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"Practice labour"/Braxton Hicks

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theressomethingaboutmarie Mon 13-Aug-07 15:08:38

I'm a hypnobirther so we're told to call it "practice labour" rather than BH. Whilst we're being taught the language of hypnobirthing, I'm not sure what to expect of the sensation of BH. Over the last few days, when walking around, I've felt a strong sensation to the right of my lower tummy area. It feels like a strong stich that i have for a minute or two, then it goes. Any idea whether it's a practice labour sensation/BH?

PregnantGrrrl Tue 14-Aug-07 09:18:00

Braxton Hicks feel a bit like a tight band around your tummy, uncomfortable but not usually painful. Usually eases if you walk round a bit.

My BH this time round have been painful though- they felt like the first real contractions i had with DS yesterday Ow!

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