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Pregnant Women's Moan Thread

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Taibhse Sun 03-Nov-19 21:05:09

Thought I'd start a thread to unload all of our general moans, be they rational or totally and utterly irrational grin

I'll go first.

30 weeks now and more than ready for the next 10 weeks to be over. Suffering with PGP which means that if I move around too much I'm fucked, and interestingly, if I don't move around enough I'm equally fucked. For added irony, the line between the 2 is very slim hmm

My iron is borderline and I'm also exhausted after being at home all week with 3dcs who were on half term, so have a pile of work to catch up on (I'm freelance and normally work while they're at school). Oh and we have been renovating for the last few weeks, and thankfully have finished now but the house is a shit tip because of it and it's stressing me out because I can't launch into the cleaning too hard with the PGP.

Icing on the cake is that for the last few days, whatever position the baby is in, every movement feels like I'm being bloody jabbed sharply in the ribs/side by an MMA fighter. And don't even start me on the fanny daggers hmm

Phew! Feel a bit lighter now grin Come and sympathise/commiserate/share your woes with me!

Peony99 Sun 03-Nov-19 21:36:04

31 weeks and very, very ready to stop peeing 4 times a night.

Also ready to throttle the next people who tell me 'it's good training for when the little one keeps you awake'.

Bol87 Sun 03-Nov-19 22:09:20

I’m 20 weeks & frankly I was done with pregnancy at about 12 weeks confused I’ve had Hyperemesis & it’s just bloody miserable! Coupled with quite severe anaemia at this stage. The sickness is well controlled now on meds thankfully but the nausea very much isn’t. I’m SO fed up of feeling sick & hating food. I constantly have a bad taste in my mouth and all food has a weird lingering after taste. I long to look forwards to a meal rather than forcing something down because if I don’t, I’ll feel more sick! And the anaemia leaves me like a useless sack of potatoes, trying desperately to be a fun mum to my toddler while mostly barely having the energy to get off the sofa!

I long to feel myself again.. just 20 weeks to go 😩

On the positive, I’m never doing this again, so I’m getting through it knowing I will never do it again. I’ll be using triple protection! And feeling baby wriggle around now is nice smile

nataliemum25 Sun 03-Nov-19 22:31:57

32 weeks and I'm so fed up, braxton hicks need to pee, achy bump, I'm done just want it to be over now

30somethingandtired Sun 03-Nov-19 22:47:56

Only 7weeks....
I'm tired, breathless, and my nipples hurt 😔

bananaontoast1 Mon 04-Nov-19 07:57:11

Almost 39 weeks, full of cold with a horrific cough, sleeping about 3 broken hours a night, PGP, still have terrible heartburn... I know the end is in sight but baby seems very comfy in there and honestly at 3 am coughing my guts up being so late on is absolutely no consolation. sad

user1471549213 Mon 04-Nov-19 08:54:08

31 weeks here. Was doing ok, quite tired etc but fell over on Friday and broke my ankle so now I'm in pain, on crutches and unable to do anything. Crutches are tough going when your centre of gravity is already off. I've a 3 and a 4 yr old too who I now can't drive to school/creche so it's a bit of a cluster fuck right now!

Justasconfusedwithnumber2 Mon 04-Nov-19 09:41:32

Struth @user1471549213 that sounds awful. I hope you are OK?

I am 29+5 and royally fed up. First pregnancy was a breeeeze. This one the complete opposite. Signed off work atm so do have chance to rest 3 days a week but health means I can do very little. The other 4 days I just feel like a shit mum to my 2 year old as I can't keep up. He's also started waking at 5am so we are both generally tired and ratty all the time. I'm relying far too much on cbeebies to survive which makes the mum guilt worse. I am expecting to be in for c section at 39 weeks so am praying the next 9 weeks go quickly..

MummyBear405 Mon 04-Nov-19 11:53:57

@Taibhse brilliant idea for a thread! Sorry to hear you're having such a crappy time especially with PGP!

I'm 28 weeks and I have type 1 diabetes. Last week was pretty stressful after a stomach bug turned into a 2 day hospital stay! Pleased to report baby is happy and healthy and I am on the mend but back at work today sad. My biggest pregnancy bug bear at the moment is heartburn, I've never experienced it until I became pregnant and omg it's a bitch isn't it?? Also why does Gavison taste soooo bad??

VesperLindt Mon 04-Nov-19 12:23:12

PEEING - why does nobody tell you how unsatisfactory it is when you're properly pregnant? You feel like you're desperate for one then you finally lug your gigantic body to the loo and release and it's just a tiny pathetic sad dribble that stinks. Just me?!

