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Due March 2020 - FIRST BABY in late 20's

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lonelyonee Wed 24-Jul-19 13:55:32

Just wanted to start a new thread specifically for women who are in their late twenties & are having their first baby in March 2020! 🙂
Not trying to exclude anyone just think it will be nice to speak to women who are in the same sort of circumstances as myself. Plus the other March threads are pretty full!

Bit about me:
- due 28th March 2020
- 27 years old (DP is 24)
- was on the combination pill for 12 years
- been with DP a year and a half
- SO excited as this is both our first baby (DP's ex had a miscarriage @ 10 weeks a few years ago)
- feeling nauseous, boobs are killing, weeing loads & having cramps/pains.

Look forward to hearing your stories & sharing this experience with you! 🙂 xx

Keyboard91 Wed 24-Jul-19 14:24:33

Due 26th March, I’m 28 and DP is 33. Have been together 14 months and got engaged on July 1st! Then conceived around July 5th!

First baby (have had 2 MCs this year), but this feels very different so hopeful for a 🌈🤞

Getting some heartburn, some very mild cramps, a little bit of nausea and some dizziness. But nothing awful so far!

lonelyonee Wed 24-Jul-19 19:46:40

Hey @Keyboard91 !!! We've spoke a tiny bit on the other threads already, hope you're well! 🙂
Oh wow congratulations on your engagement! How exciting!
I'm so glad someone else is in the same boat as me I was starting to feel like everyone else has been with their partners yearsssssss & were a lot older.

Oh wow I think we've both been very lucky so far then! I really can't complain too much but I was VERY tired today at work. Don't think the crazy storms we had last night helped waking me up at half 1 haha 😂

Keyboard91 Wed 24-Jul-19 21:16:08

@lonelyonee I didn’t even look at your username to click 🙈

Partner wise, I think sometimes you just know!

I managed to sleep through the storms last night! Was so surprised when I saw the videos of the storm and torrential rain. How I slept through it god only knows!

I’m a teacher so luckily can chill at home on the sofa. But really really struggling with the heat xx

Dinosauraddict Thu 25-Jul-19 11:01:55

Hi, can I join? Due 11th March, currently 28, DH is 35. Been together 9 years (married 4). First child or pregnancy for either of us, result of long time TTC and infertility treatment. Praying that baby will be ok, early scan booked for today.

MockingJay27 Thu 25-Jul-19 13:43:13

Hi Girls,
I’m 27, expecting our first baby March 22nd.
Currently 5+4
Been with husband 6 years married 2 months.
We waited till after the wedding to start trying but neither of us were expecting it quite this soon.
Only symptoms are really sore boobs and on off cramping which i’m hoping is nothing to worry about. I have an early 6 week scan on Monday to confirm all is ok.

MockingJay27 Thu 25-Jul-19 13:45:29

@Dinosauraddict I hope your scan goes well. How far will you be? I have one Monday at 6 weeks, i am not sure ill actually see anything but i just want to rule out ectopic as one of my family members had one and it ended very very badly.

Keyboard91 Thu 25-Jul-19 16:23:34

@Dinosauraddict I hope the scan goes well today 🤞🙂

@MockingJay27 lots of people are saying they had cramping around now and have been told it’s the baby implanting and then uterus beginning to stretch and move about. I get some cramping on and off. As long as it’s not accompanied by bleeding it should be okay.

Paying for a private scan - do you think 7 or 8 weeks would be better? 7 weeks is sooner (reassurance) but more to see at 8 weeks?

I’ll be 7 weeks on 7th Aug, 8 weeks on 14th Aug.

MockingJay27 Thu 25-Jul-19 16:34:27

@Keyboard91 if you can wait till 8 I'm sure you'll see more, but 7 is still very likely the heartbeat will be picked up.

