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Anyone had an under-active thyroid during pregnancy?

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Loucee Sun 05-Aug-07 21:52:29


I've been suffering from dizzy spells, weight gain (although been exercising and watching what I eat) and tiredness so had some blood tests at the Doctors. They came back saying I have an under-active thyroid and need to be tested in 4 wks time (which was 2 wks ago so appt is in 2 wks time).
The Dr said it can be a side effect of pregnancy and might show normal at next blood test but if not they can give me some tablets for it.

Has anyone had any experience of this?


Luxmum Mon 06-Aug-07 08:05:29

It's REALLy common, don't worry! I have a low thyroid anyway, which is no big deal, but it is very typical for pregnancy to really reduce your thyroid levels. Symptoms are as you said - exhaustion, moodiness (sp?), dizzy spells. I felt horrific, thought I was losing it, but when I got my blood tested, it was just my thyroid again (same thing happed with DS1). I'm on iodine tablets and it's great, I feel much better. They're very basic tablets, so don't worry. OH, and something to ease your worry - high iodine levels during pregnancy greatly increase your babys brain development. You can help by eating dark green veg, lots and lots of fish, (just avoid tuna, swordfish and mackeral, otherwise you can eat loads), and seaweed. i buy the japanese dried stuff, re-hydrate it and add to soups, stirfrys etc, you can't taste anything. I'd ask your Dr to give you those tablets anyway.

Olihan Mon 06-Aug-07 08:23:39

I was diagnosed with low thyroid after I had dd then had it all the way through my pg with ds2. I was put on to thyroxine which just replaces the hormone that your body's not making. My dr has said I'll probably have it for life but it doesn't cause any problems as long as my dose is correct. When I was pg, I saw a consultant who upped by normal dose by 50mg a day as pg makes greater demand for thyroxine as the baby neds it too. I was told by another Dr that my baby may be jittery and have dodgy thyroid levels itself but ds2 was absolutley fine and we went home on a 6 hour discharge. It turns out that the Dr was being very alarmist and that hardly ever happens.

It's a really common problem in pg and post natal women and there's lots of MNetters with it who have had problem free pgs, so don't worry too much.

suzywong Mon 06-Aug-07 08:33:19

I had undiagnosed underactive thyroid throughout second pg. Huge healthy baby.

THe thyorxene will make you feel humanagain and is more convenient than seaweed, re-hydrated or not

Loucee Mon 06-Aug-07 14:34:48

thanks for your replies. It's reassured me alot.

Initially I was concerned about taking medication during pregnancy if I could avoid it but if there aren't any side effects on the baby then I'd just at the chance to feel more human again. Luxmum I have blamed my moodiness on the hormones all along but interesting you say that's a side effect as well.

TheBlonde Mon 06-Aug-07 14:45:28

If you are pg you should take the thyroxine as advised by your GP - my DH would have siblings if his mother had been diagnosed earlier

Loucee Mon 06-Aug-07 23:42:29

TheBlonde - did the underactive thyroid affect your MIL's fertility? I'm 21wks pregnant and my next blood test is two wks tomorrow so results will be back 3 wks tomorrow so hope to get treatment if it's still showing under active then.

TheBlonde Tue 07-Aug-07 13:07:50

Loucee - it caused her to have a lot of miscarriages. If the GP prescribes it then do take it. It is simply replaces what your body would make anyway

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