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Have you had SPD?

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littleoldme Thu 02-Aug-07 10:02:16

I'm 23 weeks and have SPD which seems to be getting steadily more uncomfortable to the point I sometimes struggle to get out of bed.

Have you had it? How quickly did you recover and how did it affect your labour?


lisad123 Thu 02-Aug-07 10:03:42

I have it now too, and so cant answer how quickly it went but wanted to send my hugs. Its hard but some things do help.

pirategirl Thu 02-Aug-07 10:05:15

ihad it, when pg 6 yrs ago, with me it has never fully gone.

there is alot more online info and support mow tho, which will help you.

totaleclipse Thu 02-Aug-07 10:06:31

Try to keep your legs together when getting out of bed.

bananabump Thu 02-Aug-07 10:09:42

Do a search for spd on mumsnet, there are dozens of threads packed with tips and information on in. I've suffered from it from 11 weeks, now two days off my due date and it's pretty crap but not in a wheelchair or on crutches or anything so count myself lucky!

No idea of how it will affect the birth or how long it will take to go afterwards, if you like I'll pop a watch on this thread and let you know if it affects the birth after I've had him.

Look after yourself!

preggersagain Thu 02-Aug-07 10:17:19

i had spd in my last pregnancy and it was severe to the point that the symphis pubis joint fell apart! (don't panic its very rare- usually just separates to an extent) It took a long time for it to heal, and i still get twinges, i am already feeling sore and i'm only about 7 weeks into this pregnancy, but to cheer you up it didn't affect my labour- the contraction pain took away the pain of my hips and i couldn't have cared less which part hurt- as far as i was concerned EVERYTHING hurt like hell!!

Spd can be horrible but a good physio can do wonders, ask your mw to refer you, i was given a support belt, then crutches and eventually in the last few weeks had a wheelchair if i went any distance!

PurpleLostPrincess Thu 02-Aug-07 10:25:00

I'm nearly 33 weeks and I've got SPD. It took the doctors ages to diagnose it as they kept fobbing me off with painkillers but thankfully the consultant at the hospital put me forward for physio. I've had one appointment so far and she was lovely. She explained everything and gave me a support band and some excercises to do...

I'm struggling to get around and sleeping has become the biggest nightmare I've ever known - DH is doing well to put up with me huffing and puffing every time I roll over (or try to!).

I'm interested to see how it effects the birth as it really hurts to open my legs but I reckon the contractions will distract me from that!

Hope it all goes well

littleoldme Thu 02-Aug-07 10:42:21

Thanks for the advice and quick response. I'm usually very active and outdoorsy and not being able to do much, together with the prospect of probs in labour and afterwards, is really upsetting me.

The Mw has referred me for physio but they are dragging their feet in getting me an appt.

ashall Thu 02-Aug-07 10:56:46

Hi! I'm 33 weeks with my 4th, had spd for last two pregnancies. I did all my own research on the net for advice and support as my midwife in last preg didn't pick up on it. This preg because I know more about it I asked my midwife to refer me to physio. Problem is though...not all nhs trusts will offer assesment and treatment. Have a look at and Lots of good advice and friendly support. I've been advised to complain to my hospital as SPD IS treatable and manageable, although perhaps not curable. I'm pretty low at the moment, not least because of pain, but lack of support from those that are supposed to help.

Good luck to all you ladies - hope it doesn't get too bad - counting down the weeks now....

ejt1764 Thu 02-Aug-07 11:03:54

I'm 31 weeks with my 2nd baby, and have been on crutches now for the last 9 weeks - and I now use a wheelchair when I go any distance - I am having weekly hydro sessions at the hospital, and the NHS trust I come under has a complete support package (including home care) for women suffering with spd (or pgp - pelvic girdle pain as they've started to call it).

However, I only got at the help because I got bolshy - I asked for a referral to physio at 16 weeks, as the spd had returned with a vengeance very early on, to be told that there was a long waiting list ... so I hung on (for 5 weeks), until I heard a colleague (also pg) talking about the fact that her referral had taken all of 10 days to come through!

I have to admit to taking matters into my own hands - I phoned the physios at the hospital, to ask about the status of my referral - only to be told that no referral had been made ... was a tad as you can imagine!

Anyway, this rambling tale has a moral (eventually) - if it is getting to the stage of limiting your mobility (I ended up signed off work because of mine!), then you need to see a physio ... I'd give them a ring (ask for the women's health physios at the hospital), and place your face.

Good luck ... it doesn't last forever!

ejt1764 Thu 02-Aug-07 11:05:09

sorry ... should obviously read play your face ... must preview messages!

ashall Thu 02-Aug-07 14:16:27

Anyone had any luck with hospital in NorthEast (Sunderland or Co Durham).

The physio I saw was supposedly from Womens Health Dept but was told they won't do an assesment, just fit a fembrace (which is like putting plaster on broken bone without resetting it!)

littleoldme Thu 02-Aug-07 16:30:02

Ejt - will def ring the hosp if I don't hear next week. reading your post changed my mood from upset to grrrrrr!

bananabump Thu 02-Aug-07 17:49:59

I've been mentioning my spd for months to the midwives, they haven't done anything apart from say I should put a pillow between my knees in bed and keep knees together as much as possible, and use paracetamol for the pain. (Which as far as I'm concerned is stupid: It doesn't ache constantly like a headache, it hurts when I walk/roll over/lift one leg etc. How is paracetmaol sposed to stop that?)

Anyway I finally went to my consultant and tried to get pushy about a referral to a physio, only to be told "it's too late now, probably nothing they can do before the birth"

So do complain of it sooner rather than later if you can, and chase it up if they don't get back to you quickly!

Vicx Thu 02-Aug-07 23:32:33

I'm 33 weeks and have SPD too. It's v uncomfortable so completely sympathise with all sufferers!

Def agree with Bananabump - complain sooner rather than later as there is lots of help available and hopefully it won't worsen if you get help straight away.

Have you seen your GP? They can usually refer you for a physio quickie app which takes two weeks.

Physiotherapist gave me support belt and a giant tubi grip bandage to wear over my stomach. They also do stuff like taping your back, exercises and can give you crutches to help you stay mobile until the end.

Although my SPD was v bad with DD2 and was on crutches from 20 weeks, it suprisingly didn't affect my labour or birthing positions at all. Pain disappeared completely after i stopped breastfeeding.

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