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Clexane injections.. any advice

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sparklygothkat Wed 08-Aug-07 20:47:02

Me and Lisad123 have both been put on Clexane injections as the hospital has discovered that we both have Sticky Blood symdrome. Any advice, as we are both scared..

LadyVictoriaOfCake Wed 08-Aug-07 20:55:01

keeping this bumped for my two sisters

LadyVictoriaOfCake Wed 08-Aug-07 21:53:12


sparklygothkat Wed 08-Aug-07 22:06:20


i know the feeling every pregnancy i have i have 2 have clexane everyday due to a blood clot after dd1 was born
im using them now and will be until about 2-3mths after baby is born which isnt due until jan

i can assure you there nothing to be scared of they just thining your blood

LadyVictoriaOfCake Wed 08-Aug-07 22:13:25

its this

sorry what do u mean buy its this

opps i meant by

LadyVictoriaOfCake Wed 08-Aug-07 22:24:29

this one explains it better this is what sparkly and lisad have. i also need to be tested now, although have had problem free pregnancies.

sparklygothkat Wed 08-Aug-07 22:26:11

me and Lisad123 both have Protein S deficiency, which is why we have been put on the Clexane. I am borderline and Lisad is low. Apparently its genetic and I was tested first, but lisad asked for a test after I got my results, and she has it too.

kiansmum Wed 08-Aug-07 22:32:35

Hi sparklygothkat,
I was just telling Lisa that i too am on daily clexane injections but i've been told by my consultant that any pregnant woman that was tested for Protein S deficiency would test positive for it as the levels fluctuate so much during pregnancy.
Apparently, the only time to tell if someone is really Protein S deficient is to test when not pg! Which they didn't do with me and now i'm on my 2nd pg with clexane!!!!
As i said to Lisa it might be worth asking your consultant as i'd be interested to know what he says.
The 2 cons. i've seen both give me conflicting advice which really confuses me!!!

The injections themselves aren't too bad, you get used to them but they do get harder as you get bigger cos you have to try and pinch a fleshy part of tummy to inject into.
As your tummy tightens the fleshy parts disappear!!!
Be prepared for the bruising too as it is sore and looks really bad.
It's worth it in the end tho
Good luck x

MrsMcJnr Thu 09-Aug-07 12:57:44

Ladies hi, I am another Clexane person! I had a MC at 10 weeks in March and was then diagnosed with a prothrombin mutation so have sticky blood too. We have family history of it. I have been taking asprin since I found out (2 weeks before BFP) and have been injecting Clexan daily since 6 weeks. I’m now 17 weeks and all is going well Can’t say injecting is the nicest thing, some days I mess it up and it hurts and bruises but most days it’s fine. If I can help at all with any advice, give me a shout Don’t be scared, you’ll both be fine.

sparklygothkat Sat 11-Aug-07 20:09:10

I just wonder if being 27 weeks would make a difference? WIll the injections help now???

MrsMcJnr Sat 11-Aug-07 20:28:08

I think the benefit will be for you then I was told that until about 28 weeks, it is to protect the baby and that after that, it's to protect me against clots from the birth HTH

sparklygothkat Sat 11-Aug-07 21:14:13

the reasons I have to have it, is to stop my body going into premature labour, they think that my placenta clots and then my body says enough. have had low birth weight and premature births in all 3 of my previous pregnancies

MrsMcJnr Sat 11-Aug-07 21:18:17

sounds like a very good reason - generations of my family have been having babies of 3 and 4 pounds at full term and never knew why, now a few of us are being diagnosed, it seems lots of us have it.

sparklygothkat Sat 11-Aug-07 21:30:25

my nan never carried any of her 11 kids to term, all born at 7 months. My mum carried to 38 weeks but I was only 5lb 13. I had DS at 35 weeks, DD1 at 31 weeks and dd2 at 33 weeks. My grandad is being an arse and said that its not a genetic thing at all, just that mine and DH's genes are crap.. My sister (lisad) had her Dd1 at 37 weeks weighing 5lb.
Have had 3 injections now, todays hasn;t bruised at all, but its very stingy when goes in, does that ease as you get used to it?

toadstool Sun 12-Aug-07 17:30:02

The stinging doesn't ease for me (I've been on Clexane for a month after a serious accident which is immobilizing me for the last 2 months of the PG), and my arms are looking like a pin cushion, but you do get used to it! I find swabbing on surgical spirit before and after makes the site a bit cold and takes the edge off the sting.

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 12-Aug-07 17:34:39

SGK - I really hope this is a solution to your problems.

Look out for Lulumama or RubySlippers. They have both been high risk/have had for DVT - so they will probably been on this at some point.

MrsMcJnr Mon 13-Aug-07 11:16:36

Sparklygothkat - My Mum and sis had no problems in their pregnancies but both of their first babies were born a month early too. My Mum has just been diagnosed with the same condition and you’d think I’d given it to her instead of VV the way she is going on! she is just fed up because it means she has to come off her HRT! My grandparents are the same about the “defect” not coming from them, though it must have! Isn’t it weird? I guess it is that generation, they’d rather hide things then admit to them. My great gran washed all the swabs that were taken from her kids for TB just in case they were infected and some of them were and died because it wasn’t detected! amazing isn’t it? My injections vary, some days they don’t hurt or sting or bruise, others they do all of that. I’ve noticed my skin is getting tougher though and that makes it harder. What does get easier is the fact that the panic at the thought of doing it fades so you feel calmer and more confident and that helps some people use ice cubes to numb the site first, I apply pressure afterwards until it stops stinging.

Toadstool – sorry to hear about your accident, hope you are ok I inject in my stomach, it must be hard injecting in your arms where there is so little fat.

RubySlippers Mon 13-Aug-07 11:22:10

sparkly - you posted about this a while ago didn't you?
Anyway - i was on clexane from the second trimester of my PG as i have a history of blood clots/DVTs (as soon as i gave birth i was put onto warfarin for 6 weeks which you can take and breastfeed)
being on clexane can also mean you won't be able to have an epidural so speak to your consultant
have you been shown how to inject - how are you finding it? Upper arms and thighs are good places - i found doing the injections straight after a warm shower was best
also, you need to have a full thrombophilia screen after your PG as Protein S results can be skewed by PG
Good luck with it and to Lisad123

sparklygothkat Mon 13-Aug-07 11:32:51

Thanks Ruby. The injections are getting easier.

Guess what, my nan is in hospital after having a heart attack today, and the hospital are saying something about blood clots, and my grandad phoned my dad and asked what me and Lisad123 have been diagnosed with... funny that last week he said that it wasn't genetic...

sparklygothkat Mon 13-Aug-07 11:35:09

not sure where that rogue came from!!

RubySlippers Mon 13-Aug-07 11:36:13

sorry to hear about your Nan - i hope she is on the mend soon
i am very about the family thing - myself, my mum, and sister have all had blood clots yet they keep telling me it is not genetic
wishing you and Lisa well

MrsMcJnr Mon 13-Aug-07 11:53:24

Sorry to hear abiut your Gran Sparkly hope she is much better soon. I do my jags after my breakfast, feel a bit sick before then and the jags make it worse!

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