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Advice regarding scan print out please???

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Pia03hj Wed 15-Aug-07 22:47:30


Im new to mums net so bear with me...thanks

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and after losing a baby last summer at 23 + 5 I am hoping and praying everything works out okay. I have been in the process of moving and this means my antenatal care thus far has been between different hospitals. My results for my 20 wk scan are 'on the way to your new consultant' but yet to be received. Anyway, as I'm so worried after everything before I jotted down a few notes from my scan and the details the sonographer went through but know nothing about this so does anyone think they could talk me through ish?

I know / hope my notes will catch up with me soon and if not I can always go in again but if anyone could help to put my mind at ease I would be so grateful. The thought of losing another baby scares me so much that the way I am now means I need to read-up, understand it all - even the technical bits and a friend said that most answers are kindly supplied on here.

It was all medi-speak / notes and I made some and can remeber others but I guess Im just after some reassurance...

Would be grateful for any help - thank you.

fingerwoman Wed 15-Aug-07 22:50:17

Well, for starters if anything was wrong then the sonographer would have said, so you should rest assured that all appeared normal on the scan.
were there specific things you weren't sure of or wanted to ask about?

LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 15-Aug-07 22:52:02

Sorry, i dont really understand what you are asking?

Sorry for your loss by the way.

dal21 Thu 16-Aug-07 07:31:48

Pia - welcome to MN. Per fingerwoman post, am sure that if there was something concerning, then the sonographer would have told you there and then and not simply passed the notes on. If you want to understand more about your notes, then i recommend that you go to

Has a lot of info about scans and what they are looking at. They are normally looking at fetal biometry along with more detailed scans of organs/ blood flow.

Sorry about your loss. The only other way I can recommend you get the reassurance you need is to pay for a private scan instead of waiting and worrying. Not sure if that is an option.

Good luck with your pregnancy.

Pia03hj Fri 17-Aug-07 09:01:39

Thank you for your kind responses. I called my midwife and she traced down copies of my notes and went through them with me so I understand everthing.

The good news is that everything looks well except baby is a little small but healthy.

Thank you again - it just helped to share my concerns x

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