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Catching up with TTC #1, thread 8!

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MrsEG Thu 07-Nov-19 12:50:37

Getting a new one started before we are full! I’ll go back now and add people - answering everyone’s last posts here!!

@MrsR16 Nesting sounds like a good idea! Our house is such a mess at the moment mid-decorating and I cant wait for it all to be done so I can tidy!!

@BabySquid Fabulous bump! Glad you had such a brilliant time. I’m starting to think that pain sleeping is all just part and parcel of being pregnant now! At my yoga class everyone complains of it!

@Tropicana1 I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about!

@purplefig Yeah it was amazing to hear! Apparently IVF twins are more likely to be small but she never explained why. But yeah, induction is less likely for growth - it could still be needed for other reasons but it’s nice to have one of them off the list! How are you feeling, sleeping any better?

@ELW85 I did sleep a little bit better! I still woke up about 4:30 but slept all the way from 10 til then which is amazing! I feel like I’m slowly getting used to just being tired now! Glad you managed a better sleep!

@PippaPug Glad you got the radiator sorted! Yeah I’m amazed at how care changes from place to place but I think the main thing is as long as someone is seeing us at least once a month then that’s great!! How have you been feeling? I’m 24+4 today and really starting to feel uncomfortable now. My bump measured approx 32 weeks yesterday!! 32!!! She thinks they must be lying all at the front.

@cupcakesandglitter From doing some googling I think at the 28 week appt they’ll more start telling me what I can and can’t do in the birth - like start laying out all of my options? So I’m not gonna worry too much and wait to see what they say! My only ‘preference’ is everyone arrives happy and healthy and all are safe and well! I love the bong haha - how are you feeling today?

MrsEG Thu 07-Nov-19 12:57:39



I’m bound to have missed some people so very sorry if so!

Lemonysherbet Thu 07-Nov-19 13:00:21

Thanks @mrsEG 😁

cupcakesandglitter Thu 07-Nov-19 13:12:09

Thanks for the thread @MrsEG that makes more sense - is that your next MW appointment? I still can't believe you're so close 😂 much better thanks - in fact I'm actually downstairs cleaning!!! First time I've had the energy to get up properly and thoroughly clean. Although DH has put all of the laminate boxes right in the middle of the room 🤦🏻‍♀️so I'm having to work around them because they're too heavy to lift but I've definitely got that second trimester energy!! (I've only been waiting for weeks 😂)

MrsR16 Thu 07-Nov-19 13:24:58

Thanks for the new thread @MrsEG 😊 I honestly can't wait to get all sorted! I have my first health visitor appt next Thursday and I'm already panicking I'll be told off for having a messy home (stupid I know!)

Welcome home @BabySquid (although it doesn't much feel like home now you're getting plans in place to move out there!) Bump is looking fabulous!

@cupcakesandglitter I'm so glad you're doing better!! 😊

MrsH497 Thu 07-Nov-19 13:40:54

Thanks @MrsEG for new thread!
@BabySquid beautiful bump (and tattoo!) exciting times planning a move to Australia (and here's me worrying we can't do a house move until baby is here!)

Fingers crossed this combination of medication is working so far!

purplefig Thu 07-Nov-19 14:12:20

@MrsEG as you say, nice to have that reason off the table! I'm actually sleeping way better at the moment thanks, I think the double duvet under the duvet is working well and I'm back to loving my outrageously large pregnancy pillow. The last few nights I've only woken up once or twice, which has just felt like such a luxury. Sorry to hear you're still up in the wee hours - 4.30am is so early! Thanks for the new thread too by the way!

LokiCat Thu 07-Nov-19 14:45:50

Hi all! Can't believe there's already a new thread! Thanks for creating it @MrsEG

Going to try and catch up on what I missed from previous thread! I think this will be long, I apologise...

