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The Graduates of TTC after pregnancy loss thread #3 🐧🐧The Penguin Huddle 🐧🐧

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InDreamland Thu 08-Aug-19 22:55:43

New thread as the last one is nearing the max number of posts.

This is a supportive and safe space for ladies from the TTC after pregnancy loss thread who've had a BFP and now negotiating the scary rollercoaster world of pregnancy after loss.

If you weren't on the original thread though and have suffered a loss and are anxious about your new pregnancy please feel free to join the huddle 🐧

So ladies, I hope you are all here for the long haul until our 🌈 are delivered (and beyond if you fancy sticking around).

Let's pull on our positive pants and nerves of steel.

I'll start the roll call of EDD from the last thread:
@Melpops3638 - EDD 5/12/2019
@Beaglemum93 - 25 - EDD 22/12/19
@Amanda81 - 38 - EDD 27/12/19
@MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue - 36 - EDD 3/01/20 but having an elective section so likely to be 27/12/19
@theAntsareMyFriends - 35 - EDD 04/02/2020
@Laney79 - 40 - EDD 6/1/2020 (but elective section so likely to be 30/12/19)
@Bluebelltulip - 29 - EDD 9/1/2020 likely induction 2 weeks earlier
@moonpeace - 37 - EDD 23/01/20
@KnitKitty- 31 - EDD 29/01/20
@Newbie21 - 38 - EDD 6/2/2020 (if c-section circa. 31/1/2020)
@Zznorth - 29 - EDD 17/02/20
@InDreamland- 39 - EDD 18/02/20
@Tinatsarina - 29 - EDD 26/02/20
@Frillyfarmer - 29 - EDD 29/02/20
@duvetcaterpillar - 34 - EDD 27/03/2020

Also tagging: @rubyroot @sadtoday21 @Catconfusion @boboelephant @Yukka @Russkispy @VenusStarr @Beaglemum93 @Squiff70 @Navy123 @Bellasblankexpression

So sorry if I've missed anyone. I've tried to include as many as I could.

InDreamland Fri 09-Aug-19 08:20:33

@fnej01 happy birthday!

@sadtoday21 good luck for today's scan!

Thanks ladies. I have the last appointment so straight after work. It's going to be a long day. Convinced something has happened to baby since Tuesday. This anxiety just never ends. 12+3 today, the exact time (tonight) I passed the first pregnancy.

When is officially "the safe zone"?

InDreamland Fri 09-Aug-19 08:21:55

@Ginmonkey84 good news on the scan. Fx this develops into a happy and healthy baby 🌈

Navy123 Fri 09-Aug-19 09:00:07

@fnej01 happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!

fnej01 Fri 09-Aug-19 09:34:55

Ah thanks ladies for all the birthday wishes! X

sadtoday21 Fri 09-Aug-19 09:41:06

Thanks @InDreamland** for starting the new thread! ❀️

About me: Age 31, trying for my first baby. Previously had MMC in February at 12 weeks (hb stopped at 9+4) that ended up being a partial molar pregnancy. Had CX hospital monitoring every two weeks for three months. Then CP at 4+5 weeks.

Now I’m 8+6, EDD in March, if I make it that far.

Thanks very much for all your kind wishes for the scan today @Amanda81 @Ginmonkey84 @Catconfusion @VenusStarr @Newbie21 @Navy123 @rubyroot *@InDreamland***!!! Sorry if I missed anyone. Had a rough night sleeping and going to go with DH to the hospital in a few hours.

Best of luck for your test results today *@InDreamland***. Thinking of you xxx.

Congrats on your amazing scans @Navy123 and *@Ginmonkey84*!!

Happy birthday @fnej01!!

CodlingMoth Fri 09-Aug-19 09:45:56

Checking in.

Am exactly 1 year older than @fnej01
Hoping for DC3 (DC2 for DP)
Mmc last summer (lost at 10 and a half weeks, died at 7+3ish)
Chem at 5 and a half weeks in jan
Mc at 6 and a half weeks in march
Mc at 9 +something weeks in May (that one was not right from the start tbh)

Now 5+5 and feeling utterly vile (which is a good thing haha)

Had two chems in the 2 months before DC2 stuck so I have form. Waiting on appointment for rmc and trying to get booked in with midwives

Happy birthday fnej1!!!