I'm having mine on the NHS I told them how concerned I was with the cramping so they are giving me one to rule out ectopic

Keyboard91 Thu 25-Jul-19 17:25:15

@MockingJay27 I couldn’t even get an NHS for bleeding in the past sad my local EPU have been awful during my last 2 MCs. Going to try a different one which is further away by 15 mins (but attached to the hospital I will have to give birth in). Will ask for one due to previous 2 MCs but doubt I’ll get one

MockingJay27 Thu 25-Jul-19 17:30:22

@Keyboard91 oh no I found it really easy, I guess it just really depends on the staff. Fingers crossed you get one.

Keyboard91 Thu 25-Jul-19 17:33:52

@MockingJay27 I’ve had no midwife/GP input yet. I’m a high risk pregnancy too due to genetic neurological condition and BMI. I might call tomorrow and see if I can book in to see a midwife sooner than the 8-10 weeks the receptionist quoted me on the phone. And maybe they could book a scan? The EPU further away doesn’t state self referral on the website (but there is a number) so I don’t know if I can go straight through them? The other I could just call and wait (DAYS) for a call back 😣

MockingJay27 Thu 25-Jul-19 17:44:49

I called the epu directly, I was having cramps and I felt like they were more to my right side. They have since evened out which I have told them but they are happy to do a scan to be 100%. Which is why mine is at 6 weeks, it's still unlikely to see a heartbeat but they wanted to check the pregnancy is in the right place

DaniX91 Thu 25-Jul-19 18:24:45

Hi 😊 I recognise some usernames from the March thread, what a good idea to make a new one!
I am 27
DP is 38 (sounds like a big gap but everyone guesses his age as late 20's and I'd say we're on a level maturity wise 😂)
Been together for 3 years
Was on Cerelle for about 12 year, took my last pill on 10th May and got our BFP on 7th July
Currently 6 weeks 4 days
Had a scan at 5+2 to rule out eptopic, got another on Tuesday to see baby and hopefully heartbeat as the first scan was too early for this.
I don't actually feel sick yet but have sore boobs and occasional twinges, feel very tired but don't think the heat helps.
Looking forward to hearing all of your news x

lonelyonee Thu 25-Jul-19 19:25:53

Oh my goodness! I've been awol due to the hot weather & I've come back to loads of posts so bare with me.

@Keyboard91 no way it woke me up, the lightening was insane! Oh lucky you! I'm dying of both boredom and heat at work atm. It's very quiet! Any more symptoms?

Hey @Dinosauraddict oh wow congratulations on your BFP after treatment! Oh good let us know how you get on with your scan! How far along are you?

@MockingJay27 congrats! Yeah I was convinced I wasn't going to conceive this month myself but here we are! Ooo keep us updated!

@DaniX91 I'm glad you approve haha! I felt like I was a bit lost in the other ones tbh since there was a lot going on. Aww congrats I'm glad everything was okay I'm your first scan!

General reply to all:

I'm also going to have an early reassurance scan, probably will be at 8+2 as finding a day both me and DP are off work is difficult, providing work authorise my holiday for that day which I am waiting on atm.
I'm also having the same level of cramps/pains ladies. Was feeling a little concerned as it's mostly on the right side but it's also been all over & on both sides so I'm not sure what to think?
I've not even had my doctors appointment yet as I'm having to go & change doctors tomorrow as I haven't since I moved house last year (I know lazy me).

Best wishes to all ladies! 😘

Eventrider1 Thu 25-Jul-19 22:02:30

Hi all,
I am 25 and my DH has just turned 40 but looks and behaves like someone in their early 30’s!
First pregnancy and I am 5 weeks today. Due 25th March 2020.
So far I haven’t had many symptoms apart from peeing a lot, tiredness and sore boobs. I went out for dinner this evening and felt like I was going to vom everywhere but hoping that is just down to the heat!

PocaNinja Thu 25-Jul-19 22:13:50

Hi all, I’m 29 and husband is 42. We’ve been together 10 years and married 2. Had a chemical last February. Due on the 17th March.