@PippaPug nieces are 8, 7 and 2 and my nephew is 4. They unfortunately live about an hour away, but otherwise would have been great future babysitters I'm sure!
I've seen a few on Etsy if you search penguin wall decal, but not as many cute ones. Lots of giraffes though!
Sorry to hear about your back, but glad the massage helped! Also that the plumber was able to fix it all. I always worry that something will go wrong when DH is out and I'll be clueless about what to do!
How frustrating about wayfair!

@MrsEG my best friend is due two days before me actually! Amazing having someone I'm so close going through the exact same moments with me. It'll be lovely when your friend is able to come during maternity leave and you can share it all together.
Glad your growth scan went well! That must have been lovely for your mum to see.

@ELW85 ahh what a lovely scan photo! So glad everything went well and you can still continue with the birthing suite!
Can't believe you've been having 4am starts! No wonder you're so tired by the end of the day. I hope you've got a lot of relaxation planned for the weekend!

@Larrydavid the baby show is where we did most of our research. We went to a few stands and asked them to show us the set up, discussed prices and bundle offers then I looked at reviews for the ones we saw to get pros/cons. I didn't look at too many as I get overwhelmed with choices really easily 😂 we really had our eye set on the iCandy Peach, but it was almost double the price so that swayed us quite a bit.
I recommend visiting somewhere like John Lewis or Mamas and Papas to see what prams are out there because you can test them out and see what you like the feel of, then research online for reviews/different prices.
Also certain aspects might make your mind up for you - prams with the capability of turning into a double, lightweight, easily foldable etc.
Glad your booking in appointment went well. My midwife mentioned birth plan at the first one as well and I had no clue! It did get me to start thinking of things I might want.
Also ditto on crying at Grey's Anatomy! I didn't realise how emotional it was until being pregnant 😂
Sorry I waffled on a bit to you! 🙈

@BostonFern thanks! I had a look at the antenatal classes offered at our hospital today and they've got a breastfeeding workshop which I'll be signing up to when I'm further along. Did you take your partner with you? It mentions partners on the website but not sure if it would be of any use for DH to go..
Can't believe you're 37 weeks! Not long to go!

@MrsH497 so sorry to hear you're suffering but what a lovely scan! That must have been amazing to see 😊 I hope the medication helps!

@cupcakesandglitter oh no! I hope all is okay? That must have been so scary! Glad you're better today though! Exciting that your rocking chair is here and comfy!
Hahah that really does look like an interesting bong! 😂

@BabySquid welcome back! Glad you had an amazing time on holiday. It must have been even more amazing to imagine yourself being there in a few years!
Beautiful bump!

@purplefig how ridiculous about the maternity pay! Why do they need that long to make a decision?!
Glad yoga has helped with your sleeping situation! I've started feeling some back pain, especially when I stand up/walk after sitting down for too long (unfortunately I've got a desk job!). May need to book myself in for yoga classes now.

@Tropicana1 your bump looks lovely! I'm sure if was a concern they would have mentioned it. Glad they're keeping an eye on things as well.
Good plan to have your birth preferences down now. My midwife told me they start discussing everything at 34 weeks with us.

@MrsR16 12 working days left! How exciting! Nesting sounds great on maternity leave, but definitely pamper yourself before baby arrives smile will you have some time during maternity leave before your due date?

So had my 16 week appointment this morning with the midwife. Saw a new one today and then found out she's leaving the trust as well and I'll see another new one at my next appointment 🤦🏻‍♀️ I hope it's not me! 😂
Unfortunately they don't listen for the heartbeat till 25 weeks so today was just a follow up, but I did ask her quite a few questions! She was really really lovely so a bit gutted that she's leaving.
Got my GTT test date sorted along with the wonderful glucose solution. Can't believe I have to drink that whole pouch in 5 minutes! I hope I manage to keep it down.
Went for brunch after with DH and had the most amazing smashed avocado on toast with a hot choccy 😍
WFH rest of the day! I hope you're all having a great Thursday. Suns out but it's absolutely freezing, so I'm under the duvet with my work laptop.

