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Another chicken pox question!

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nickytwotimes Wed 08-Aug-07 20:50:45

Ds 1 was a happy accident. We would now like dc no.2, but I have no imunity to chicken pox and it is potentially very dangerous to the unborn baby. Sooooo, my question is, has anyone else either a) had the immunoglobin prior to pregnancy and what was it like and b) has anyone had the pox during pregnancy and were there any complications as I am very concerned.

alipiggie Wed 08-Aug-07 20:53:29

Can you arrange to have the vaccination and then wait a required period of time before ttc? Sorry to answer a question with a question. I got shingles when 34 weeks pregnant but was tested and found to have immunity to the herpes zoster virus. Luckily no problems with the baby . I know my friend here was tested and found to have no immunity so had the vaccination. But I don't know if they do it separately in the UK.

nickytwotimes Wed 08-Aug-07 20:56:18

ali, I can get the vaccine, but it is very poor uptake and it is live so I could end up with shingly type thing. Interestingly, like you, I have had shingles, but have no resistance to chicken pox. Weird!

wheresthehamster Wed 08-Aug-07 20:58:40

I had chicken pox at 5-10 weeks quite severely. This was 15 years ago and at the time there was no scare about chicken pox and pregnancy (that came a year later I think). Dd1 was fine although caught chicken pox herself at 9 weeks and had not been in contact with anyone with the virus.

jellycat Wed 08-Aug-07 21:01:04

That is a bit odd, I presume you have been tested and they have found no immunity? You can be given immunoglobulin during pg if you are exposed. See here. I caught CP as an adult just before I got pg with ds2 so was lucky (to avoid it during pg, not to have caught it as an adult that is!).

alipiggie Wed 08-Aug-07 21:02:31

How old's DS1? Maybe the solution is to just avoid chickenpox . Easier said than done I know. We had a child with it in the boys pm pre-school just before vacation. They managed not to get it again. I live in awe. I had to have the varicella vaccination for my Green Card medical here in the USA - required by law. I had no ill effects whatsoever and I had MMR at the same time .

BetsyBoop Wed 08-Aug-07 21:03:22

I was in the same boat as you.

BUT they wouldn't give me the innoculation whilst I was breastfeeding (which I did for 16months) - unlike rubella which they can (apparently never been proved safe while breastfeeding) - it took loads of hassle for them to even consider the innoculation BTW as it's not normally given for this reason (back & forth between GP, consultant OB & consultant virologist)

Was only intending to b/f for 12 months, & was unsure whether to have it as it would effectively mean delaying TTC no2 for almost 6months (2 jabs at least 2 months apart & then wait 3 months before TTC) & at my age (40) can't afford to wait. However events overtook the decision as I became pg again whilst still b/fing

now got everything crossed that I avoid the pox this time too....

I found this leaflet useful

berolina Wed 08-Aug-07 21:06:59

I'm 34 weeks with no. 2. With no. 1 I had contact with someone with shingles and, although I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had had the pox, had a blood test - apparently no immunity . At the time the lab person who did the test gave me a complicated explanation about how I could actually have immunity but it not show up on the test, and I've been told a similar thing in this pg. (I did not have the vaccination, because of bf ds1). The odds of damage to the baby are pretty slim, even in the most risky period (14-20 weeks IIRC). The thing that does worry me is catching it around delivery and the baby being born with congenital pox, so am very on the alert for any signs/symptoms in ds, and (just for the time being) staying away from M&T groups and too many contacts with other children. The other problem, of course, is that having the pox can be extremely nasty for the mother in pg, even if the baby's fine.

startouchedtrinity Wed 08-Aug-07 21:07:34

I haven't had the CP vaccine as I have natural immunity. However, dd1 picked up CP just before ds was born at pre-school and dd2 got it as well. I was so scared ds would get neonatal CP which has (according to the NHS Direct website) a 20% mortality rate - in reality this is only the case if the mum isn't immune - as it was he got two spots and he'll probably get it again one day. Anyway, b/c CP is so contagious my HV said this scenario is v. common, so if your ds is out and about at nursery, pre-school or toddler groups then I'd get jabbed.

I'm going to have the MMR myself as I have no measels immunity.

berolina Wed 08-Aug-07 21:12:07

here, my thread from my shingles incident

MuffinMclay Wed 08-Aug-07 21:37:26

I would get the vaccine before ttc number 2. My ds caught chicken pox within hours of being born (even though I'd had it, and so assumed had immunity) and was very ill indeed (scbu for a week and it was very touch-and-go for a few days).

MuffinMclay Wed 08-Aug-07 21:40:49

Actually, thinking about that, he had the signs of chicken pox within 5 hours of being born (rash, extreme lethargy etc), so must have had it already (I'm assuming there's an incubation perod for these things, even in very little ones).

CHUNKYMUNKEY Thu 09-Aug-07 19:33:43

I am 29 weeks pregnant and caught Chicken Pox at 4 weeks pregnant, i have never felt so ill, luckily i recovered fairly quickly. I have had lots of scans and things appear fine, but i wouldn't take a chance. It was just bad luck that i caught it the week i conceived. Go to the Gp and discuss the matter with them

nickytwotimes Fri 10-Aug-07 20:08:33

Thank you all so much for your replies!
I spoke to my GP today and have decided to have the jabs as the effectiveness is 90% and it is no worse than any other vaccine in terms of side effects. It would put my mind at rest, otherwise i'll spend my whole pregnancy worrying! It will be Christmas by the time i am ttc though, but, hey, there's no rush!
Thanks again!

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