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Due May 2020 - could do with a buddy!

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Shak19 Tue 03-Sep-19 14:06:25

Hi all. So I'm due my first in May of next year. I only found out I was pregnant on Saturday. My husband is great but I have no friends at this stage they either have grown up kids or arent planning to any time soon
I have two sisters. One with grown up kids who she doesn't see and one who's getting married soon so is in her own little bubble.

I would just like someone to talk about all of this as I'm really anxious about the next 9 months.

Thanks for reading smile

Hardheadedwoman39 Sat 21-Sep-19 07:32:17

@MrsN2911 I don't have sore boobs at all and haven't done in any of my pregnancies. They get slightly bigger but not tender or anything.

CatsCatsCats11 Sat 21-Sep-19 07:52:32

I've just found out I'm due In May next year not entirely sure when early to mid May I think but won't know till the scan.

MrsN2911 Sat 21-Sep-19 08:25:47

Thanks everyone for your reassurance that sore boobs aren't necessarily essential! I'm 5w6d today and feeling absolutely fine! A bit tired but otherwise pretty normal! Hope you all have a nice weekend planned. X

FirstTM Sat 21-Sep-19 08:40:16

Warning TMI from the outset

This morning my partner and I DTD for the first time since we discovered I am pregnant (I am currently 5 weeks). We were at bit worried about dong it before because we were worried about the baby. While it was nice, I found the aftereffects quite gruesome – sore below and sensitive nipples for a start. Given all the other symptoms we experience (tolerate) while being pregnant I’m not sure I want to voluntarily add to the non-wish list. In other words, I wonder if it would be better to abstain from DTD during the course of the pregnancy.

Has anyone else considered this? Please let me know.

facevalue Sat 21-Sep-19 09:30:01

@firstTM Congratulations on your pregnancy. have sex if you want to. talk to your partner to see what he feels about the matter.

have a read of this x

facevalue Sat 21-Sep-19 09:32:41

@flossy12 hotboobs here too. will join your club x

Doodlebug321 Sat 21-Sep-19 10:12:08

Morning all smile

I had a couple of days where I felt like mine were on fire from inside out 🤣 Now just achy and sometimes a bit itchy.

Anyone else feeling the effects of relaxin?! I carried a pile of books from one room to another yesterday and pulled something in my mid back, it all went into an awful spasm! So hard to sleep last night because of the pain. Crazy how early the relaxin has an effect.

Also, bit of a weird one. I'm normally thin, flat stomach dipping in a bit before my pubic bone. I have the typical bloat higher up. But past 2 days when I stand there is no longer a dip and there's a slight roundness just above my pubic bone. Now it doesn't feel firm like my uterus, after all I'm only 6+3 so it's waaaaay too early. However, it's definitely there. Think my growing uterus has squished against things and pushing everything upwards?! It's only noticeable when I stand, not when I'm sitting or lying down.

Decided to get some prunes to see if it helps with the bloat. Just munched a few. Hopefully will have the desired effect 🤣🤣🤣

fluffyunicorns86 Sat 21-Sep-19 11:49:33

Hello all,

Gonna introduce myself found out last week I am pregnant due around 5th may so 7 weeks 4 days. Really nervous and anxious about everything so can relate to you all and how you feel. I have 3 children who are 13, 11 and 3. Had previous miscarriages so going to be getting alot of care this time around especially in the second trimester

flossy12 Sat 21-Sep-19 12:17:09

@facevalue so strange isn't it! The're all heavy and hot, and tender, didn't even realise it creeping up on me, they were fine this time last week!

cornishTJ Sat 21-Sep-19 12:54:29

Hi everyone,
I am also due in May. I am 6 weeks and five days. Around 4 months ago we miscarried at 6 weeks 2 days so very anxious about it happening again. Every time I go for a pee (which is a lot at the moment!!) I'm looking out for blood on my tissue. Not healthy to be almost expecting it is it. 😕
Feeling a lot more 'pregnant' this time though and finding the exhaustion a big shock. Started to get mild nausea in the past few days and swollen breasts. All good signs I hope!!
Good luck to all of you x

GinUnicorn Sat 21-Sep-19 14:10:15

Can I join? Due mid May. Still getting used to the idea but very much wanted!

facevalue Sat 21-Sep-19 18:13:02

hi ladies. how is sunday going? i am so sleepy all the time and get headaches on top of the famous hot boobs 🙄. i'm only 6 weeks pregnant

MarshmallowsOnToast Sat 21-Sep-19 18:29:36


Think you might be wishing time away, it's only Saturday grin

Been having waves of nausea but other than that I'm feeling pretty ok. Also 6 weeks!

Hardheadedwoman39 Sat 21-Sep-19 19:07:28

@GinUnicorn You found us!

Peppinana Sat 21-Sep-19 19:39:44

Urgh. So after my mini freak out yesterday, today I’ve had all the symptoms and then some today. Sore stomach, sore breasts, vomiting all morning, nauseated all afternoon and my hips have started hurting (am hypermobile anyway) and relaxin always has this impact this soon. My dh wants to tell the in-laws soon as we have always told close family before 12 weeks. Hope everyone’s Saturday has gone well.

flossy12 Sat 21-Sep-19 20:44:57

Hot boobs, constipation is back 🙄 Tired is an understatement and had some acid reflux today (I do suffer from hiatus hernia and have for 7years now 😩)

mrsf1204 Sat 21-Sep-19 21:38:31

@FirstTM YES! I had this last night too! I had to get my husband to get me a cold flannel it felt like down there was on fire! I read that it's due to the surge in hormones, it can make you a bit dry. I want to persist as we have a really great SL, so I'm not willing to give that up just yet.

facevalue Sat 21-Sep-19 23:44:06

@MarshmallowsOnToast oh dear. i think i'm getting a pre-baby brain already. i honestly started confusing dates and i can't remember things including if i took my vitamins pill. i'm sure i also can't hear things properly or just can't focus when ppl talk.

anyone getting a head fog and headaches

i just want to sleep all day and night . i feel so lazy

facevalue Sat 21-Sep-19 23:45:39

@flossy12 yeah reflux here too on top on congested nose and headaches


flossy12 Sun 22-Sep-19 07:09:07

@facevalue awful isn't it, had slight nausea at work this morning but it stopped after I ate a little 🤞🏻 also had some right pelvic pain but only lasted a few minutes and has settled thank god!

facevalue Sun 22-Sep-19 07:23:43

@flossy12 you poor thing. you work so early on a sunday! hugs

flossy12 Sun 22-Sep-19 07:47:44

@facevalue I work nights so just finished work now 😫

Doodlebug321 Sun 22-Sep-19 10:15:24

@flossy12 enjoy your sleep! Always thought sleep after nights felt more deserved 🤣

More prunes for me today in the hope it will get things moving 😳😫 Getting horrible cramping but I don't think it's my uterus, think it's my bloat 🤣
Few sharp pains either side of pelvis and a general underlying nausea. Coffee making me feel worse this morning. I tried going off it when I found out but had dreadful headaches. I hate decaf...wonder if this is the end of the coffee for me for a while. I'm now keeping crackers with me at all times and eating them as soon as I waken.

Have a good Sunday everyone smile

GinUnicorn Sun 22-Sep-19 10:26:52

Oh God I forgot the joy of pregnancy constipation. Not feeling wonderful at the moment but the beauty of my toddler is I don’t have time to dwell on it!

ejmay90 Sun 22-Sep-19 12:10:33

Had my 8 week scan today and now measuring at 8+5 so big jump!!
Everything good and saw a very wriggly baby!!
Had an awful weekend feeling sick, tired, sore boobs and headaches!

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