BostonFern Thu 07-Nov-19 15:00:42

@MrsEG thanks for setting up the new thread.

@cupcakesandglitter how are you feeling today?

@LokiCat I did take DP to the NCT classes, all the ladies there took there partners and they were really encouraged to ask questions- DP enjoyed it and said it was really useful.

I still haven't gone through my birth plan with the consultant/midwife-it's not booked in until next Wednesday when I'll be 38 weeks-really cutting it fine given my consultant has said he has until Tuesday until we start talking about eviction! To be fair, I don't have as many choices as most due to my health conditions-it'll have to be on a labour ward, and it's already been strongly advised that I have an epidural to reduce the stress on my heart. DP and I wrote some birth preferences at about 34 weeks though, as there's still plenty to think about in terms of environment/c-sections, delivering the placenta, vitamin K etc.

MrsR16 Thu 07-Nov-19 18:32:56

@LokiCat no, it's really not long at all! So I finish on 22 Nov and due date is 18 Dec, so if baby arrives on time I should have a fair amount of time! Shame about your new midwife leaving! Glad you enjoyed your morning though 😊

@BostonFern I still haven't written a birth plan 😬 I know what I want but I also know that babies don't read birth plans! 😂

So I had some really sad news today - one of my work colleagues suffers with PCOS but managed to get pregnant. She went for her first scan today and she's going to have to end the pregnancy... nothing is quite as it should be. I feel so sorry for her!! And feel a bit bad that I'm just about to go on mat leave 😕

MrsEG Thu 07-Nov-19 19:25:35

@cupcakesandglitter I actually see the community midwife next week but I’m not really sure why! I feel like I have appointments all the time haha. But 28 weeks will be scan and consultant again smile Enjoy the cleaning! As soon as all our decorating is done I am blitzing the place!

@MrsR16 Haha I’m sure your health visitor won’t care one bit! Think about some of the sights they must see when they go and see new mothers!! Oh how desperately sad about your colleague, are you close to her?

@MrsH497 Glad your medication is working smile

@purplefig I really need to try the extra duvet thing. We gave our spare duvet when we got rid of the old bed to the dog 🙈 so I need to get my hands on one!! I need that princess and pea magic!

@LokiCat It’s just so nice to know you’ll have a friend going through it and parenting at the same time isn’t it! Glad your midwife appointment went well - you’ve given me a craving for avo toast now (DH makes it with pesto!!) Hope the GTT test all goes smoothly! DH is coming to our NCT classes - think he wants to know all the ins and outs and get himself just as prepared!

@BostonFern Wow that is cutting it fine! It’s fab that you have some preferences already written down though smile

NHS physio went really well today! She thinks we can manage my PGP with some pelvic exercises. She’s also very happy for me to keep on with yoga and aquanatal which is fab smile Just getting ready for it now so took a bump snap - you can tell there’s two babies in there!! 24+4 today - Sonographer thinks they’re both at the front and I tend to agree when I look at my belly!! Have fabulous evenings all x

MrsR16 Thu 07-Nov-19 19:29:16

@MrsEG omg you look incredible!!! We're kinda close - she's been using me for lots of info/reassurance/general pregnancy questions since she found out she was pregnant

MrsEG Thu 07-Nov-19 19:36:20

@MrsR16 Oh the poor girl. The nicest thing people did for me when I had to have my D&C was just letting me know they were there as and when I needed them, a few people bought me books to read after the hospital, nice bath salts, chocolate etc - it was lovely. It can be awful and no one knows what to say to you (and there's nothing that can be said anyway) so little gestures like that I found really kind x

PippaPug Thu 07-Nov-19 19:47:57

@MrsEG - Thanks for new post! I’m 22+5 days and minus a few twingy pains in my back/hips I haven’t been to bad - you sound like your going through the mill a bit though! What a stunning bump you have! Defo two babies at the front - my two keep hiding at the back - and on top of each other which is fun when I have a scan, she has to push so hard on my stomach and then have to try and get the top baby away from the second baby 😂