Squiff70 Fri 09-Aug-19 10:07:06

Thanks for the new thread @InDreamland

Age 37
Lost twins at 19 weeks in January
Had two CPs since and now 7+1 with twins again!

Happy Birthday @fnej01, have a lovely day flowers

strawberrye Fri 09-Aug-19 10:36:30

Hi ladies, glad to read all of your good news. I'm going to hop on if that's OK? Had a bit of a break from mumsnet recently as I felt it adding to me constantly obsessing about TTC at that point. Anyway shortly after I left I got my BFP. I'm now 9+1 and had my second reassurance scan today at Coventry, saw baby measuring perfectly and with a heartbeat which was a relief. Had a scan at 6+1 and saw a heartbeat but was told I was measuring 5-6 weeks so I'm relieved things are looking right for dates.

About me:
Age 28, no living children
TTC #1 since October 2017
3 early losses before 6 weeks in January, April and November 2018
Seen by local RMC and then at Tommy's in Coventry
Diagnosed hypothyroid, on levothyroxine and progesterone pessaries

VenusStarr Fri 09-Aug-19 10:50:57

So lovely to see you back and with happy news @strawberrye ❀️ congratulations. What a relief to see a heartbeat today xx

Laney79 Fri 09-Aug-19 12:19:36

Hi all. Just saying hi. I'm pretty quiet on here at the mo, just trying to get my head around things, but I am keeping up with all your news,

As for me...I'm 40, no children yet, had two losses last year. A MMC discovered in March (discovered at a private reassurance scan at 9 weeks baby measured 6 weeks) which took months to resolve and multiple rounds of medical mgmt. then another loss discovered in September-again scan at 9 weeks but baby only grew to just over 6 weeks...another mmc.
Fast forward to now and I'm currently 18+4 with hopefully a healthy little one. Had 5 scans so far and heard the heartbeat with the midwife and consultant. Anomaly scan next week.

I think I'm starting to feel movement now...which if it is what I think it is is amazing!!!

Lovely to see some familiar names on here - congrats @strawberrye xx

Hugs to all xxx

Pancakesandwaffles Fri 09-Aug-19 12:54:21

Hi, thanks for adding me @InDreamland.

I'm 36, no D. MMC in April 2019. Currently 10+5. EDD 1st March. Had a scan as part of harmony test on tues and all looked ok. Holding out for dating scan on 21st Aug.

Am pretty quiet on here, but keeping fingers and toes crossed for everyone.

MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue Fri 09-Aug-19 12:54:24

I've had some issues with MN and was locked out! I only just got my password reset so haven't really caught up with anything properly, just checking in!

About me:
Age 36
DD aged 2.5
2 previous losses:
- MMC in July 2018. Had a scan at 7.5 weeks and saw heartbeat but baby measuring a week behind. Next scan baby had died. Had to wait for the NHS as they won't accept private scans and passed naturally at ten weeks the day before I was scheduled for surgery. Found the whole thing quite traumatic.
- Ectopic pregnancy and emergency removal of my left tube in February 2019. Found that even more traumatic.

Had one period after the ectopic and am somehow 19 weeks pregnant today with a baby boy! Veering between positive thoughts and an anxiety ridden mess!

moonpeace Fri 09-Aug-19 17:11:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rubyroot Fri 09-Aug-19 17:49:36

@fnej01 I took the plunge today as rang midwives for advice and they then booked me in for end of August. They asked me if I wanted the bits posting to me and I said no. If anything happens I can always cancel the appt. They were very good though and understanding.
By that point, if I get there I'll be around 10 weeks and 5 days and will have had a ten week scan and will be awaiting harmony results.

Newbie21 Fri 09-Aug-19 18:21:10

@strawberrye lovely to see you on here.

