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when did you start feeling baby movements and how did you know???

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bluebell82 Wed 15-Aug-07 21:49:13

I am quite windy at the moment sorry tmi and I am 17 weeks and can't decide whether I have felt baby movemnts.. I heard the baby's heartbeat last week with the doppler thingy so I know all is well.. but I am not convinced as I have been a bit of a farty pants of late!

cbcb Wed 15-Aug-07 21:50:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

helenelisabeth Wed 15-Aug-07 21:52:26

Bluebell I felt DD! at around 15 weeks because I was homing in on every movement but this time around it was more like 18 weeks before I could be sure if was a definite baby! It felt like a butterfly was fluttering inside me! X

bluebell82 Wed 15-Aug-07 21:52:46

definitely not had that.. I think anything followed by my wind should be discounted!

helenelisabeth Wed 15-Aug-07 21:52:47

Sorry DD1 not DD!

JeremyJayneVile Wed 15-Aug-07 21:53:36

17 weeks - and i just knew.

3Ddonut Wed 15-Aug-07 21:55:02

Under 20 weeks and it was different to anything else, felt like a 'tightening' at first and then a definite tiny little Kick!

thelady Wed 15-Aug-07 22:01:52

just after the 20 week scan. Unmistakeable 'popping' a bit like a bit of elastic snapping inside!

Naetha Thu 16-Aug-07 10:17:07

I felt my first movement at about 16 weeks (was very surprised it was that early to be honest, and discounted it as muscle twitches at first). Felt like someone running their fingers over my belly, but on the inside...if you get what I mean. These have got stronger and stronger over the last few weeks, and now feel like definite kicks and punches. Every now and again he'll kick my bladder or my bowels, which can be really quite uncomfortable and make me go slightly cross-eyed!!

fifisworld Thu 16-Aug-07 10:29:03

About 21 weeks with ds, 18 weeks this time.
Also felt like rolling wind at first then they get stronger.

devonsmummy Thu 16-Aug-07 10:39:57

around 19 weeks - made me feel physically sick!! felt a bit like butterflies

SweetyDarling Thu 16-Aug-07 10:49:21

About 16/17 weeks, and it was a new feeling.

jellyjem Thu 16-Aug-07 10:59:02

I've heard the babies heartbeat but I haven't felt anything yet, I'm 20 weeks today and I'm really starting to get worried about it.

DUSTIN Thu 16-Aug-07 11:04:15

I felt my DS at about 17 weeks. I was eating a bowl of cornflakes and I felt this little tickling sensation towards my left side. My DH was away so I rang him to tell him- I was so excited.

mixedmama Thu 16-Aug-07 11:11:41

Was 19 weeks with DS1 and starting feeling movements like baby floating around about 16 weeks and definite movement and kicks at 18 weeks with this LO.

RGPargy Thu 16-Aug-07 11:22:56

Started feeling movements at about 14 weeks. For me it was just like bubbles in my tummy. But like you, i would discount anything that came before a fart.

Rhubarb Thu 16-Aug-07 11:24:47

This reminds me, we were at a fair at the weekend and there were some donkeys there. One of them had a fat belly and when I put my hand on it I could feel it moving, so I excitedly told the people around "oooh, she's pregnant, I can feel the baby!", children then crowded round to have a feel. At this point the owner came round and said "He's not pregnant, he's got a wind problem!"

Scampynoodle Thu 16-Aug-07 11:47:12

Two nights ago (I'm 17 weeks). I had a coughing fit and seconds later there it was! Two little nudges in the lower part of my tum. It was so distinctive even though I've never felt a baby move before. You know, it sounds daft, but I just knew it was the baby. All the grumblings in the past I haven't been sure of (just farts and cheese sarnies going down) but this was something else.

Mad stuff!


doggiesayswoof Thu 16-Aug-07 11:51:58

18 weeks. I just 'knew' - it doesn't feel like anything else.

GoodGollyMissMolly Thu 16-Aug-07 12:59:07

14+3 and I knew because it felt just like bubbles popping in my tummy and I'd never felt that same reeling before, even with wind.

Gemy Thu 16-Aug-07 13:48:31

With DD 17 weeks. Felt like a marble rolling over me on the inside. I knew it was her.

With my current pregnancy about 14 weeks I felt the flutters and then at about 17 weeks this turned into prods and kicks. I am now 20 weeks and get all sorts of feelings: prods and kicks/big flutters/bubbles popping! When I had my 20 week scan the sonographer said she already had really good muscle tone and must be an active, strong baby! She moved around for the entire time I was being scanned (30 mins!) and it took ages for the sonographer to be able to tell us if she was a girl or boy!

Why not try laying in bed and changing positions, really early in the morning, and just seeing what happens? I've said this to two of my friends and both of them said they felt definate movements when they did this.

Scampynoodle Thu 16-Aug-07 14:04:21

Good idea! I toss n turn in bed a lot at the mo - can't sleep properly - and it's usually then that I feel some sort of bubbling.


sarahloumadam Thu 16-Aug-07 15:33:09

I first felt movements very low down and it felt like someone was twanging a piece of elastic! Other times it feels like you are going over a bridge and your stomach "flips". V.subtle to begin with.

berolina Thu 16-Aug-07 15:42:22

Proper movements around the 19/20 week mark in both pgs (that made it that far), with the first sporadic movements a couple of weeks earlier. Very helpful , I know, but you just know - mine were always like very light thumps (not like bubbles or flutters at all). ds1 also seemed to have permanent hiccups, whereas with this one I've only noticed them once.

bluebell82 Fri 17-Aug-07 08:35:46

thats so good to hear.. I think I am in such a routine during the week that I don't have a minute! Will definitely do it tomorrow morning! It really ranges when people first feel it, but I suppose every baby is different and hopefully the laziness of mine will indicate that it will sleep- maybe-!!

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