@cupcakesandglitter - yes a temp part job I’m hoping I get it - I haven’t told them I’m pregnant 🙈 it would just be for 6/7 weeks but it would be helpful! I don’t know what to wear for a interview, my boobs are just about bigger the my bump but I look incredibly round and don’t want to buy interview clothes 🤨

@LokiCat - maybe when the eldest can drive they can come and babysit for you! I’m struggling with finding penguin stickers but found a few on Etsy like you said, but I don’t want cartoon penguins! I’m fussy 😂
DH is coming to NCT with me - I think it helps, he is really worried that I know more about him then babies but I keep telling him pregnancy/labour and birth as well as breast feeding, recovery and having two tiny newborns without a mother around - so we will be doing it together for the first time. Sorry to hear your be getting a new midwife but glad this appointment went really well!

@MrsR16 - ah I’m sorry to hear about your work colleague, that’s really hard for her, and I’m sure your feeling very sad for her too...💐

Is anyone doing the NHS course, the antenatal one? Also is anyone doing delayed cord clamping? My friend did NCT and she didn’t know anything about it, but I’m really keen to do this and wondering is anyone else is thinking about doing it? (As long as it’s safe for baby at the time of course)

MrsEG Thu 07-Nov-19 20:12:28

@pippapug I’m sure they’ll both pop forwards when they start running out of room back there!! Oh I’m so jealous haha but enjoy it! Are you managing to keep nice and mobile? I am interested in delayed cord clamping too but only if it’s deemed safe on the day, as who knows yet how I’ll deliver. But I’m going to put it in my notes so if it can happen, I’d like it to smile My sister did it I think for 3 minutes - baby lay on her fully attached and midwives left them and then clamped after 3 mins. I don’t know if that is the standard time for our hospital etc! She just asked if she could have her before cutting and they had no issue with it. I don’t think I’d want them on me until the placenta stops pulsating though; just because I think it would freak me out haha! But a few minutes I’m hoping for smile
I’m only doing NCT, and then an NHS breastfeeding workshop - just with Christmas I don’t think I have time for any more!!

So aquanatal got cancelled, after squeezing myself in to my swimsuit!! An ‘incident’ in the pool (there are school lessons before us so someone has definitely pooped in the pool). Headed straight to Tesco for some cake instead... I saw a picture of a Yule log online earlier and have thought of nothing since!

PippaPug Thu 07-Nov-19 20:20:12

@MrsEG - I’m quite mobile right now, my back aches and I know I have to rest but generally I can keep going which is great for when I work. Yes like you I’m very interested in it but only if it’s safe for us on the day, do you know how long it takes do the placenta to stop pulsing?
The NHS ones are in the day and I’m thinking of just going as to look around the birthing rooms etc just to help me, DH wouldn’t be able to come but I’m sure my mum would! I feel it’s another group of mums to meet too but didn’t know if I was being too greedy doing both!

ELW85 Thu 07-Nov-19 21:02:15

Evening all!

@MrsEG - thank you so much for the new thread!
You look fantastic 😀 how was the Yule log? We’ve been treating ourselves to some Snowy Road Bites. So good...and festive!
So pleased the physio went well, it must be a huge relief for you!

@purplefig - I’m so pleased your new bed set up is helping, but you’re right, the lack of sleep is 100% baby preparation!
Did you peruse your pregnancy notes for the estimated weight?

@MrsR16 - so sorry to hear about your friend. Absolutely awful.

@cupcakesandglitter - that is some asthma bong!! As long as it helps 😂

@LokiCat - thank you so much, the scan was incredible. Bless you, you’re not having much luck with midwives!
It’s definitely not you, though, haha!
Your day afterwards sounded great too, I hope you had a lovely time with DH 😊
This weekend is probably shopping and housework with a pinch of chilling out. I’m absolutely freaking out about how much work I’ve got to deliver in 70 (working) days left so I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up working some weekends.

