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Antenatal Depression

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pinkstar01 Mon 05-Aug-19 13:22:39

Does anyone have experience with this?
I'm 17 weeks and pretty much since about 5 weeks I havnt been feeling like myself. No energy and my mood is always low, the stuff I used to enjoy doing before just seem like a chore now. I used to enjoy and pride myself in keeping my home nice and tidy but now I don't even have the energy to do the dishes.
At first I thought it was because of the nausea in my first trimester which was very bad but now I'm past that but my mood and energy levels are the same...I wasn't like this in my first pregnancy 5 years ago.

I'm just now sure it that sounds like antenatal depression? Shall I see my GP about it? I don't really know what to do I just know I can't spend next 22 weeks like this sad

rollonoctober2019 Mon 05-Aug-19 14:03:33

Definitely speak to your GP or midwife. Whether they directly help you or refer you to the perinatal mental health service will be up to them. But you're not alone. I've barely left my bed the last two days as just far too tired. Due to go back to work on Friday but can't stand the thought. But it's only a few weeks til I go on maternity leave. Hopefully feeling like his won't last. Put yourself and baby first ❤️

iwillbemummy Mon 05-Aug-19 14:20:22

Hey OP, I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant and I definitely felt how you did early on in my pregnancy. I wasn’t able to concentrate and was constantly worn down with overthinking things. I did speak to my midwife who wanted me to speak to the DR, who advised I take some time off from work to rest which I really needed and it really helped.

I’m currently starting to feel a bit down again and am going to speak with my midwife this week at my next appointment.

Definitely speak to your DR and see what they say. Hope you start to feel better soon.

iwillbemummy Wed 14-Aug-19 21:37:00

How are you getting in OP?

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