I had bleeding last Saturday and then quite abit yesterday evening so was convinced I’d had a miscarriage. Told my mum sister and friend the news. My husband an I went for a scan today at the early pregnancy unit and were told the baby is still hanging on! I think the nurse was expecting to give us bad news from what I’d told her so she was pleased to tell us the baby was still there! The bleeding is due to a hematoma so not out of the woods yet.

we’ve been really happy all day!

PocaNinja Thu 25-Jul-19 22:21:38

@lonelyonee thanks for starting the thread!

@Keyboard91 some places you can self refer to the EPU or your GP can. That’s what I did, I waited until monday and spoke to my GP and explained the bleeding (with no cramps and clots) and that I felt I’d had an incomplete miscarriage. He was more than happy to refer me.

Then at the EPU I got lucky and the senior scanner/nurse who did my scan told me to name drop her when booking another appointment for two weeks time. Good luck!

Dinosauraddict Thu 25-Jul-19 22:36:01

Thanks @Keyboard91 and @lonelyonee @MockingJay27 I'm 7+1 today and scan went really well. Baby growing properly and saw good heartbeat which was wonderful!

Dinosauraddict Thu 25-Jul-19 22:38:48

@PocaNinja that sounds scary but I'm really glad baby is holding on!

SLT90 Fri 26-Jul-19 04:04:39

Hi everyone,

Hope you don't mind me joining 😊
I'm 29 and DH is 32
This is our first pregnancy 🤞
Together for 10 years and married for nearly 2.

I'm 6+2 today and had just sore boobs until the last 2-3 days when I've started feeling really really nauseous and dizzy in the mornings (can barely do anything!) and really aversive to most food all day even when the nausea passes 😭 I hope this is as bad as it gets! I've found eating pretzels or plain salted crisps helps and also I feel miles better after I force myself to eat breakfast.
The only food I really fancy is chicken soup for some reason! (Haven't been able to have any yet 😣) Anyone else struggling with this?

On holiday so can't arrange booking in appt until we get home! Hope everyone is doing well xx

Keyboard91 Fri 26-Jul-19 09:19:55

@lonelyonee I’ve had cramps too. Sometimes they are one sided, then they are central then other times they are the other side. So hoping it’s normal? Although if it continues I may flag with midwife as don’t want to take any chances?

@Dinosauraddict congratulations on the scan ❤️ Glad it’s all okay!

Welcome @SLT90 @PocaNinja @Eventrider1 @DaniX91

5+1 today. Not feeling too bad. Boobs are always sore when I wake up but improve with the day. Off food (only managed half a banana for breakfast) one minute and starving the next! Some dizziness on and off, and of course I’m tired all the damn time!

Struggling with the heat though. Yesterday I was led on the sofa draped in a wet towel just to get some relief.

Keyboard91 Fri 26-Jul-19 13:15:37

So this time in my last pregnancy I was due to go to the GP and in my head I needed to POAS to prove I was pregnant. It was negative and I had MC’d. So I POAS today to reassure myself it hadn’t happened again and I got a 3+ on a CBD and the test line is loads darker than the control line on the FREE 🙂 so 🤞 this is our 🌈 😍

lonelyonee Fri 26-Jul-19 13:45:28

Hey @Eventrider1 @PocaNinja & @SLT90 welcome & congrats on your BFPs!
Hopefully the heat will ease off a bit today! 🤞🏻
Sorry to hear about your Chemical @PocaNinja fingers crossed this is a sticky baby for you! I haven't even been docs yet - going this evening after work in the hopes they'll allow me to change over to them there and then and book an appointment at the same time.
@Dinosauraddict Wow 7+1, aww everyone's further along than me, I'm 4+6 due 28th March so could even have an April baby tbf!

Has anyone had any private early scans? What can I expect? Hopefully I'll book one for 8+2 🤞🏻

How's everyone feeling?

lonelyonee Fri 26-Jul-19 13:47:27

@Keyboard91 yay! That's what my FRERs all look like, I'm going to do another CB digital tomorrow to see if mine comes up 3+ now 🙂

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