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Angelinthenightx Fri 19-Jul-19 12:45:01

Lets talk nappies, which ones are best. Pampers were what i always have used but thought id try a cheaper brand this time around.
Anyone used fred & flo at tesco? Let me know what u are all using,used,best ones & what not to use.
Thanks ladies x

IntoValhalla Sat 20-Jul-19 18:02:49

I’ve mostly clothes nappied my kids - but that’s a whole other thread of brands, styles etc!!
When we’ve used disposables I’ve found Tesco, Aldi and Pampers to all be great (although I’m a tight arse and only ever buy pampers when they are on offer blush). I’ve tried most supermarket brands and the only ones I really didn’t like were Sainsbury’s (their pull-up style nappies for older babies have weird Velcro sides that just annoy me!) and Asda regular tab nappies always ended up leaking.
At the moment, DS is in Aldi pull up style nappies as he’s on the brink of potty training and they are easy to pull up and down if he decides he wants to use the potty

FrancesV83 Sun 21-Jul-19 11:30:43

Hi OP, I found Tesco’s own the best for my eldest, they are not as soft as pampers but are more absorbent. My son used to leak out of pampers!
This time I’m going to try ASDAs own brand as that’s where we go shopping, so hopefully they’ll be just as good.

Chista Sun 21-Jul-19 12:10:40

We plan to use Beaming Baby nappies in the hospital and then when home, reusable ones. There's soooo many out there its making my head spin to choose which one - any advice?

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