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Is there a line??

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Alicia870 Wed 17-Jul-19 20:27:09

Hi all

Can anyone else see a line here or is it just me! Very faint x

MotherofKitties Wed 17-Jul-19 20:31:10

I can see a line but it's very very faint! Shine your camera torch behind it; if you can see a line it's a positive smile

Alicia870 Wed 17-Jul-19 20:32:54

Thanks - just done that and it is showing a line but still faint! What do you think? Eek

Alicia870 Wed 17-Jul-19 20:35:01

Showing up more like a faint shadow that way?

HollyT89 Wed 17-Jul-19 20:35:50

I'd say that I can see a line! Eek! Good luck! smile

NavyBerry Wed 17-Jul-19 20:39:20

It is there!

Alicia870 Wed 17-Jul-19 22:06:42

Oh man - my mind is running away with me.
I have a 9 month old so there would be 18 months between babies. Only just kind of recovered from the first time. Excited but worried at the same time.

georgialondon Wed 17-Jul-19 22:08:22

I see it

Russell19 Wed 17-Jul-19 22:11:23


OhBcereus Wed 17-Jul-19 22:14:40

I couldn't see it at first but the more I looked I can see what you mean. I'd re-test with FMU to be sure it wasn't an evap line

BillyAndTheSillies Wed 17-Jul-19 22:24:40

Can definitely see a line. Looks pretty similar to mine and I'm now 27 weeks with DC2.

Alicia870 Wed 17-Jul-19 22:25:21

Will do. Tempted to do digital but afraid it won't show up yet. Feeling a anxious!

Gettingonabitnow Thu 18-Jul-19 06:35:31

I can see it!

Alicia870 Thu 18-Jul-19 09:57:39

I did digital and it says not pregnant- thoughts? 😬

Cookit Thu 18-Jul-19 10:06:08

If would definitely say not pregnant on a digi as that pregnancy line is SO faint. I’d try in a day or two with another FRER.

Alicia870 Thu 18-Jul-19 10:32:20

Ah ok, thank you! This has never happened for me before- last time I just got digital positive straight away and strong lines. This limbo is frustrating!

OhBcereus Thu 18-Jul-19 10:53:25

I agree, try wait a few more days (if you can!) and try another FRER. Keep us updated!

Alicia870 Fri 19-Jul-19 10:58:12

Guys I had a negative frer today.
Just don't understand what happened here? I thought a line was positive no matter how faint? And now negative? And still late for period. So confusing!

Keyboard91 Fri 19-Jul-19 11:09:09

The one you took this morning was it FNU or after a long hold? If not then try that - I find it I pee first thing, then do a 4 hour hold with minimal liquid intake then I get stronger results. How late for your period?

Sometimes though this is a sign of a chemical pregnancy- I had a very faint positive then the next day a very faint positive again, then next day a negative and then bled a couple days later - hoping that it’s not though xx

keepingbees Fri 19-Jul-19 11:28:16

Did you get the right early response test? Isn't there one more sensitive than the others?
I can see a shadow of a line on your photo but not enough to say it's positive. If the lines gone now I would assume it was either a dodgy test with an indent/evap line or you had a chemical pregnancy.

SunshineSophia Fri 19-Jul-19 11:28:24

I see a positive in the first pic OP - fingers crossed everything is well xx

Alicia870 Fri 19-Jul-19 19:21:18

I'm assuming this was either a chemical pregnancy or just a false positive as I've had two negative tests today sad
We weren't exactly planning rigidly for a pregnancy this month but I had sort of got my head around the idea. I'm just going to stop testing now as I could take out shares on pregnancy tests at this stage. I'm assuming I'll start bleeding soon.
Very confusing and odd!

SunshineSophia Fri 19-Jul-19 20:10:36

Aw @Alicia870 hope everything's okay xxxx

Alicia870 Fri 19-Jul-19 20:27:26

Thanks @SunshineSophia I'm ok- I may not have ever known had I not been testing. Just feels a bit strange to think something could have been xx

Alicia870 Sat 20-Jul-19 11:36:10

Still no bleeding. I was awake most of the night with terrible night sweats! Similar to the ones I had post delivery with my daughter so assuming they are hormone related?
I'm thinking if I don't get my period in the next 5 days I'll just re test but I'm feeling so confused about what's happening.
Is it worth going to the gp or is that a huge waste of time? This has never happened before so unsure what to do!

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