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Anyone else in first trimester with erratic emotions?

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LauraT2011 Fri 19-Jul-19 11:14:06

I’m 6 weeks tomorrow and my emotions are all over the place. I was really excited after I’d found out I was pregnant (it’s happened much sooner than we were expecting it’s our first month of trying) but now I’ve plummeted back down and all I want to do is cry. I’m in a state of panic about everything, particularly telling my son (8) who hates his little sister on his dads side and has always said he doesn’t want me to have a baby (I’ve always warned him it may happen one day and I will always love him). My worries are completely irrational and everything’s popping up - money, work, will I get postnatal depression again? It’s silly - I’m a mental health nurse so I know all the coping strategies for panic/anxiety, taking one day at a time etc but I’m blaming hormones! Please say I’m not alone in this!

Goose4 Fri 19-Jul-19 16:48:48

You're definitely not alone. I'm 9 and a bit weeks and I've been on an emotional rollercoaster! Worrying about every little thing and getting anxious about things I can't control... Came home from work early today and just starting bawling my eyes out because I wanted a particular shop's pizza that you can get in Australia (and I'm in Scotland, so there's no chance of me getting any!)
Hopefully things will settle once we're in the second trimester... I'm just so over being anxious and worried and stressed out all the time!

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