the store too.
We got our nursery set last night online from Kiddie Kingdom; a nice Tutti Bambini Grey and White changer/dresser and cot bed for £350 which I think is decent?
How are you doing? So pleased you got some lovely and rare time with DH!

@cupcakesandglitter - it’s crap when they’re away isn’t it? We’ve got a housewarming to go to later and after he’s been at work all day, I’ll feel awful for him having to go. And I’m feeling particularly knackered this week so my motivation levels are zero!

@PippaPug - there are SO many options! The link that @purplefig attached looks really informative though, so that’s going to form some of my weekend reading!

@fivebyfive2 - the online sale is better but I’m not sure how much will be left. It’s all just a shame. I hadn’t heard about Mamas and Papas! I think it’s sadly a sign of the times though; too many online retailers, so the only things people will end up leaving the house for is the immediate essentials like food.

Have a lovely Saturday all! I’m really trying to get some motivation to de-ice the car, go shopping, clean the house and then go to a party. Especially as I need to work tomorrow 😢
Have a good one!

thumper59 Sat 09-Nov-19 11:11:21

Morning ladies sorry I've been absent- been having loads of cuddles!!

@MrsEG he is super long! I'm feeling a lot better now we are home and had our first night at home last night. Very sore! But to be expected. They make it all worth it- you look fabulous by the way and your bump looks amazing!!

@Lemonysherbet Thankyou! He is amazing xx

@LokiCat Thankyou lovely! Xx

@MrsR16 Thankyou! He is just amazing. Oh god I didn't feel great 😂 but it's all forgotten the moment they are put on your chest 💙

@purplefig aww Thankyou!! God I didnt look or feel amazing. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's just amazing, such an amazing experience even if not the nicest one 😂 I can't explain the feeling of them putting them on your chest I can't wait for you ladies to experience it and report it back 💙

@BostonFern Thankyou! Feeling loads better now we are home and in our own comforts 🙂

@cupcakesandglitter Thankyou so much lovely! At least he'll never have an excuse to forget my birthday 🙄

@PippaPug Thankyou we got home late afternoon yesterday and feel so much better for being home! He is the best gift I don't see any other birthday topping this!!

@stormtrooperjulian Thankyou so much. Hope your well xx

@MrsH497 Thankyou! He is just spectacular!! I can't keep my hands off him

@ELW85 Thankyou! I did always moan about having his feet stuck in my ribs it all makes sense now. He's just the spit of his dad!! Super tall like daddy too. Hope your doing well!

I will have a proper catch up sometime soon, because just as I've sat down Freddie has started waking up right on cue 🙄 but I'm so grateful for how amazing this thread has been all through pregnancy and I can't wait for the next babies to arrive!! For now I'll sit staring at this squishy little face 💙💙

Fivebyfive2 Sat 09-Nov-19 11:15:19

@thumper59, glad to hear you're all home and getting comfy! He is just perfect 😀

MrsH497 Sat 09-Nov-19 11:52:31

Aw @thumper59 he's just yummy!

Went to mothercare yesterday and DH let me lose this was not wise as I ended up buying things! I've now made a list of what we need. But I'm somewhat clueless are sleepsuits and baby grows the same thing?! Does anyone have a good list of essentials I can compare my list to?

MrsEG Sat 09-Nov-19 11:56:04

@BostonFern Massage sounds fab! Yeah with us being due late Jan I keep banging on to DH about having de-icer in, the scraper to hand etc etc!

@Fivebyfive2 I heard about Mamas and Papas yesterday! We do actually have a few things earmarked from there so will have a look and see if anything is reduced later on!

@ELW85 I was semi-good and got Halo Top! I fell in love with Halo Top when I was in California but the flavours here aren’t anywhere near as good as the states!! I’ll let you know how the tour goes, honestly don’t know what to expect at all! I feel like I should have questions prepared?! Oh, I looked at my growth chart too - my twins are on course to be 8lb 3!!?! How the frigg am I gonna carry two of those!!!!!

