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I need to rant...

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ManchesterMummy2b Sun 05-Aug-07 14:32:52

Okay, I need to rant. Am very "hormonal" as DH has just put it (first part of rant over).

I am sick of being pregnant, and I'm only 31 weeks!! I'm sick of people getting involved - everyone's at it!! I eat too much, I don't eat enough, I'm probably going to put on loads and loads and loads more weight, I'm being shown articles about stretchmarks (I don't have any yet!), I'm getting too much sleep, I'm lying about the cost of childcare, MIL wants baby to be HUGE, people are upset with us cos we don't know if it's a boy or a girl, people keep telling me labour will be awful (I'm not stupid - I know it won't be a barrel of laughs - but I can't wait to see the baby!), I shouldn't buy this - I should buy that and I JUST CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. And a woman glared at my bump in Asda yesteday. And two weeks ago someone who is also pregnant but who weighs about 5 stone more than me pre-pregnancy said I was fat.

Sorry - rant over. I feel better now.

Katy44 Sun 05-Aug-07 14:42:23

is this your first one
rant away - you sound justified
but make sure you don't get too stressed, it's not good for the baby you know, and you are looking a bit peaky

ManchesterMummy2b Sun 05-Aug-07 14:48:00

Yep it's my first (and unless we move to somewhere where there are no people - well, maybe no family members) it will be my last...

pucca Sun 05-Aug-07 14:50:06

Just tell them all to FECK OFF!! and mind their own. At least then YOU can blame the hormones!

MrsBadger Sun 05-Aug-07 14:53:29

tell them all to sod off
eat whatever you like
go to the (blissfully smoke-free) pub with your antenatal posse and drink all the tonic you can hold
(and if you haven't got an antenatal posse, get hold of one - people are much less inclined to make 'helpful' remarks to five enormously pg women than to one on her own)

WanderingTrelawney Sun 05-Aug-07 14:55:19

Take on an ethereal tone and wind 'em up a treat.

eg: "I hope you're not having a second biscuit, it will make you obese and your baby will be taken into care because of your fatness!" (or some such hysterical drivel)

you:"Mmmm...d'you know what I fancy? A block of lard. Where's the nearest shop?"

Also: "Why not find out the sex? WHY? Dont' you want to know, don't you care?"

you:"Yeah, we really can't be bothered. I mean, it can just wear lemon till it's about five, we'll probably find out then."

MrsBadger Sun 05-Aug-07 15:02:57

rofl at 'lemon till it's about five'
have noted that one down for future use

The other good one is
mad aunt: 'So, do you know what you're having yet?'
MrsB: 'Yes, it's a baby.'

Katy44 Sun 05-Aug-07 15:03:46

PMSL at lard
and finding out when it's 5 - it'll be old enough to tell you by then!

On a serious note, ppl love to share their horrendous birth stories - here's a vote for it wasn't that bad!

Desiderata Sun 05-Aug-07 15:27:48

Don't be too hard on the relly's, Manchester. You're going to need them ...

zebedee1 Sun 05-Aug-07 15:39:07

Its good practice for you Manchester, just wait until baby arrives and everyone starts giving you "really helpful advice" on breast/ formula feeding, sleeping, crying.... practice telling them to bugger off while your hormones are still functioning at relatively normal levels

ManchesterMummy2b Sun 05-Aug-07 18:04:07

Thanks all - have noted all the things I can say and am sure to be able to put them to good use!

dal21 Sun 05-Aug-07 18:41:17

all i can say is that you are not alone. My doc warned me very early on that from the minute i announce my pregnancy - everyone will have an opinion - and he was pretty much right. i am 32+2 and a few weeks ago got to the stage where colleagues were making the least helpful comments. I told them outright that i didnt find their comments particularly great and they have stopped!

what can i say - I have no manners!

I bet you look beautiful, sod em all!

barnstaple Sun 05-Aug-07 19:04:18

Bet you do look gorgeous. Whenever anyone says anything, you can smile happily and point out how lovely and shiny your hair is...

Castanet Sun 05-Aug-07 19:11:36

I am feeling like such a bore, always tired, not much fun to be around, all that...
Used to do things all the time, fun stuff, exiting, now all I want to do is lie down and not talk to anybody. Having massive guilt attack just about now about cramping DPs style. I KNOW it's silly, but I can't HELP how the whole thing makes me feel
I'm supposed to "enjoy" my pregnancy, not to feel guilty about it....

Uki Mon 06-Aug-07 05:59:55


you poor thing. you are not alone, people just can't help making comments and trying to be involved. It probably means they really care about you, but it is stressful to have to put with.

the bad news is these people tend to get worse when baby is born "he/she isn't sleeping/feeding enough, you need to put more less/clothes on them rah rah rah"

my advice is get some good pregnancy and baby books and then you can hit back with "actually i've put on the exact amount of weight" "not all labours are bad", etc, etc. you can use the baby books the same way and then finally Like i have done you can resort to

"Mum you raised us the way you thought/wanted and i'm gong to raise my dc the way i want, it is now a different generation and if i want your advice I'll ask"

It works when she remembers, otherwise i say it again.

Katy44 Mon 06-Aug-07 07:58:44

Oooh yes "Is he cold?"
Meaning - "get a hat on him and swaddle him in three blankets, it's only 26 degrees in here"

SweetyDarling Mon 06-Aug-07 15:11:37

I'm 37 weeks now, and my family are 12,000 miles away. I can't recommend it highly enough!!
I have had no comments except the occasional one's at Sainsburys (and when that's all you get then it's more bearable) and everyone has to be nice to me or they get no more updates!

Eaglebird Mon 06-Aug-07 22:04:41

A bloke at work today started telling me about his wife's piles & varicose veins during her pregnancy, then proceeded to tell me about how gory her c-section was. I told him bluntly 'I really don't want to know', but he still told me anyway.
Next person will get the fingers-in-the-ears and the 'la-la-la-I'm-not-listening' treatment. Or I'll just tell them to shut up and walk out the room. I can just blame my rudeness on being hormonal. Ain't pregnancy great?!

Zola78 Mon 06-Aug-07 22:18:19

Everyones a critic. I've learnt the hard way. I use to try and follow all the advice and then became confused then angry and now I just smile and do my own thing.

If you think it's bad now wait until the baby's goodness it's unbelieveable!!

mixedmama Tue 14-Aug-07 15:32:57

Trust me this is nothing in comparison to when the baby gets here.... i was even more hormonal then and cried when people said "is he hungry".

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