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38+4 and MISERABLE!

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Jellybaby13 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:20:42

38+4 and absolutely miserable!!! Pelvis hurts, tired, shooting pains 'down there' (heard it's called lightening pain?!), emotional, can't be bothered to do anything, getting up is a task, motivating myself to get up in the morning awful - almost impossible (two days of work left)!

C-section scheduled for Tuesday due to breech baby but I have a feeling she's turned which means I won't have it, was terrified of c-section before but now I just want to get this baby out!!!!! 😫😫

Anyone else into their last two weeks?

NewMama2Be Wed 11-Sep-19 20:23:23

I'm not too far behind you, 37+4 here.
Im more than ready but have a feeling I'll go over 40 - I dont have any advice I'm afraid, just know you're not alone! X

Megan2018 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:25:21

Last day here, induction tomorrow at 40 weeks. I’ve loved being pregnant though so not in any hurry for baby-too scared!! shock

Fortunesrocks Wed 11-Sep-19 20:37:26

37+3 here and I'm done too. I just want him here now, but I bet I'll go over. First baby and apparently they tend to come late (just my luck 🙄) No advice, just lots of luck when it's time!

Jellybaby13 Wed 11-Sep-19 21:34:22

My first baby too! Everyone has said to me throughout my pregnancy 'I bet you'll go early' just cause my bump is big so now that it's not actually happening it's frustrating me too.

Urgh. Also in the process of redecorating a newly bought house, been redecorating for about 6 weeks now and I think we're going to finish right on the deadline - if not, over the c-section date!

Babycakes1989 Thu 12-Sep-19 05:32:35

I think we may have crossed paths before Jellybaby?! I’m 38+4, due date 22/09/19 with first baby (boy).

Sorry your feeling so shitty! Surely if you have a c-section planned in they can’t cancel it last minute? Or have the said they will if baby has moved back in position ?

Once work is done you can finally relax! I had a growth scan a couple days ago and where baby was measuring a tad smaller last time I got into my anxious/excited mind that they may want to induce me earlier. Not the case! They said hes looking around 6 pounds now so off you go to wait for the big day! 🤭 If I’m being completely honest (and not in a Braggy way so don’t think I am!) I actually feel ok! Maybe end of next week I’ll be getting more twitchy but kind of chilled out at the moment with a view of go with the flow. My main bug bearers are waking up at 5am and not being able to go back to sleep(like now) , Weeing around 10 times during the night, achey pelvis & hips during bed time & when I get up. Bladder pressure comes and goes too. Did birth plan yesterday which wasn’t so much a plan but more of ‘I haven’t done this before so I will decide on the day & be open to whatever I need!’ 😂

Not long now! As we get told ALL the time 🤭 but seriously next week is just round the corner now! Hold on mama! I’ve got a feeling I’ll be a day or so early (wishful thinking?!) hubby said a week overdue! Xx

Jellybaby13 Thu 12-Sep-19 15:49:48

Haha @Babycakes1989 think I'd kill my husband if he dared suggest I go a week overdue at this point. I'm massive and people aren't shy about telling me that either! (I've learned to accept this rather than let it upset me!)

I'm also a 1989 baby btw and expecting my first, mines a girl though and she's due on the 21st! 😊 they have said that on the day they will scan me and if she's turned head down and engaged then they will send me on my way and cancel my c-section. Pros and cons to both sides really!

I'm having the same sort of symptoms as you. Waking up in the night a million times and then aches and pains everywhere! Doesn't help I get really thirsty either! I also only just did my birth plan yesterday! I wasn't really organised with it because I was so convinced the c-section would happen up until now so thought there's no point! Done it now just in case anyway! 😊

Frizzy1986 Thu 12-Sep-19 16:25:27

Try and remember it's almost over. I know that's really hard to do and I'm sure in a weeks time I'll be feeling the same.
I'm just keeping in my head that ant least there is and actual end point in sight.

I'm 37+2 with #2 and am symptom spotting like crazy, but nothing yet.
First babies don't necessarily come late though. Mine arrived at 37+4 and I didn't have any signs until it started (and even then I was clueless that it was the real deal until my waters went)
I'm hoping I go between 38-39 weeks even though I reckon I'll go over this time as last time it was rather unexpected so I never got to the "get it out" stage so I'm expecting payback.

It's weird as this stage last time I was irregularly cramping thinking I was having braxton hicks, not knowing that in 2 days I'd have a baby.

ohsure Thu 12-Sep-19 18:55:06

Bang on 38+4 here with my first too! Head down, but not engaged really. Tired, can't sleep, uncomfy, heartburn, can't move, can't be arsed to do anything then cry coz I have cabin fever of my own making...WE CAN DO THIS! RIGHT?!

Jellybaby13 Thu 12-Sep-19 19:47:57

@Frizzy1986 my symptom spotting is going crazy! Google has never been so busy 😂 doesn't help though that pages then say 'this could occur hours or even weeks before labour'...really not helpful 😂

@ohsure definitely!! Am feeling the same!

I'm secretly hoping I go into labour and have her by tomorrow though just because I was a Friday 13th baby! 😂 would be very cool to share that! Don't think I'll have that sort of luck though!

Jellybaby13 Fri 13-Sep-19 15:56:32

Hey! Me again symptom spotting to the max!!!!!

I've felt baby move VERY low down twice in the last hour. Felt her move as low down as my public bone!

Anyone know if this is a sign labour is near?? I think I'm clutching at straws here...38+6 and secretly want a Friday 13th baby!

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