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The Graduates of TTC after pregnancy loss thread #3 🐧🐧The Penguin Huddle 🐧🐧

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InDreamland Thu 08-Aug-19 22:55:43

New thread as the last one is nearing the max number of posts.

This is a supportive and safe space for ladies from the TTC after pregnancy loss thread who've had a BFP and now negotiating the scary rollercoaster world of pregnancy after loss.

If you weren't on the original thread though and have suffered a loss and are anxious about your new pregnancy please feel free to join the huddle 🐧

So ladies, I hope you are all here for the long haul until our 🌈 are delivered (and beyond if you fancy sticking around).

Let's pull on our positive pants and nerves of steel.

I'll start the roll call of EDD from the last thread:
@Melpops3638 - EDD 5/12/2019
@Beaglemum93 - 25 - EDD 22/12/19
@Amanda81 - 38 - EDD 27/12/19
@MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue - 36 - EDD 3/01/20 but having an elective section so likely to be 27/12/19
@theAntsareMyFriends - 35 - EDD 04/02/2020
@Laney79 - 40 - EDD 6/1/2020 (but elective section so likely to be 30/12/19)
@Bluebelltulip - 29 - EDD 9/1/2020 likely induction 2 weeks earlier
@moonpeace - 37 - EDD 23/01/20
@KnitKitty- 31 - EDD 29/01/20
@Newbie21 - 38 - EDD 6/2/2020 (if c-section circa. 31/1/2020)
@Zznorth - 29 - EDD 17/02/20
@InDreamland- 39 - EDD 18/02/20
@Tinatsarina - 29 - EDD 26/02/20
@Frillyfarmer - 29 - EDD 29/02/20
@duvetcaterpillar - 34 - EDD 27/03/2020

Also tagging: @rubyroot @sadtoday21 @Catconfusion @boboelephant @Yukka @Russkispy @VenusStarr @Beaglemum93 @Squiff70 @Navy123 @Bellasblankexpression

So sorry if I've missed anyone. I've tried to include as many as I could.

janey15 Wed 04-Sep-19 20:38:40

@ChikiTIKI I haven't had my cervix checked at the three early scans I've had. Maybe they only do it if there is some doubt about what they are seeing? Xx

ChikiTIKI Wed 04-Sep-19 20:50:51

@janey15 oh right.., I wondered if they checked it but just didn't mention it to me. They didn't tell me what they were looking at throughout the scan. Same with urine test. They told me they would "check" it. Think they checked for infection but I don't know if they did a pregnancy test too? Who knows....
Maybe I am just looking for something to worry about. Or trying to find a reason for the old blood. Don't think I am qualified to make a guess though.

KnitKitty Wed 04-Sep-19 22:05:01

@CkikiTIKI I think they only normally check your cervix if you have a risk factor for it not working properly. I think it's usual practice to start checks on your cervix at or after the 12-week mark.
I've been seen at EPU previously during failed pregnancies and for this pregnancy and never had an internal or my cervix checked (even when bleeding/spotting on and off) until with this pregnancy I saw the consultant for the first time at 13 weeks. The reason I'm under consultant led care has nothing to do with RMC either; it's just because I have strange anatomy and a history of gynae surgeries and they're on the look out for signs of early labour because of this and making sure I don't need a stitch in my cervix.
As for checking your urine... I think at EPU they might do a pregnancy test sometimes; but they might also be checking for proteins or bacteria.

coconutlatte44 Wed 04-Sep-19 22:31:33

So many lovely scans!
My 20 week one is tomorrow at noon. I can’t believe it’s finally here! I’ve been so busy back at work with the new school year that the weeks are really passing much more quickly now.

Good luck to you tomorrow @strawberrye!

Frillyfarmer Wed 04-Sep-19 22:36:47

Quick check in, beat of luck for tomorrow @strawberrye

@InDreamland hope you're having an awesome holiday and the anxiety is melting away and you've been able to relax and unwind.

I saw a rainbow shining over the farm on my way home and I'm taking it as a sign as well @Avocuddles πŸŒˆπŸ’ž

rubyroot Thu 05-Sep-19 00:39:40

@strawberrye @coconutlatte44 good luck for your scans tomorrow

Beaglemum93 Thu 05-Sep-19 01:06:02

Great news on your scans @Avocuddles, @KnitKitty and @Ginmonkey84. I'm from N. Ireland but live in England now, I never thought about how the abortion laws would affect screening!

Good luck for your scans tomorrow @strawberrye and @coconutlatte44. I have a growth scan and consultant appointment tomorrow.

MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue Thu 05-Sep-19 06:05:18

Morning all.

Great news on all the scans!

