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is it playing monkey bars on my ribs? [hmm]

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1sttimemommy2b Tue 14-Aug-07 05:44:37

to start off,i'm 19 and at 10 weeks today. well i got sick earlier,and i've been experiencing morning sickness really bad so that didn't worry me to much but afterwards and since i have been experiencing very bad pains on the bottom of my ribs on my left side.i have read in some places and on here that this is normal when you are about 30 weeks along but i'm still in very early in my pregnancy so i don't know if i should be worried.also this is my first pregnancy so i'm relaly new to all this.any help would be great help!!!thanks!!!-laura

iris66 Tue 14-Aug-07 06:11:30

morning 1sttimemummy2b and congratulations on your pg . You have my sympathies about the MS (I'm 28wks pg so remember it well!) If you're really worried or the pain is really bad I'd be inclined to book to see your Dr or MW (or Early Pg Unit at hospital). I'm sure they'd be happy to give you the once over and allay any concerns you have. What you describe doesn't sound particularly normal but it could be as simple as a pulled muscle with all the vomming. I'm no medic though!! Hope you're feeling better soon.

1sttimemommy2b Tue 14-Aug-07 13:54:57

thanks of my particular concerns is that i haven't been to a doctor at all yet.and after i got off here to go back to bed last night i ended up waking my husband up crying because it started hurting so husband is getting me on his insurence today though so we'll be making me an appointment.thanks again.-laura

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