MummyBear405 Mon 04-Nov-19 13:41:12

@VesperLindt totally hear you on this one! Especially in the night as it's getting harder and harder to haul myself out of bed for what I know will be a disappointing wee but I can't sleep because I'm aware that I do need to wee angry - how far along are you?

Taibhse Mon 04-Nov-19 15:13:33

vesper yy! Not just the fact that it's a dribble either, it's the fact that it doesn't bring total relief and you know you'll be back in there again in an hour. I miss the relief of a good wee 😂 blush

User yikes sounds stressful and painful sad Hope you have help on hand. How will you manage in labour with the cast?

Sorry the rest of you ladies are suffering too flowers

Girlsmummy30 Mon 04-Nov-19 15:21:19

40 weeks tomorrow and have a stomach bug from yesterday! Throwing up. Feeling rotten and running to toilet constantly.

OhDearEthel Mon 04-Nov-19 15:26:31

Yes to the unsatisfactory peeing, also constipation, PGP and my walk is distinctly a waddle

OhDearEthel Mon 04-Nov-19 15:27:07

And bloody annoying GD, which means restricted diet and lots of needles

PrinnyPree Mon 04-Nov-19 15:31:03

11 weeks and sick as a dog, had to call in sick today as I'm so nauseous and constantly in the bathroom, looking forward to the second trimester. I really hope it's easier. Also I need maternity clothes already blush

leomama81 Mon 04-Nov-19 16:12:21

Also ready to throttle the next people who tell me 'it's good training for when the little one keeps you awake'.

Ugh I know. Or "you think you're tired now, just you wait". I mean maybe but not bloody helpful! And at least I will be physically able to move then!

VesperLindt Tue 05-Nov-19 14:14:20

@MummyBear405 31+4! Can't stand another 8 weeks of this dissatisfying weeing bullshit.

@leomama81uggggghhhh yes this too. SO annoying.

Taibhse Tue 05-Nov-19 15:12:40

Yy I remember when I was expecting dc1 and my brother kept harping on and bloody on 'you'll never sleep again', 'you'll never be able to do xyz again', 'you'll have to move all those ornaments'. Eh, yes I did/was/didn't you twat!

Not to mention the people who Iove regaling you with the most gory version of their horrific labour and parenthood stories. Thankfully, I am well wise to them now so just nod/smile or else tell them to fuck off depending on my mood hmm

WhenTwoBecomeThree Tue 05-Nov-19 15:20:08

36+1, a week and a half left to go at work and suffering with PGP, I am well and truly done! Get this baby out of me!

annienone Tue 05-Nov-19 15:31:09

39+3 today and OVER IT!! Cleaned the kitchen and changed the bedding. Feel worse for it 🙃 DP changed his job at work so he's not all over the country, which meant changing his hours, which means I'm alone until 10pm... almost seems reasonable that he was the other end of the country but home at 3pm. CANNOT WIN. But there is a light at the end of the very long tunnel....

Constantlurker Tue 05-Nov-19 16:15:34

I just found out today that I'm pregnant with #2, which is stupid because we've been trying for a while and I was idiotically wondering why I am feeling like absolute shit and so tired and categorically want to punch everyone I see right in the face. I am completely overjoyed, just also have that feeling of ABSOLUTE EPIC RAGE. Gotta love the hormones!!

Jsnb9319 Tue 05-Nov-19 16:23:07

Add to the unsatisfactory toilet trips the number of bump covering layers and clothing to be removed for said unsatisfactory pee!

The back and pelvis pain, coupled with feeling like an absolute whale so unable to roll over in bed!

sprite25 Tue 05-Nov-19 20:16:26

Can i please jump in for a moan? Only 20 weeks but I'm so done with being huge, peeing myself everytime I sneeze, having back/hip ache, insomnia despite feeling sooo tired. Having to move or do stuff (2 other DCs) when I just want to fester on the sofa. The hunger which is then usually followed by heartburn when I've eaten. I'm sure there's more (I don't like pregnancy in general) but I'd be here all bloody night 😂

Lumosknox Wed 06-Nov-19 01:01:28

39+3 here and can't sleep. I was really looking forward to being pregnant and have not found it very fun at all! Awful sickness at the start, PGP kicked in just as I was feeling well enough to be more active and now at this end bit the list is endless (sciatica, annoying wees, hip pain, still constant heartburn, I've quadrupled in weight). 'Fanny daggers' had me laughing out loud - they bloody hurt! Also willing this baby to come asap but at the same time don't want to go through labour so stuck in this weird limbo. The joys!

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