Good luck today @strawberrye and @coconutlatte44. Sending positive thoughts your way xxx

It's my birthday today and I'm 37. Feel OK about it. Not sure I would feel the same way if I wasn't pregnant right now. Been awake since 5am as Baby Boy is booting me so hard my tummy is shaking. There are worse ways to be woken up 😍 23 weeks tomorrow!!

janey15 Thu 05-Sep-19 09:21:29

Good luck to everyone with scans today πŸ™‚

coconutlatte44 Thu 05-Sep-19 11:07:38

Thanks guys!
@MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue - I got up to use the bathroom and when I laid back down pretty sure baby was going wild. Hoping everything goes well at the scan and then I will feel more confident that these β€œmovements” are actual movements and not just things moving around in my belly πŸ˜‚

janey15 Thu 05-Sep-19 12:09:08

FFS I just called to leave my details to book in with the midwife on the answerphone service and practically burst into tears. If they can decipher my message it will be a miracle but they'll definitely have me marked down as crazy before they even meet me 😭 I'm so embarrassed 😳I just can't believe I'm actually pregnant and the tears came out on nowhere.
Please tell me I'm not the only embarrassing one? I know I'm going to cry at every appointment too 😭

rubyroot Thu 05-Sep-19 12:24:19

@janey15 I saw mine at the booking appointment and burst into tears as I got in there. I think she asked me a q then I answered, burst into tears and said would you like me to do a urine sample, I've got one ready. Went to the loo and composed myself. I'd just had my results from my nipt test that day which were low risk so it was an emotional day considering my previous t21 diagnosis. So youre not the only one! X

Avocuddles Thu 05-Sep-19 13:54:07

Happy birthday @MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue! What an amazing way to start your day - hope you have a good one.

@janey15 you're definitely not the only one to have plenty of tears!

I've been feeling very anxious this morning after yesterday's scan showed the baby to be at least a week behind on dates. I had my initial midwife appointment this morning (as I'm 8 weeks based on LMP) and the first thing I did was sob on her. She's managed to get me an appointment for a scan at the EPU next Wednesday so I'm hoping and praying that it does a lot of growing between now and then......

strawberrye Thu 05-Sep-19 15:21:14

Thank you all for your good luck wishes.i am delighted and relieved to say the scan went well - baby measuring ahead again at 13+4 making due date 8th March!

sadtoday21 Thu 05-Sep-19 16:30:36

Congrats @strawberrye!!! That's fantastic and amazing scan photo. Your due date is just five days ahead of mine smile. Are you waiting for test results now? Xxx

Well there is just half an hour left in this working day, which puts me at 4 business days since the scan. No phone call on test results, so hopefully the letter in the post will be good news!

Kayjay2018 Thu 05-Sep-19 16:43:28

Happy birthday @MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable day!
@strawberrye that scan is lovely, baby looks quite chilled in there
@sadtoday21 hope the letter turns up soon and gives you some reassurance
@Avocuddles I'm sorry you are feeling so anxious, sound like you saw a good midwife. Hopefully next week will come round quickly for you and you will get reassurance from the scan.

I am still in pregnancy denial and actually feel ok at the moment (tiredness is a bit crippling), have the odd second or two of nausea but that all, oh and had to move to a non wired bra (luckily only an a cup) as my usually maximum padding and uplift bras were not helping my boob tenderness

MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue Thu 05-Sep-19 17:04:16

Congratulations @strawberrye!!! Wicked pics!

Ladies we need a new thread as this one is nearing the max number of posts. I'm going to set this up now and post a link - bear with me!

MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue Thu 05-Sep-19 17:08:39


Graduates of the TTC After Pregnancy Loss thread. Aka: The Penguin Huddle

ChikiTIKI Thu 05-Sep-19 17:51:37

@janey15 don't worry they will think it's nice! Emotions are good! Let them all out smile xxxx

ChikiTIKI Thu 05-Sep-19 17:52:20

Congratulations @strawberrye !!!

Catconfusion Sat 07-Sep-19 14:58:59

@strawberrye that's a lovely clear picture. Congratulations!

@Frillyfarmer we saw a rainbow on the way to our scan today. Even though I was anxious I hoped all would be well and it was a sign.

So ladies I'm pleased to say our little one is growing very nicely. I'm measuring 8 plus 5 with a strong heartbeat. It's little arms were even moving. We're over the moon and trying not to think of all the obstacles to come though it feels like we're over the biggest risk period. Although I've really been suffering with sickness this made it all worth it. xx

Rmac90 Wed 11-Sep-19 21:35:09

Hey ladies,
I am currently 17 weeks pregnant after suffering 2 mc's! Everything was fine at my 13w scan but recently I don't feel pregnant again and I don't really have a bump either 😐 I mentioned this to my doctor yesterday and all she said was "you will need to wait until your next scan" that's not until the 26th! Has anyone else ever felt like this? I only feel tired no other symptoms! I am stressing out sad

rubyroot Wed 11-Sep-19 22:17:40

It's most likely fine, many women don't show at 17 weeks, different for everyone.
Book a private scan for reassurance. BTW theres now a new thread tis one is almost full. x

Jojowash Tue 17-Sep-19 16:19:19

Had my private scan today! Tiny little blob with flashing Heartbeat on the screen. Dated me 5 weeks but I should be 6 weeks. Hoping that's ok!

Lovely to see so many scan pics x

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