@InDreamland I think a pregnancy is considered viable at 22-24 weeks but not sure if there is any earlier indicator of being in a safe zone - chances of MC fall week by week though. I do think though it is really important to try and enjoy being pregnant. I loved being pregnant with my DS and I know it's very very different when you've had an MC or multiple MCs but if all comes back well on the harmony test then I hope you can start enjoying this amazing time. I'm really really trying to stay positive and connect with this little one. With my DS I used to chat to him all the time and sing to him in the shower. I feel with this one I've been scared to do that in case I lose it but I'm trying to shake that thought now and give this little one all the chat and love that DS had before he was born. I risk being devastated but, let's be honest, we'd be devastated anyway - On getting that BFP that ship sailed!

I'm going to try and channel Yukka's positive pants! smile

rubyroot Fri 09-Aug-19 18:27:24

@Newbie21 I loved being pregnant with my son too. Its such a magical time esp when the movements start and you love them so much before they're even out.

I hope you ladies do get to enjoy your pregnancies once past the scary first trimester. I understand for a lot of us that will be difficult. X

InDreamland Fri 09-Aug-19 19:09:10

@strawberrye lovely to see you here. Congratulations on the BFP!

@sadtoday21 I hope the scan went well today.

@Laney79 lovely and must be so exciting to start feeling movements. It must feel so real now.

@Pancakesandwaffles good news on Tuesday's scan. Fx for good low risk harmony test results.

@moonpeace sitting on the M25 carpark is never fun. Sorry to hear about your family dog, that's so sad. Glad holiday was a distraction.

@Newbie21 thank you, I think I'm just wanting reassurance that the risks are low now but I guess after mc no matter how low the risk we'll always struggle with anxiety. Like you and @rubyroot I was so attached my my first but sadly that ended in mmc. I'm really struggling now to feel a bond but hoping over time that will change .....obviously hoping this one is our 🌈

So, got our Harmony test results, all good, low risk 1:10,000 for all 3. What a relief! Scan went well too. Much more comprehensive and informative I think than the NHS 12w scan we had. DH is very happy. They've dated 1 day ahead of NHS scan so all pretty accurate. I'm guessing it's to do with baby's growth spurt. Baby was being so cute, hiccups and covering it's face with it's hands. Again being stubborn like on Tuesday and not getting into position. I'll post a piccie later when I am home. We've not looked at the sex yet, it's in a sealed envelope. Just can't decide on knowing flavour or a surprise.

rubyroot Fri 09-Aug-19 19:13:16

@Indreamland that's exceent news. So, now you should think (now I know I don't take my own best advice) that you are past your own personal danger zone and enjoy your pregnancy.
BTW if you get results from NHS and they come back 1 in 80 or whatever, you need to ignore them as this will be largely to Di with your age x

InDreamland Fri 09-Aug-19 19:40:47

Thanks @rubyroot I definitely am happy we've got this far and it is a jice feeling to have hit this milestone.

Here's bubsy today.

MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue Fri 09-Aug-19 19:48:27

Yay @InDreamland!!! Fab news! The feral medicine centre are so amazingly detailed with their scans aren't they?! It's a world away from my local hospital (although my hospital is lovely) My DH couldn't believe the handwash and hand towels in the toilets! Haha!

I'm off on holiday tomorrow and so probably won't post for a while. Have packed my maternity notes and of course am paranoid of something happening while we are away. Will be thinking of everyone and wishing you all well xxx

MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue Fri 09-Aug-19 19:48:49

Fetal not feral πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Bad auto correct πŸ˜‚

Beaglemum93 Fri 09-Aug-19 19:49:16

That's great news @InDreamland! Such a nice picture too smile

Bluebelltulip Fri 09-Aug-19 19:49:42

Congratulations @strawberrye.

@InDreamland great news.

@Newbie21 and @rubyroot, I agree we need to enjoy our pregnancies. For me my safe zone probably won't be until the baby is here (no signs of anything wrong with DD2 until 28 weeks). However I treasure the time I spent with her and do feel grateful for the little we got to know her. Her personality showed through.

Beaglemum93 Fri 09-Aug-19 19:50:51

Have a nice holiday @MyHeartIsBrokeButIHaveSomeGlue smile

Frillyfarmer Fri 09-Aug-19 20:13:14

Evening all,

Great news on the scan @InDreamland - such a relief

Lovely to see you on here @strawberrye

I'm just a bag of nerves tonight, got a scan tomorrow where I should be 11 weeks, really just hope everything will be ok and then I can start to enjoy things.

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