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TMI warning, diahorra!

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lisad123 Fri 10-Aug-07 22:08:36

Im currently 32 weeks and for the last week I have been having diahorra (sp?) every morning. Sometimes its so bad i get that horrible cramping feeling before I go Its only ever in the morning which makes me think its more hormones than anything else. Im drinking loads of water to make sure im not dyhadrated but should i be worried at all? Anyone having this?


Pheebe Sat 11-Aug-07 08:06:57

OO lisa, that sounds miserable, I'd pop along to the docs as you might need soemthing a bit better than water to keep you hydrated. If you're not having normal solid movements as well its more likely you've got some sort of a bug or upset but I think the usual advice is if it goes on for more than 3 days you need to see someone.

Uki Sat 11-Aug-07 08:08:11

I think it's a worry when you are going 3x or more a day and lasts for longer than a week. I've had it too 5 or more times a day with cramps for 3.5 weeks, I'm getting tested now mine may be a bacterial virus.

ladymac Sat 11-Aug-07 08:49:42

I had it a lot during my last pregnancy. Lots of cramping - it would make me go a bit clammy. My consultant said it was nothing to worry about and that everything in a woman's tummy was very close together during pregnancy.

Nbg Sat 11-Aug-07 08:51:26

I used to get this in my last pg and it was also in a morning.
I'd also get that clammy feeling like ladymac said.

Never figured out why but it was in the later weeks like you.

vole3 Sat 11-Aug-07 18:44:36

Might be because as the baby gets bigger, the only stuff that can get through easily is more fluid in consistency.
"Normal" bowel action is said to cover anything from 3 times a day to once every 3 days but it would be worth checking with GP or MW.

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