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If anyone has a party or the like to go to and doesn't know what to wear then get this maternity dress!

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ledodgy Sat 18-Aug-07 10:39:19

dress The picture isn't very good on here but it's a black wrap dress comes just below the knee (im 5"7). I wore it last night to a party and got so many compliments at 20 weeks pregnant it showed of my bump perfectly but hid every other bulge and it's got so much growing room I'll be able to wear it in the winter with, cardie, tights and boots. It's so comfy as well. I wore it with black heeled peep toe shoes last night but it could also be dressed down with flats. At £35 I reckon it's a bargain and thought i'd share.

Mamas and papas used to be so frumpy maternity wise when I was pregnant with my other two but thanks to Emma Bunton getting pregnant they seemed to have trendied up!

ledodgy Sat 18-Aug-07 10:41:03


Eaglebird Sat 18-Aug-07 17:02:31

H&M do a lovely washable stretchy dress in a cream/beige/chocolate swirly pattern, or a white/black/olive swirly pattern. £20. I'm 5'8'' and it comes just past my knees.
I've just bought one to wear to a wedding party next week. I'd been round all the shops and hadn't found anything I liked, and was starting to give up hope. I popped into H&M and almost wept with joy when I saw it on the rail.
Tried it on and it makes me look quite foxy, and not like a sack of potatoes for once. I'm so happy.

ledodgy Sat 18-Aug-07 19:55:03

Ooh i'll have to go there and have a look. it's just great to find something you feel good in isn't it?

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