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any other first time mums-to-be with unengaged babies?!

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Amorino Thu 16-Aug-07 22:42:04

I am due to give birth on Sat and our baby is only 1/5th engaged! I am beginning to wonder if it is because there isn't enough room for her altho' my midwife says not to worry. Any thoughts?!

Feedmenow Fri 17-Aug-07 09:31:58

My dd never engaged. I was told that if my waters broke or I had a show I had to go stratight in cos her head wouldn't be forming a barrier to prevent infection.
In my situation, the non-engagement was obviously not a good signcos I had a v. long labour, without dd shifting down at all, even when pushing. I ended up with a cs. I think in hindsight that I could have done more to prevent this. She was back-to-back which didn't help, so I always wondered if I should have spent more time on my hands and knees beforehand!! Also, my labout was just about cometely immobile, something else I should have done different.
I hope you don't end up with a cs, and I'm sure that non-engagement doesn't have to mean this. Just do everything you can to help baby along the way. Oh, and good luck!!

Nettee Fri 17-Aug-07 09:55:39

Hi - my DS never engaged before labour - I also had a very long labour but ds did move down and I had a normal birth in the end. He was back to back too and I had an epidural and some hormones to speed things up. Good luck

Amorino Fri 17-Aug-07 20:38:47

Thank you! Fortunately my baby's spine is facing outwards and to to the left (for now!) so I really hope to avoid too much intervention but we will see!

wulfricsmummy Fri 17-Aug-07 20:42:11

Message withdrawn

rozzyraspberry Fri 17-Aug-07 20:44:13

Hi Amorino,

My ds2 never engaged either. When I was 8cm dilated he was still so far up the midwife couldn't reach his head because there was a big sac of waters in front of it. They broke my waters and he was born 2 hours later.

So I wouldn't worry - I was 5 days early and labour was fine too.

Good luck to you.

Amorino Tue 28-Aug-07 20:37:53

Lydia Grace was born safe and sound on 21 August and all went well so obviously I was worrying for nothing! Thanks for your support!

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