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cotbed bedding much do i need to buy? going shopping for it tomorrow

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kittenbaby Tue 14-Aug-07 17:43:29

hi girls x
just wantd to ask you about bedding gonna get the bedding for the cot bed tomorrow
what do you think i need to get i was thinking about 2 fitted sheets 2 flat sheets and 2 celluar blankts
do you think this is enough or should i get three of each ? or more?
bearing in mind the cot bed will last 7 years so they will def gt a good old chance to be used
thanks kitten
think ill use a quilt after 12 months ? is this a good idea?

SlightlyMadSpider Tue 14-Aug-07 17:54:00

I would go for
2 fitted sheets
4 flat sheets (they can be used as bottom sheets if you have a puky night)
2 blankets

Why bother going for a quilt when you already have blankets?

Also a lot of people use growbags these days so you would need less topsheets/blankets. I personally have stuck with blankets though.

Egg Tue 14-Aug-07 17:57:22

I bought loads of blankets etc and then used swaddling for first two months and grobags ever since (DS now 18 months). Realise I will need to move to a duvet or similar one day but grobags are so easy. All my blankets and top sheets are virtually unused...

Bought three fitted sheets though, would not want less, but DS was a puker when young!

Pixiefish Tue 14-Aug-07 17:58:23

I bought loads of blankets and they're still unused and dd is 3 1/2 due to me putting her in a grobag

sarahloumadam Tue 14-Aug-07 17:59:27

Egg did you use grobags from birth? Just look a bit big to me.

kittenbaby Tue 14-Aug-07 18:06:43

what age are grobags for and to ?
the reason i was thinking of getting quilt later was so that it can match everything thing els thats millie and boris in the babys room lol

RubySlippers Tue 14-Aug-07 18:09:31

no quilt needed
i would only buy fitted sheets - i stopped using my flat sheets as they were a PITA to tuck in <<lazy emoticon>> - get at least 3 in case of leaky nappies and puke
i would also forget a grobag for now and swaddle your LO

Egg Tue 14-Aug-07 18:10:21

I think grobags are from 10lbs up. Might be wrong but too lazy to go and check. I used a special swaddling blanket for a couple of months (couldn't make normal blankets stay in place ). I was scared using the grobag at first, thinking DS would disappear into it, but it is virtually impossible as their arms and head are out and then it is fastened securely. DO find them a godsend as you can take them wherever you go for hols / overnight etc and your DC is familiar with them.

I like Millie and Boris though . Was looking through catalogues the other day and thought that IF I was really sad I could name my DTs when they are born Millie and Boris and decorate their room with all the stuff. However I don't even know what sex they are yet, and am not sure about the name Boris for a boy, let alone a girl .

midnightexpress Tue 14-Aug-07 18:27:31

I agree with egg. We bought two fitted sheets and have used these with grobags ever since (ds1 now 21 months). It's soooo much easier than blankets and all that foldarol. I too have stacks of unused blankets (though a couple of cellular blankets can be useful for buggies/car seat in the winter. I think they say grobags from 7.7lbs don't they? First few weeks mine were in a carrycot and swaddled (nicked a thick brushed cotton sheet from the hospital , because it was so nice and cosy, but you could use a cellular blanket too)

kittenbaby Tue 14-Aug-07 19:16:32

just looked on mamas and papas and they do do growbags in millie and boris !!
birth to 18 months
so ill def get one of those or should i get 2 or 3 ?
bet ill def need at least a few fitted sheets etc as im hoping to us the bed for the next 7 years !! or is that wishful thinking lol
egg lol at milli and boris twins
what other name ideas do you have

oooggs Tue 14-Aug-07 19:22:55

I would go for 3 fitted sheets (one on, one in wah and one spare) and two blankets for swaddling (one on & one in wash) for 1st 8 weeks then onto grobags, you will need two.

This is just my opinion I have ds1 3.6 and dts are 20 weeks.

When lo is out of growbags (about 2-2.5) then a full sized quilt folded right under the cot bed (saves money on cotbed quilt). No point in Millie & Boris quilt as he/she will want Thomas the Tank or Princess' by then

Alibobster Tue 14-Aug-07 20:32:37

Don't buy a cot bumper - we were advised by midwife at antenatal class not to use these. I bought a quilt to match 'theme' in ds room but it's not yet been used as he has a grobag. They are so great to use and stops you fretting about covers over faces or being kicked off.

