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Problem pregnancy's and work?!

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dollytutu Wed 11-Sep-19 23:01:01

Posted something similar before, but just wondered if anyone had suffered from a nightmare pregnancy which has caused you to be signed off work?
I was signed off at 15 weeks for severe sickness but only for two weeks , then again at 22 weeks I was signed off after been admitted to hospital with suspected prom that turned out to be spd/pgp which I am still off for now, I have seen the physio who has said basically there's not much they can do and it should go after I deliver, I also take medication for the lain but tend to only take at night to help with sleeping/pain while in bed.
Anyway my doctor is happy to sign me off until maternity starts, but my manager isn't the best and not the most sympathetic! After a phone call today she has informed me she wants to speak to me weekly while I'm off sick to know what's happening! My sick note doesn't run out till Monday which I would have then phoned and spoke to her regarding the situation, but I feel if I'm signed off for 2/4 weeks why do I need to ring constantly.
I have chosen to just get signed off for 2 weeks at a time as if I do feel fit to return I will (rather than be signed off until mat leave) I am in a good routine at home now and only potter around house etc as to not caus terrible pain all night! And I know it would be impossible or me to do a 12 hour shift at the hospital accident and emergency (where I work) but after phone call today with manger my anxiety is huge I feel sick and mega stressed worrying about what she said and how she thinks I am going to be able to return to work soon!
I know the rational me would be telling someone else don't be daft and put you and baby first! But I can't help but feeling guilty for not been at work and am worried about what will happen ?
Legally I know nothing can happen and luckily I am in a position where I get full sick pay and won't get made to start mat leave till 36 weeks (which I was going to start at 36 week anyway) but it's causing me awful worry.
Has anyone got any experience, words of wisdom or anything really 😭😭
Thankyou in advance

Sheep90 Thu 12-Sep-19 07:29:26

If you do 12 hour shifts in A&E, it sounds like working in your current situation would be near impossible. It sounds like your safety (and patient safety) would be better managed if someone were to be covering you. It's not the kind of job you can do from home! I think managers are going to be concerned about staffing, mainly because it's their job to fix the situation when they're a member of staff down. But I think the fact your doctor is willing to sign you off for the remainder of your pregnancy shows that you shouldn't be at work. I can imagine catching up by phone every week is stressful, but is this due to the fact your manager wants to stay up to date with the likelihood you'll be extending your sick leave. If you were to get signed off for the remainder of your pregnancy, would it make the situation clearer?

physicskate Thu 12-Sep-19 07:51:12

Get signed off for the duration. Spd does not get better. Even if it did get a bit better with rest, a 12 hour shift in a and e would only make it much worse again. If you're signed off for the duration, no need for weekly updates.

And get onto the pelvic partnership website for advice and to find someone who will do some manual manipulation.

I was signed off rom 30 weeks. I had to plan each movement very carefully. I could either plan each movement or do my job. And I wasn't working in a fast paced a and e. I didn't have the mental capacity for both moving so carefully and thoughtfully and doing my job.

And did the physio recommend crutches? I was on them from 27/28 weeks and they did prolong my mobility. I was housebound by about 24 weeks though.

kkl1 Thu 12-Sep-19 08:27:14

I've been signed off since 22 weeks with spd till I go on materninty the pain doesn't go away and gets worse as baby gets bigger don't worry about ur boss just do what's best for you an the baby xx

MeadowHay Thu 12-Sep-19 08:32:59

I think get a longer sick line too. Maybe not the whole duration til ML but a month/two months at a time. If you feel better before then you can get your doc to write you a new fit note saying you're fit to return and then return, it's really easy and you prob just need even a telephone appt with the doc. Longer fit notes will give your employer more opportunity to plan for cover in your absence and less reason to contact you as they will have a better idea of when you're likely to return. But ultimately it's just less stress for you not having to contact work as much and not having to chase GP for new fit notes. When I got my first fit note to be signed off for a few weeks with HG when I was pregnant I had only been in the job for 2 months and was in probation and terrified. I got sent to hospital by my GP and she wrote the note and told me wisely: "work can do one" lol.

dollytutu Thu 12-Sep-19 13:47:55

@physicskate thanks hun for advice she gave me a strap thing for tummy but it can only be used when walking I find it uncomfortable near my previous c section scar so most of time don't bother she said to me if no improvement in two weeks let her know for crutches which occi health said obviously if I need crutches I can't work end of story, however o don't feel manger is listening!
With regards to them who got signed off for the duration was you ok and work ok?
I practically stay on the house all the time unless with partner or kids which I will then potter round a couple of shops however after I know I have done it! I feel if o am signed off I need to stay on house and never move or I am going against my work/boss as she pretty much thinks of you can do that why can't you work!! However me going out for a meal or shopping I can sit when I want leave when I want if o was to be at work it's not the same! I guess I just feel really guilty about it all and my boss has never been great when it comes to sickness xx

dollytutu Thu 12-Sep-19 20:58:45

@kkl1 what job do you do if you don't mind me asking and how bad is yours? I sometimes feel like a fake as I can happily still get around my house although I struggle getting out of low cars and after walking continually for around ten minutes I can't go no further as I'm in agony but for the ten mins I'm good! However I'm alsoways with someone and I know I can rest sit etc
When I do a little too much on day I suffer at night terrible

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