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Immuno-compromised - consultant led?

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walnut87 Thu 12-Sep-19 03:29:40


I was wondering if anyone else has a medical condition that impairs their immune system, and if so, were you under consultant led care or midwife led? I’m now 21 weeks along.

At the moment I think I’m under midwife led care (had booking in appointment with consultant ten weeks ago, tbh she was a bit blasé, heard nothing since and sonographer last week said I was midwife led...) I have heard midwife led units can be very short staffed on the post natal wards and I’m worried that I may not be monitored correctly for developing infections, especially if I tear or end up having a c-section. Have heard a few horror stories about people being left alone for hours on end on the post-natal wards unable to contact any nurses.

Just wanted to know other peoples experiences/advice before I see my midwife again in a fortnight.

Thanks x

Gebbstick Thu 12-Sep-19 05:33:54

I'm consultant led but due to multiple factors...age, hemochromatosis and a connective tissue disease. I've only had my booking in appointment with the midwife as I'm only 9 weeks so I'm still unsure what to expect and this is my first. P.s. I have a query over Lupus but my diagnosis is currently recorded as undefined connective tissue. Hope you are currently well.

Sheep90 Thu 12-Sep-19 07:22:11

My husband has a compromised immune system and doctors and nurses are all over him all the time! They even wanted to know all about it at my booking in appointment. I imagine they'll want to be more careful with you particularly when discussing things like vaccinations and where to give birth.

physicskate Thu 12-Sep-19 09:16:12

Midwife led doesn't mean you have to give birth in a midwife led unit. They are an option for birth. I was 'midwife led' but gave birth in hospital. There was even a consultant at my birth as we ended up with forceps, an episiotomy and there were concerns about how my daughter was handling my three and a half day labour.

Post natal is post natal. There will be a mix of women with a range of birth experiences and needs. These needs will be met, by doctors and/or midwives. I had a junior doctor come and see me the next day to discuss blood loss and a possible transfusion...

MumApr18 Thu 12-Sep-19 09:21:45

I'm mildly immunocompromised and am consultant led. I think it's mainly due to the disease I have rather than the immune side of it though.
I would just go with it - I know it knocks out the option of a water birth etc but really, if you need to be consultant led then the health of you and your baby is a lot more important than the circumstances of the birth.

aliensprig Thu 12-Sep-19 10:06:47

I'm supposedly consultant led but I haven't seen them yet and I'm 24+2.

walnut87 Thu 12-Sep-19 16:56:32

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. I think I’m just confused because I thought it would be a significant consideration but so far no one seems to have mentioned it and it all seems so wishy washy! I’ll have a chat with my midwife. I hadn’t realised that it would rule out a water birth sad

I just need to know I’ll be monitored properly on postnatal I guess - had bad experience after my last operation with developing a serious infection because post-op plans weren’t followed and monitoring wasn’t followed through with. Sigh.

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