ELF1981 Tue 14-Aug-07 20:36:22

I got a cot bed for DD, she firstly slept in the moses basket, then crib, then in the cot bed at five months old.
Initially we owned three white fitted sheets and then as DD slept in a grow bag, we didn't really bother much with blankets etc.
Now she is nearly two, we own five fitted sheets, brought a quilt and pillow, and that is it.

ELF1981 Tue 14-Aug-07 20:40:03

Also, DD room was themed when she was younger, in the M&P Zeddy and Rhubarb. We did have the blanket but it was huge so we never used it. She had the growbag until a few weeks ago when the lining inside got damaged, and we're not replacing it. My mum brought me a quilt which I am comfortable using now she is nearly two, and I just brought a quilt cover and pillow case cover.

kittenbaby Tue 14-Aug-07 20:54:38

how long does it take for them to grow out of moses basket? i was hoping to keep dd in it next to me for as long as poss? i was hoping 6months ? ar dreampods just as good

kittenbaby Tue 14-Aug-07 20:55:45

the reason im buying the cotbedding tomorrow is theres a sale on and i figured im gonna need it in 5 months or so
so why not get it now

ELF1981 Tue 14-Aug-07 20:56:08

We had the moses basket for about 10 weeks? We loved the moses basket because we'd move it easily between up and downstairs. But we'd been given a lovely crib as well and she used that until she was nearly six months. not sure what the age is on moses baskets.

ELF1981 Tue 14-Aug-07 20:56:59

Yes, def if there is a sale, I wish I'd brought her quilt cover in a sale cause it cost me more than I paid for my quilt cover!!

tori32 Tue 14-Aug-07 20:58:32

I had a moses basket. Lasted only 3 months. also baby settles better in cot unless swaddled due to the startle reflex. They throw their arms out and wake up hitting arms on side of basket as not wide enough.
Especially if you want to use sleeping bags. These are better because baby doesn't become uncovered and cold in the nite.
Hope this helps.

ELF1981 Tue 14-Aug-07 21:00:26

My DD didn't have much problems sleeping in the moses basket, but in the very early days we used to swaddle instead rather than grow bags. We also had a rocking stand, and found if we placed DD in the middle, if she cried, it would rock by itself and she seemed to like that

tori32 Tue 14-Aug-07 21:03:14

I agree with egg as well. wash,dry and use one so 3 fitted sheets. 2 swaddling blanket, ones designed for it better as velcro to stick it in place. Maybe a lightweight blanket for over growbag if cold.

bristols Tue 14-Aug-07 21:03:32

Agree with the others. I have two cellular blankets that have never been used. I have three fitted sheets. I find one flat sheet handy to use if it's really hot and I put DS to bed just in vest or babygro. I like him to have something over him!

The rest of the time we use a grobag. Dreampod is the same thing, just M&P version. I had one of those at the beginning. For 0-6 months, we had two grobags in 2.5 tog (DS born in sep so getting cold). In 6-18 months I have two 2.5 tog and two 1 tog.

I also bought the M&P bedding set, but hardly used any of it. Quilt not suitable until over a year and cot bumper not good once they can get round the cot.

DS in moses basket until 12 weeks. I should think you'll need to move cot into your room if you want LO with you until six months.

Happy shopping

kittenbaby Tue 14-Aug-07 21:07:03

i thought swaddling was what you did when they where v small? ive got all the bedding for moses basket .just getting the cotbed stuff for whn dd is around 6 months xx

tori32 Tue 14-Aug-07 21:52:36

yeah sorry
didnt realise u meant from 6 mths. Just 3 sheets (fitted) agree one flat in summer to cover if hot. 2 0.5 tog growbags. 1 blanket to put over in nite if cold. I sometimes put mine to bed in nappy and grobag if hot.

LWandLottie Tue 14-Aug-07 22:44:06

I have 2 fitted sheets, the cot bumper, the cot quilt (that she lies on top of until she is older) loads of blankets and also 2 grobags. She likes to kick her blankets off and I'm worried she'll get too cold so I love the grobags. One of those with a blanket over her keeps her nice and toasty. I bought my bedding set even though she is too young for it at the minute, it makes the cotbed look lovely. Blardy expensive though!

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