@PippaPug - I’m interested in delayed cord clamping too but need to do a lot of digging into it.

It’s nearly Friday ladies! I hope everyone has some lovely weekend plans?
DH is working all weekend so definitely not a lot going on for me. Other than a massive lie in with candles on!!

Fivebyfive2 Thu 07-Nov-19 22:05:30

Hi ladies, so sorry I've been rubbish at keeping up with you guys recently. Must do better!

I'll catch up properly, but just popped on to say... It was our 2nd NCT class tonight. One couple weren't there, just figured they were working or whatever. Turns out they had their baby last night... They were due 6th Jan, 3 days before us 😳 I think we may be packing the hospital bag this weekend 😂

Happy almost Fri ladies!! And thank you @MrsEG for the new thread. Can't believe how fast we fill them!! Xxx

thumper59 Fri 08-Nov-19 01:51:19

Good early morning/evening. Whatever bloody day it is ladies I hope your well

I'm currently laid staring at our wonderful new son. This morning 7th November (my birthday) i gave birth to the most amazing little guy I have ever set eyes on. I never knew a love like this was possible.

So here he is- sharing my birthday and stealing my heart, Freddie; born 7th November at 8:51 weighing 8lb 3.5oz. I can't believe he is ours he made every moment of an extremely long and grouling labour worth it. Hope your all well, I can't wait for you to have this moment 💙

MrsEG Fri 08-Nov-19 05:33:48

@thumper59 Congratulations!! Oh look at him he’s beautiful, look at those long legs!! How are you feeling? What an amazing birthday present!

@PippaPug I’m not sure as I’ve only really read a few articles on it but I’m sure I’ve seen 10+ minutes for it to stop pulsating which seems a really long time! Go to the NHS sessions, why not - the more informed you can be the better!

@ELW85 I ended up getting some ice cream and came home, watched RuPaul and ate the whole tub - quite a different evening to the one I’d had planned!! I keep seeing those snowy bites and wanna try them - I love festive food!! Such a relief to have physio now and know for sure what I can and can’t do, exercises to help etc. A lie in with candles sounds glorious! I’m getting my hair done tomorrow and then we have our hospital tour on Sunday. I still think it’s very early to be doing it but they’ve been asking me if I’ve booked it since 16 weeks so we bit the bullet!

@Fivebyfive2 Oh wow!! How far along was she? I’ve been told for twins to have my bag packed from 28 weeks which scares the living daylights out of me haha!

Another crappy night with PGP, have actually been up for ages. Loads to do at work so as I was wide awake I got some of the admin type bits done while the rest of the word is asleep! I’m going to get my birthing ball and yoga mat out soon and do some exercises to loosen me up! Happy Friday ladies have a good one x

Lemonysherbet Fri 08-Nov-19 05:45:42

@thumper59 congrats he's absolutely adorable, I couldn't think of a better birthday present! I hope you're doing ok, enjoy every minute!

LokiCat Fri 08-Nov-19 07:21:22

@thumper59 oh what an absolutely beautiful birthday present!! Huge congratulations and happy birthday to you!! ❤️

Thanks all re taking your partners to NCT classes. DH doesn't like situations where he has to interact with too many other people, so NCT definitely won't be for him but we've compromised that we'll go to the two antenatal classes offered by the hospital, birth preparation and the breastfeeding workshop, which I'm happy with!

@MrsR16 oh that'll be a nice time to yourself before the little one arrives! So sorry to hear about your colleague. That must be so difficult for her. 

@MrsEG yes exactly, especially when it's someone you're so close!
You look fabulous in your swimsuit! Look at that gorgeous bump! Sorry swimming got cancelled but treating yourself to ice cream sounds like a win to me 😁
Sorry about your crappy night again. I hope some exercises this morning help you out.

