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which is harder to turn?

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MrsMar Thu 09-Aug-07 18:08:55

a transverse lie or a breech? My midwife is under the impression a transverse is harder, but I can't see it... she thinks transverse babies are more wedged in. Anyone got any experience?

Nbg Thu 09-Aug-07 18:10:02

My ds was transverse and moved when I started to push!

He actually did it a few times in the last few weeks of pg.

MrsMar Thu 09-Aug-07 18:16:08

Nbg, had he moved much before you went in to labour? The midwife put the position in my notes as breech, but he's got his feet sticking out under my left ribs and his head under my right ribs, so I'd call that transverse. I could be wrong. But he's been like that for at least three weeks. Just wondering what my odds are for a turn at nearly 35 weeks.

Nbg Thu 09-Aug-07 19:07:38

Well the first time he did it, I must have been about 33 weeks and I knew straight away what had happened.
My stomach from my belly button completly sank in and I was left with a baby shape lump going across my belly
After a couple of mins, he moved again!

Anyway he did this on and off up until I was due but each time it was just for a few mins and every check up I had, he was head down.

But when I went into labour and started pushing he started to descend and then all of a sudden he had a change of heart went back up and laid transverse!
Cue ots of wriggling on the bed with me eventually slouched down and legs in stirrups.
He moved back again and came out fine.

I would still say you have plenty of time for him to move.
What options have they given you, if any?

MrsMar Thu 09-Aug-07 19:12:44

well, they're going to leave it until 36 weeks. They've not mentioned options, but I do know from my ante natal classes that at the hospital I'm at it's their policy to do a section to deliver breech or transverse babies. I had discussed with my gp at 32 weeks what would happen (cos I knew then, despite him disagreeing with me that the baby was breech) and he thought that if it hadn't gone head down by 37 weeks then the baby would pretty much stay in whatever position he was as he'd be too big to move. I'm just thinking cos he seems really settled where he is... as I said, he's been there for at least three weeks.

Nbg Thu 09-Aug-07 19:15:21


are you happy with a section?

MrsMar Thu 09-Aug-07 19:34:39

Well, I'm not terribly enamoured with the idea of having someone's hands in my abdomen when I'm conscious, but on the other hand, as a first timer I'm not sure I'm very confident of my abilities to deliver a breech baby vaginally. And if I HAVE to have a section I'd rather it was planned than emergency iyswim.

Nbg Thu 09-Aug-07 20:29:37

I know you said your a first timer but if you think you could and would want to do it, have a search on here for breech deliveries.

There are alot of mnetters that have delivered knowing they are breech. I think there are certain "lays" of breech that are safe. I think its called Frank breech.

If you felt comfortable with it, you can suggest that they wait a bit longer before they do a section.
Its not set in stone that baby wont move!
Also have you considered going in to have baby moved (the name of it passes me by).
Alot of people dont like it and it can be quite uncomfortable and not guarenteed to move baby but it can work!

Also if you start a thread there are many natural ways you can help baby to move.

lizziemun Thu 09-Aug-07 20:47:32


DD was transverse lie and she turned herself. Saw the midwife at 35weeks was due to see midwife again at 39week but she was born that day. We didn't know if she had turned, I had a backache labour with her only had contraction to push her out. She was 9lb 4oz and no probelms. She was this way all the time midwife didn't seem at all bothered didn't send me for a scan.

This time LO is breech (standing up) and different midwife has sent me for a scan at 36wks and i am now booked in for ECV next wednesday.

MrsMar Thu 09-Aug-07 21:23:40

Thanks for that lizziemum and nbg.. It sounds to me a transverse is easier to turn than a breech. I'm still puzzling as to why she put breech down in my notes....

I'm not panicking yet, and I'm not going to make any serious decisions until I know for sure what going to happen. One thing I'm pretty sure of though, if they do insist on a section I'd like to get to 40 weeks and not have one at 38 as has been suggested might be the case by some friends of mine (admittedly she had a section 5 years ago and that was the policy then)

coppertop Thu 09-Aug-07 21:27:34

A scan showed that dd was transverse at 37wks. I was warned that I would probably have to stay in hospital until the birth if she hadn't turned by 38wks. She turned into a head-down position a few days later so it's not too late for you yet. Good luck.

MrsMar Thu 09-Aug-07 22:07:31

ooh thanks for the reassurance coppertop!

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