@thumper59 Oh he is beautiful!! Well done you. I bet you are just so, so happy he is here! Hope you have DH waiting on you hand and foot!

MrsH497 Sat 09-Nov-19 12:42:30

@cupcakesandglitter was it you who ordered the aldi rocking chair? Is it worth it?

MrsEG Sat 09-Nov-19 13:22:42

@MrsH497 From what I’ve found, sleepsuits and baby grows are basically the same! I’ve also gotten some Grobags for them to sleep in though, and some swaddles. I do have a list but it’s saved on my work laptop! Loads of websites have baby essentials though, give it a google - sure Emma’s Diary definitely do!

ELW85 Sat 09-Nov-19 13:55:30

@thumper59 - thank you, I’m doing really well! DH has just come back for the day so it’s nice to have him home!
Enjoy your cuddles with your boy 💙

@MrsEG - Halo Top is lovely! I’ve just treated DH to some Phish Food...apparently I’m a feeder!
Uhoh; I shouldn’t have pointed these growth charts out 😂 you’ll smash it, and they might not be as big as that!

Fivebyfive2 Sat 09-Nov-19 14:41:04

@MrsH497, I actually didn't get anything from our Mothercare today, just ended up walking around and coming out again!! We've got the big stuff already, so I was looking at the 'essentials' like vests, baby grows etc... But I got a bit confused with what sizes to buy etc so didn't bother! We've decided to wait until Dec to get any more clothes--we'll have had a couple of later scans by then so hopefully have more of an idea what size ranges to go for. Plus, sil told me she's arranged a baby shower for me at the end of November 😀 So might get some bits and bobs from people.

@MrsEG @ELW85, ooo I might have to have a closer look at the growth chart! The carers at my nans home have a pool going about how big he will be 😂

Fivebyfive2 Sat 09-Nov-19 15:31:11

Also, question for anyone who also got the snuzpod... Are you getting a mobile for it? I've seen loads that will be perfect for the big cot when he's 6 months plus and in his own room (in theory!) but wondering if we should try to find a small one for when he's in our room in the snuz? The sides are fabric and there are wooden bits too it, but they're round so maybe the clip would slip? Maybe that's why they do that cloud thing that attaches via valcro to the wooden bit? Trying to Google 'mobile for snuzpod' and not getting very far though! Can you tell I'm having a really exciting afternoon?! 😂

BostonFern Sat 09-Nov-19 15:53:16

@Fivebyfive2 good idea about the cover.
We aren't getting a mobile for the snuzpod, I hadn't even thought about it to be honest!

@thumper59 glad to hear you're home and feeling better for bring in familiar surroundings. Love the Dumbo sleep suit too!

Still feeling uncomfortable today, back ache and period type pains. Really hoping that this is a good sign and I'm not going to be teased with this for weeks!

cupcakesandglitter Sat 09-Nov-19 16:19:13

Ahh yay @PippaPug hope you get lots done in the nursery 😊

@MrsEG ahh that's amazing 🥰

Awww @ELW85 ive seen the nightie, it's so cute! Are you feeling better now? It's definitely crap but use the time as some me time and relax! What range did you go for with the tutti bambini set? I've gone for the Modena but in the oak and white but the grey is beautiful 😭

That's true @thumper59 so pleased for you, he's wonderful, congrats again xx

It was me @MrsH497 absolutely think it's worth it!! I've attached pics below, blurred out FILs face 😂 I went for the cream one - it's super comfortable, and a lot bigger than you'd think too which is really good. Easy to assemble and looks fab! Plus we've kept the legs so when it's no longer needed in the nursery we can keep it in our room x

@Fivebyfive2 did they have much there? I've seen on Facebook a few people complaining it's only 10% off and not much in store so we've not popped in yet. Ahhh how amazing!! Are you looking forward to it? We'll be at the end of nov before you know it 😂 I'm not planning on getting a mobile for it but I really like the snuzcloud - I didn't think about getting it for the snuzpod but that's actually a really good idea!! I'm not sure how a mobile could work with the way the bars are but hopefully one of the other ladies can help x

Ahh @BostonFern I have a feeling it'll be soon for you, fingers crossed and rest up!