@PippaPug true! Plus I know my parents are itching to already start babysitting duties. When we went shopping they were also asking questions about what would be useful to keep at their house when baby is over 😂
No that's fair enough, I don't like the cartoon animals either! My favourites are the baby animal prints. The cubs are so cute and cuddly!!
Haha how cute your two are on top of each other. It must be so interesting to see the interactions on the scan.

@ELW85 It was really nice being able to spend time together during the week. Usually there's always so much to do on the weekend, we aren't able to have a quiet morning and just go for breakfast.
Wow that's so crazy you only have 70 working days left! I haven't counted the time I have left. Makes it so much closer when you work it out like that.
Lie in with candles sounds brilliant! Anything specific in mind when shopping? I'm in Brighton next week for training, so have convinced DH to spend the day there on Sunday, so he can drop me off as well 😁

@Fivebyfive2 oh wow, that must have been so unexpected for them!!

So happy it's Friday! Hope you all have a brilliant day and weekend planned xx

MrsR16 Fri 08-Nov-19 08:00:55

@thumper59 oh my god!!! What an incredible birthday present! Freddie is just simply gorgeous! Huge congratulations to you! You look so well too xx

@ELW85 my weekend plans are all based around Remembrance! I'm off to the Royal Albert Hall tomorrow for the Festival of Remembrance with DH and a couple of friends 😊

@LokiCat I am hoping to have a week or so to get things sorted and just enjoy life before it changes forever! But we will see... hehe!

purplefig Fri 08-Nov-19 09:30:44

@LokiCat Well they used to need 8 weeks to process it but apparently they have a backlog so it's jumped up to 14 weeks. I mean, it just seems insane to me but there we go! I've got a desk job too, so I feel you on the back pain front. I'm finding yoga really really helpful, but I've also started using my sit/stand desk a lot more and that's also been pretty great. And when it flares up, can't be a hot bath or a hot water bottle. Sorry to hear you've not had great continuation of care so far - but glad to hear the 16 week appointment went well for you.

@BostonFern wow that is cutting it fine! At least you've already had a think though.

@MrsR16 That's horrible news about your work colleague. Poor woman.

@MrsEG honestly - you should see my side of the bed now. It's utterly ridiculously. But I am sleeping so, so, so well at the moment so I'm not changing a thing...and DH has adapted to having 1/4 (rather than 1/2) of the bed very gracefully grin. Your bump looks incredible - hi babies!! Also so good that your NHS physio went well and you're able to keep up the exercise. Great news all around! Other than the poo incident....grin

@PippaPug We're doing delayed cord clamping (provided we can). It's actually recommended under NICE guidance now. Some good info here: . I'm not doing the NHS class as we're doing NCT (mainly because it's 2 mins down the road from us and evenings/weekends, so more convenient with work etc.).

@ELW85 I haven't looked at my notes yet - yesterday was manic and I'm not sure I could've coped if it was revealed I was on track for a 10lb-er hahaha. Enjoy your lie in with candles on, that sounds incredible.

@Fivebyfive2 gosh....definitely worth getting that bag packed early!!

@thumper59 CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so, so, so happy for you. Freddie is absolutely adorable. Also I'm sorry, but how do you look quite so incredible that soon after birth!?!? You are GLOWING!! grin

Happy Friday all! This weekend we're nipping out for drinks with friends tonight and then having some people over for the women's football tomorrow evening. Other than that, just chilling / sorting bits around the house. Looking forward to a quiet one x

BostonFern Fri 08-Nov-19 09:55:06

@MrsR16 how sad for your colleague 😔

@MrsEG you've got a fabulous bump!

@PippaPug we are asking for optimal cord clamping, we didn't know there was a difference between this and delayed cord clamping until we did our NCT course.

@Fivebyfive2 oh wow, can't believe that couple had their baby!

@thumper59 huge congratulations, he is gorgeous! What a birthday present too! Hope you're recovering well x

Hope everyone has a great Friday. I've done some early morning nesting having a clear out of my wardrobe and all the spare towels/bedding we have. Off for a pregnancy massage later, can't wait!

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