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Morning Sickness quick survey. Is it worse if you're expecting a girl?

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pixiefish Sun 19-Sep-04 15:57:06

Here's just a quick survey.
Some people say morning sickness is worse if you're expeting a girl.
Is this true I wonder?
How about we all say what baby we had and if we had morning sickness or not and then in a few days I'll work the percentages out and post them on here- or shall I say in a week or so.
If we all list like this to make it easy for me to do the calsulations:

Dd- Bad morning sickness

Turquoise Sun 19-Sep-04 16:01:10

DS - bad ms 1st trimester.
DD - hideous all day and night for the entire pg.

zaphod Sun 19-Sep-04 16:02:21

dd -bad morning sickness
ds1 -not bad
ds2-not bad
ds3- bad morning sickness
ds4-not bad

dd is second child, if that makes a difference.

luckymum Sun 19-Sep-04 16:05:32

ds1 - bad nausea but no sickness
ds2 - same
dd - hardly anything

KateandtheGirls Sun 19-Sep-04 16:06:03

DD1 - bad morning sickness
DD2 - some morning sickness

littlemissbossy Sun 19-Sep-04 16:06:28

ds - no sickness or nausea at all

Furball Sun 19-Sep-04 16:08:04

Ds - really bad 'all day' sickness till about 18-20 weeks. bleugh

popsycal Sun 19-Sep-04 16:15:39

really really poorly with ds vomitting several times a day for many weeks
lost half a stone i first 10 weeks....tailed off around 12 weeks but still on and off until about 16 weeks

this time round, I am not sure what i am expecting BUT
no sign of MS until about 8 weeks and felt constantly queasy - vomitting every few days
16 weeks now and has been worse than ever for last week. vomitted more this last week than have in total for the rest of the preg

lou33 Sun 19-Sep-04 16:16:38

I had terible ms with all of mine, but he girls were definitely the worst

competitionwinningCOD Sun 19-Sep-04 16:16:44

no morning or any other sickeness ever

marthamoo Sun 19-Sep-04 16:19:27

Ds1: dreadful permanent nausea for 4 months, got some relief from puking which I did with alarming regularity at all times of the day (used to have to get off the bus on my way home from work to throw up in litter bins )

Ds2: dreadful permanent nausea also for 4 months - but very little actual puking (maybe 3 or 4 times in total)

Strangely enough it was better with ds1, despite the inconvenience of finding receptacles to throw up in everwhere I went...once I had thrown up I would feel a bit better for a little while.

Oh and a little anecdote - rushed in through the front door one evening after working late, past dh and upstairs, just made it to the loo in time. He was on the phone to his Mum and came up (still talking to her on the cordless phone as I retched loudly in the background) to tell me that "hey, Mum never had morning sickness with any of us three.."

MUMINAMILLION Sun 19-Sep-04 16:20:04

Had awful 'morning' sickness, which lasted all day with all 4 of my dds. Lost loads of weight though which was great, but promptly put it all back on once I had had them .

popsycal Sun 19-Sep-04 16:22:39

marthmoo - sound like you with my kids

also my mum had all girls and never had any sickness at all

Twiglett Sun 19-Sep-04 16:23:08

message withdrawn

prefernot Sun 19-Sep-04 16:25:36

Dd - bad sickness all day

haven't had a ds, but:

My mum:
Ds - bad sickness all day
Dd (me) - no sickness at all!!

Best mate:
Dd - no sickness
Ds - bad sickness

Consequently I went through the pregnancy convinced I was having a boy because everyone said to me it was worse if you were expecting a boy.

misdee Sun 19-Sep-04 16:39:04

dd1-bad mornign sickness. lost around 1.5stone throughtout pregnancy. sick all day every day.

dd2- bad mornign sickness, not as bad as dd1 but still weighed less after giving birth. sick most days

#3 (boy or girl??) very bad. dehydrated, been admitted to hospital because of sickness. am currently around 16-17weeks.

clairabelle Sun 19-Sep-04 16:42:38

dd awful hospitalised 3x
ds dreadful but not as dreadful

Flossam Sun 19-Sep-04 16:50:09

Expecting DS, bad nausea but only sick x2.

nutcracker Sun 19-Sep-04 16:52:10

Dd1 - Very bad morning sickness until 14 weeks

Dd2 - Not so bad but still there until about 12 weeks

Ds - Felt slightly queasy a few times but other than that nothing.

fuzzywuzzy Sun 19-Sep-04 17:19:37

dd really really bad morning sickness day and night till 17 weeks, nearly ended up hospitalised and managed to lose 1.5 stones in weight!!!
This pregnancy; slight nausea first month or so, no sickness whatsoever, and no idea what I'm having... No help am I???

Chandra Sun 19-Sep-04 17:19:54

oh dear, if it is I'm going to die if I get pregnant with a girl!!!

Lost seven pounds in the second month of pregnancy due tosickness and nausea...

sammac Sun 19-Sep-04 17:21:30

dd sick once only
ds no sickness at all

Angeliz Sun 19-Sep-04 17:22:41

Had NO sickness at all first pregnancy with dd.
(Terrible heartburn though).

This one i've felt a bit queesy, no sickness though (am 4 months) and the heartburn is just starting.

PicadillyCircus Sun 19-Sep-04 17:23:26

DS horrible morning sickness (but had stopped by about 12 or 13 weeks)

PicadillyCircus Sun 19-Sep-04 17:25:30

And I lost half a stone in first 10 or 11 weeks of pg (put on rather more during the next 30 weeks )

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