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Emilia or Emelia

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LucyK1978 Tue 07-Aug-07 12:13:44

Sorry to start yet another name thread, but I wondered if I could ask for fellow MN opinion on the best/most common spelling for the name Emilia or Emelia please? I'm 26 weeks pregnant, and this is our current favourite girl name, as it works in both UK and Germany which is our current home. (Really liked Emily but v. popular at the moment).

I'm sure if we go for it, we will receive all kinds of funny spellings over the years (is it cruel to choose a name that even the parents aren't sure how to spell?!)

And what middle name goes with it? I guess maybe a single sylable (Rose, Jane, Grace...) Our surname is quite long so would be nice to keep middle name simple.

Sorry, that's more than one question...

FrannyandZooey Tue 07-Aug-07 12:15:00

We know an Emilia. Or is she Emelia? Oh god sorry, I am not sure now!

witchandchips Tue 07-Aug-07 12:15:37

think it aemilia isn't just to confuse you

LucyK1978 Tue 07-Aug-07 12:21:00

oh dear, that's 3 spellings in 2 posts.....! Something tells me this isn't going to be an easy decision!

WanderingTrolley Tue 07-Aug-07 12:21:13

I think it's most usually spelt 'Amelia.'

witchandchips Tue 07-Aug-07 12:22:01

knew it looked wrong. anyway Emily is a much nicer name

suwoo Tue 07-Aug-07 12:22:28

Definately, Amelia. Amelia Grace is lovely, so is Amelia Rose.

MamaG Tue 07-Aug-07 12:22:59

Yes Amelia is lovely

Tortington Tue 07-Aug-07 12:23:00


saw it on the credits of a tv prog the other day and thought - what a fucking fab name

tortoiseSHELL Tue 07-Aug-07 12:23:09

Emilia or Amelia I think.

LucyK1978 Tue 07-Aug-07 12:24:48

Thank you all for responding so quickly (gotta love MN!) Maybe I also need to ask a few German friends and see what works here. Would love to ask the family their opinion, but we are keeping the name a secret until LO arrives.

Marina Tue 07-Aug-07 12:25:15

What TS said
Amelia or Emilia (latter is Italian version of Emily)
I think custy's name comes from EMily ElizaBETH, I agree it's very pretty. But that Big Red Dog context worries me

tigerschick Tue 07-Aug-07 12:25:45

Emilia is a name the same as Amelia - like Emilia Fox, Edward Fox's daughter.
I'd say Emilia or Amelia, but I'm not really sure it matters!

Liking Emilia Grace

RedLorryYellowLorry Tue 07-Aug-07 12:25:50

Emilia is lovely.

LucyK1978 Tue 07-Aug-07 12:26:07

erm... big red dog... ....?

GooseyLoosey Tue 07-Aug-07 12:26:53

Also think its Amelia as in Amelia Earhart. Grace is dd's middle name so like that, but there will be 3 Graces in ds's class at school so very popular.

tribpot Tue 07-Aug-07 12:27:39

witch is right in that the 'proper' Latin spelling is Æmilia (hope that will come out right, it's an a and an e stuck together, think encyclopaedia, it should be spelt encylcopædia).

Most commonly nowadays I think it's spelt Amelia, but Emilia isn't unheard of (think Emilia Fox).

To me Emelia looks weird, because in Spanish (and poss German?) you would pronounce it E-meh-lia, rather than E-mee-lia, if you see what I mean. Same would be true for Amelia, but that looks more 'normal'.

I'm assuming that in German it's normally spelt Emilia, as the female form of Emil? I'd go with that if you want it to start with an E.

LIZS Tue 07-Aug-07 12:27:47

Emilia or Aemilia (short first "i" so "i" not "ee")

tigerschick Tue 07-Aug-07 12:28:40

Gotta love Wikipedia - a few links to the 2 names:

LucyK1978 Tue 07-Aug-07 12:28:57

My mums name is Rosalind and she got called Rosie as a little girl, so I quite like the idea of having Rose as middle name. DH not so keen, but then he knocked a lot of my chosen names from the main list (Emilia / Amelia is one of the few we agree on!)

DaftAndFussy Tue 07-Aug-07 12:29:41

Amelia and Emilia are different names!!!!
The usual spelling of the 'E' name is Emilia, some people spell it Emelia but I'm afraid I don't like that at all - I suspect that it stems from Amelia/Emilia confusion and it bugs the hell out of me. Emilia can also be abbreviated to Millie/y. I do like Emilia Grace, but then I would, as that's DD's name!

Baffy Tue 07-Aug-07 12:30:56

Emilia Rose


nogoes Tue 07-Aug-07 12:33:35

Ds would have been Emilia if he had been a girl. Very pretty name.

Marina Tue 07-Aug-07 12:36:30

Lucy, Clifford the Big Red Dog's owner is Emily Elizabeth. It depends on whether you like the programme or not !

Kewcumber Tue 07-Aug-07 12:38:30

agree with Daft Amelia and Emilia are different names. Emilia (in cyrillic alphabet obviously) is not uncomman name in Central asias ex Soviet states. I like it

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