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What happens at midwife home visits?

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bananabump Wed 01-Aug-07 20:05:53

Hi, I'm 39+4 and my midwife is coming on saturday (due date) to see me as I wasn't up to going to my appointment today. Are home visits any different to clinic visits?

Will she take my blood pressure and do a urine test as usual? And being that I'm at the end will she do an internal to see if I'm dilated or anything? Do they do those at home or just in the clinic? And should dp make himself scarce in case?

Also, will she just speak to me in the livingroom or will we need to go up to a bedroom if she needs to examine me/measure the fundal height or anything?

These are probably utterly daft questions, sorry! I just like to know what to expect.

growingbagpuss Wed 01-Aug-07 20:10:35

Hiya - not silly questions at all - she will do all the usual things, BP, Urine, Fundal height etc. Where she does it depends on where you feel comfy..

M/W did mine on sofa, and DS listenned to heart beart.. however if she were doing an exam I would def go upstairs, to bedroom- she will ask you, or you can ask her to check for any signs of action! As it's your first (?it is isn't it?!!) I doubt sh'll check, and probably just make reassuring noises like " 1st babies are never on time"..... but she might offer to do a sweep to try and put you out of your misery!!

Pixiefish Wed 01-Aug-07 20:11:21

It'll be just like a clinic visit. She'll listen to the baby's heartbeat, test your urine, bp. Generally she'll do it in the lounge. Can't see that she'll do an internal- generally save those for when you're overdue. Don't worry about it

lilymolly Wed 01-Aug-07 20:11:48

prob just check your bp, baby position etc.

I never had a home visit pre natally, but post natally when ever the mw did any intimate exams, she took me upstairs in the bed room for privacy.
I remember when she was teaching me to latch on dd to the breast, a strange man tapped on the front room window and waved!! Like a fool I waved back, and it turned out he was some guy trying to con dp out of some scrap metal!

I am sure she is just going to do non invasive tests to ensure everything is ok.
Good luck

bananabump Wed 01-Aug-07 20:42:02

<waves to bagpuss>

Thanks for your info guys, I didn't have a clue what to expect. I think I'll just see what she says, if she isn't comfortable with the livingroom I'll take her upstairs.

Ooh, sweeps? I just don't know... but then a sweep isn't the same as an induction really is it, I could... hope it doesn't hurt!

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