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Very high PaPP-A

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pennypineapple Wed 14-Aug-19 21:27:43

Just curious about my 12 week antenatal screening results.

My HCG and nuchal measurements were close to 1 MoM but PaPP-A was 3.23 MoM. If I understand correctly that means more than three times the average!

What does this mean? I've found a lot online about low PaPP-A but very little about high levels except a couple of posts saying that it can mean a very good placenta?

This was quite interesting as my placenta was very close to the cervix with my first child (by 37 weeks it had moved just far enough to avoid a c section). I also had retained placenta after that birth. And although it's very early to tell, at my 12 week scan with this pregnancy the sonographer said the placenta was again very close to the cervix. I'm starting to think I just make massive placentas - or am I overthinking?!

purplehamster Wed 14-Aug-19 21:49:30

I don't think low placenta means big. I've had this both times and it's just where it all embeds.

pennypineapple Wed 14-Aug-19 21:53:09

@purplehamster yes to be honest it's probably just me overthinking it. My (veey much non medical) logic was that if it's big it will cover more of the uterus and therefore more chance of it being close to the cervix.

Out of interest what was the outcome with your two low placentas? I couldn't believe it when she said it looks like I have it again, the chances are supposedly so low!

Teddybear45 Wed 14-Aug-19 21:56:39

Very Papp-A can be a marker for having a big baby or specific genetic conditions which I presume would have been tested for or spotted by now. Nothing to so with low placenta though.

purplehamster Wed 14-Aug-19 22:42:17

First one I had a natural birth, as by 32 week scan it had moved up enough for a clear exit.

Second one I still have as I'm still pregnant 🤰 , but I am open minded as I was considering a C- section anyway due to very large first baby. So if it moves and the estimated baby size nearer the time is ok, then I'll go for a natural birth. I have a scan booked for 32 weeks for the placenta, but think baby size will be monitored 34 & 36 weeks before I have to make a decision on C-section or not.

pennypineapple Thu 15-Aug-19 07:11:00

@teddybear45 interesting, what are the genetic conditions?

Just looked up my PaPP-A with my first DC, which was also high 2.78 MoM. She was nearly 8lbs at birth so larger than average but not unusually so.

@purplehamster I hope that things go ok for you and you get the result you want whatever that turns out to be!

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