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What was everyone's bumps measuring at 25 weeks?

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ohdearymemumof3 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:53:48

Good evening x
I have my 25 week midwife app tomorrow, ill be 25+5, i believe she will measure my bump for the first time at this app?.. with my last 2 pregnancys i was always measuring big and was sent for growth scans, i feel like im big this time too so was wondering what everyones bumps measured at their 25 week app and did you get sent for a growth scan? X

aliensprig Wed 11-Sep-19 21:06:20

I've just had my 25 week appointment and all the midwife did was check BP and baby's heart rate. Apparently they don't measure bump til 28 weeks but that could just be NHS Wales!

ELM8 Wed 11-Sep-19 21:27:18

Mine wasn't measured til the 28 week appointment...

NutterPotter Wed 11-Sep-19 21:29:14

Hiya I was measured at my 25 week scan I was 24cm and at my 28 week appointment I was 29cm's.

Pambo81 Wed 11-Sep-19 21:54:53

I'm in Manchester and mine wont be measured until my next appointment at 38 weeks

Kate3150 Wed 11-Sep-19 22:15:29

@ohdearymemumof3- How have you been doing!? I had my appt last week and was measuring 25cm... xx

Andersonx3 Thu 12-Sep-19 08:33:16

I wasn't measured at 25 week appointment but I have my 28 week in half hour, so I can update - although I'm actually 28+5 so a little closer to 29 weeks!

ohdearymemumof3 Thu 12-Sep-19 08:51:33

@Kate3150 iv been good thankyou how about you!😘.. awhh thats good then i feel like my bump is huge i always get the " are you sure its not twins " comment😑 x

VapeVamp12 Thu 12-Sep-19 10:07:27

I had a gestational diabetes test at 27 weeks so she kind of did my 28 week appointment bits then so I didn't have to come back and I was 28cm.

But I carry a fair bit of weight around my middle and they don't seem to really take that into account....

Andersonx3 Thu 12-Sep-19 16:07:57

I had my appointment this morning however my blood test went quite wrong and I lost a lot of blood so we didn't measure bump! I have had growth scans recently so we weren't too concerned. Sorry I couldn't help!

lovebeingmum9 Thu 12-Sep-19 16:20:17

Hi I had mine when I was 26 weeks and was measuring 2 weeks ahead (28 weeks)....Im being sent for growth scans anyway though because I've had a previous big baby but the growth scan measured normal 49th percentile and baby weighing 2lb 11oz

Weathergirl1 Thu 12-Sep-19 16:29:56

I was 23cm at 24 weeks (midwife measured three times) and then 29cm at 28 weeks with a different midwife who only measured once and very quickly, so who knows 🤷

ohdearymemumof3 Thu 12-Sep-19 22:13:13

I had my app today and she didnt even measure my belly even though at my 16 week app she said " we will start measuring at your next app " 🙄.. she said she will measure at my 28 week app.. all midwives are different i guess x

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