I managed to pick up a fantastic mamas and papas Starlite swing from facebook today and it's beautiful 😭 can't wait until I have my little baby in there, it's the small things 😂

ELW85 Sat 09-Nov-19 16:49:01

@Fivebyfive2 - haha, my mother and MiL have a little guessing game going about weight!
I hope you get on well with the chart; I genuinely would have looked past it but pleased I’ve seen it now.
We’ve just bought a mobile but more for the intention of from 6 Months + so haven’t thought about fitting it to the Snuzpod 🧐

@cupcakesandglitter - we’ve gone for the Modena too! We were so torn between the oak and white (lovely!) but went for the grey because of the cloud theme 😊
The savings online for Mothercare are huge but it is between 10-20% in store at the moment.
The ladies working there were lovely, and I felt awful for them when chatting to them.
Your chair looks great! I wish we had enough room for one in the designated nursery!

@BostonFern - ooh hopeful signs! I hope you’re ok.

Fivebyfive2 Sat 09-Nov-19 16:58:04

@cupcakesandglitter, they had quite a bit still in store, up to 20% off. I honestly don't know how people can complain to shop workers about the disc not being enough, it's like get some perspective, these people are about to be out of work?!!

@Bostonfern, hope you manage to get comfortable, you never know it could be soon?! Xx

I shall continue the mobile research 😂

Just had a bath, pj's are on the radiator, we're watching Terminator 2 later apparently, with a giant bar of Cadbury 😋

MrsEG Sat 09-Nov-19 21:06:42

@Fivebyfive2 My sis and friends told me not to worry about a mobile for the early months as they tend to drink themselves to sleep and you’re up and seeing to them so much, anything would just get in your way; mobiles are fab when they’re a bit older and need to start settling themselves to sleep. They did all say to get a Ewan the Dream Sheep though! Godsends, apparently! Enjoy the chocolate! How lovely you’re having a baby shower thrown for you too smile

@BostonFern sorry you’re feeling so uncomfortable but fingers crossed these are all good signs!!

@ELW85 I love Phish Food! The original and best!!

@cupcakesandglitter Sounds like you’re getting all the nursery stuff sorted now! It’s so exciting isn’t it!

Was in the hairdressers for 4 hours today 🙈 meant I had to skip lunch for the first time in months! Sis invited us round for dinner though (niece has learnt how to say a few more words so wanted to show off to us!!) and had spaghetti Bol, garlic bread and New York cheesecake - I literally inhaled it! DH put one of the cots up today too - its so lovely!

Fivebyfive2 Sat 09-Nov-19 21:37:48

@MrsEG, good tip about Ewan, I'll have to get on that! Also agree about phish food.... It's the ultimate flavour 😋

cupcakesandglitter Sat 09-Nov-19 23:45:29

@ELW85 ahh lovely! It's such a nice set isn't it! Makes perfect sense, I did the oak purely because of something I'd seen on Pinterest 😂 Thankyou, I love it 😭

@Fivebyfive2 I know!! Thankfully a lot of people were quick to talk about it on the comments saying about how the timing is horrible for staff who are losing their jobs and I agree - it's such a shame 😩 Really lovely staff in the Tamworth one too 😞

@MrsEG definitely exciting!! I honestly can't wait 😂 can't seem to shift the bloody sofa, hoping someone buys it soon! Ahh yay! Four hours 😓 well done you (although shame you had to skip lunch) I bet you feel great though?! Oh wahoooo! I bet you can't wait until they're both up 😊

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