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When do you make first doctor's appointment?

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smcg Sat 11-Aug-07 15:47:46

Hi, I have just found out I am pregnant (5 weeks since LMP). It is my first so I haven't a clue and don't understand how the NHS works with regard to maternity services(not from the UK). Do I go to the closest hospital (St Thomas in London) or can I choose somewhere else? When do I make a first appointment to see the doctor? Should I wait a few weeks, is it too early? Thanks in advance.

BandofMothers Sat 11-Aug-07 15:49:04

I went to docs at about 8 weeks. Not much they can do til then anyway.

Tigana Sat 11-Aug-07 15:52:07

phone GP surgery and let them know you have had positive preg test ( home test?) and wondered when you should arrange to see Dr/Midwife...they will tell you what the norm is for the area in which you live.
You will be able to discuss birthing options (which hospital/home/consultant or midwife -led) with the gp/midwife

smcg Sat 11-Aug-07 15:58:06

Thanks so much for your quick replies. I'll give him a call next week.

fawkeoff Sat 11-Aug-07 16:00:27

yeah i would ring on monday,some GPs want u to come in and do a pg test at the surgery...then you will be booked in to see the midwife,who will book u in for ur first scan

AskABusyPerson Sun 12-Aug-07 08:30:09

If you want to get 'in the system' earlier, don't tell receptionist what you're booking to see the doctor about - my sister went to see her gp at 5 weeks (having not told receptionist why) and saw midwife at about 6-7 weeks and already has date through for 12 week scan. I phoned my gp and said I wanted to book appt to confirm pregnancy at 4.5 weeks and receptionist was really off and told me 'we don't normally see you this early' and made an appt for me at 8 weeks! They then 'forgot' to put me on the midwives' book so I had to ring a week later and have only just seen the midwife (at 10 weeks) and she thinks due to 'late' booking in my scan will probably be at 13 weeks not 12 weeks which is back in school term time (not great for me as I work then!!)

Good luck with it all!

beansprout Sun 12-Aug-07 08:53:44

I went at five weeks as I live in London too and wanted to make sure I got a referral to the hospital I wanted (which is popular and fills up quite quickly).


missbumpy Sun 12-Aug-07 12:13:56

IME go as soon as possible. I didn't want to go to my local hospital in London and it took my doctor weeks and weeks to sort out a referral which meant I almost missed my 12 week scan.
I think I went to the GP at around 6 or 7 weeks.
I think you can ask to go to any hospital (within reason - you need to think about where you can easily get to for your antenatal appointments and when you're in labour) and it should be ok but I think the hospital has the right to turn you down if they're really busy and they're prioritising women who live closer to the hospital.
Also, you can change hospital at any time. I was at the Royal London and was having a horrible time so I changed to UCH which is much better. I'm sure my GP hates me for being such a difficult customer but I think it's important to be happy with your choice.
Good luck!

Peachy Sun 12-Aug-07 12:16:44

Congrats , come join us in due in April 2008 (under antenatal in topics)

Peachy Sun 12-Aug-07 12:18:17

Oh I ahd to go in and see GP briefly to get on system (and for a chat- my GP very nice LOL), MW appointment at weeks, which is a week earlier than home but I ahd to holfd them off or that LOL!

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