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How big a problem is too much fluid?

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MonkeyBear Wed 15-Aug-07 22:37:11

I'm currently 33 weeks and, following a growth scan, have been told that I have "too much fluid" and have to have various tests to rule out certain viruses and gestational diabetes.

I was wondering whether there has to be a reason for having too much fluid - is there necessarily anything wrong with me or baby, or is it just one of those things?

fingerwoman Wed 15-Aug-07 22:40:11

I think it can be just one of those things, but if you have lots too much then it can be a problem. partly as baby can still move around a lot even when at term.

MonkeyBear Wed 15-Aug-07 22:51:30

They said I had 11cm but should be 8cm. Baby is on big side too! I did ask the midwife about the implications for e.g. birth, but she said it was too early to discuss that...

fingerwoman Wed 15-Aug-07 22:53:10

I had a big baby and tons of water too. was never told I had too much fluid, but then I didn't have any late scans.

don't worry about size of baby though, a woman had a 14lber recently wityh just gas and air!!!!!!

peanutbear Wed 15-Aug-07 22:58:01

I had to muh fluid becase I had gestationl diabetes when my waters were broken at the hospital it just gushed out baby ws fine though

MonkeyBear Wed 15-Aug-07 23:00:22

I have mixed feelings about having the late scans - it's nice to know they're keeping an eye on everything and was lovely to see baby again, but on the other hand, it's just one more thing to worry me, and umpteen hospital appointments for tests all on different days.

Have had two big babies already but didn't have late scans with either of them - so I may well have had "too much" fluid then as well (different midwife - perhaps my new midwife is just more cautious)

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