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Painful movements at 27 weeks??

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Pheebe Mon 30-Jul-07 09:05:07

Hi All

I'm 27 weeks and for the last couple of weeks it really hurts when bub changes position. I think he's breech at the mo (normal for this stge apparently) and the pain is mainly at the front just about my pubic bone. I have to stop what I'm doing bend forward and wait til he's comfy again. Getting all the other normal niggles, achy ribs, BHs and other normal movements that don't hurt. Don't remember anything like this with DS1 so was just wondering if its normal...

martini82 Mon 30-Jul-07 09:12:42

i have had the same i'm now 37 weeks with my second, my midwife said that its nothing to be concerned about, if your worried speak to your midwife.

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