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HELP unusual boy and girls names needed fast!!

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angie0201 Wed 01-Aug-07 21:17:24

I've got 2 weeks to go and i have no idea on names could be boy or girl, i want a name that isn't really common any ideas??

Beauregard Wed 01-Aug-07 21:18:44

Princess Theaaiimi?

PestoMonster Wed 01-Aug-07 21:19:24

Araminta (Minty for short)

(neither are too common in either sense!)

ScaryHairy Wed 01-Aug-07 21:20:29

I like Romilly and Merle for girls.

GreatGooglyMoogly Wed 01-Aug-07 21:21:26


Cassandra (Cassie)

LadyMacbeth Wed 01-Aug-07 21:22:29

Pesto - that is cruel suggesting Araminta!

How about Grobag or Iggle Piggle?

eandh Wed 01-Aug-07 21:22:58

my dd2 is hattie and havent met another yet

also liked lexie and when expecting dd1 we quite like fletcher for a boy

angie0201 Wed 01-Aug-07 21:25:56

really like ryan actually never thought of that one, u have to feel sorry for jordans little girl being called that, kids are so cruel esp with a name like that

sorkycake Wed 01-Aug-07 21:32:53

Muffy-jo or ming-ming for girls
Ace hawk rebel - boy

I think you'll find they should stand out and not be copied.

mustrunmore Wed 01-Aug-07 21:34:06

I'm not telling you my boys, as their names are so brilliant you'll copy

peachygirl Wed 01-Aug-07 21:38:02

I would have liked Linus for a boy DH initially suggested it as a joke

lucy1978 Wed 01-Aug-07 21:39:25

if i had had a girl we were gonna call her tia which is not that unusal but its not that common. instead we ended up with a little boy, jay

looseleaf Wed 01-Aug-07 21:45:14

eandh I really like Hattie. Do lots of people as if it's short for Harriet or is that ok?
I quite like

and I can't think of any boys names, sorry!!

lemonaid Wed 01-Aug-07 21:46:09

Ryan is the 25th most common boys' name in England and Wales, though, so not exactly unusual.

MrsBadger Wed 01-Aug-07 21:49:28

wtf is wrong with Araminta?


angie0201 Wed 01-Aug-07 21:51:25

dp wants harry or william for a boy and i want charlie so we have got the royal fam between us so maybe if its a girl it should be lizzie or camilla

Jojay Wed 01-Aug-07 21:52:01

Love Gabriella for a girl (obviously......)

Jago, Oscar, Leo for a boy

Aero Wed 01-Aug-07 21:53:43

Rowan (boy or girl)


PestoMonster Wed 01-Aug-07 21:55:22


angie0201 Wed 01-Aug-07 21:56:17

our first child was gonna be leo if it was a boy was convinced it was a boy and always called it leo but completly forgot about that name this time

Jojay Wed 01-Aug-07 22:00:08

Ooooh Pesto - love Valentina!!!!!

Knew a horse called it once!! Was a nice horse though....

orangehead Wed 01-Aug-07 22:00:25

nyah 4 girl and Ethan 4 boy - watched 2 much IM2

dizzydance Wed 01-Aug-07 22:01:39

Jasmin, Jadine, Hallie, Mia

Alfie, Blake, Oscar, Joel

PestoMonster Wed 01-Aug-07 22:02:46

We know an Italian family and one of their dds was called it. She (and they) was lovely. I would have called my 3rd dd it, if I'd actually had a 3rd dd... lol

PestoMonster Wed 01-Aug-07 22:03:13

Was the horse Italian, btw?

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