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Due October 2019 - 14 weeks to go πŸ’™πŸ’–

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HJWT Sun 14-Jul-19 20:55:25

If anyone knows of a thread already up and being used please link it below 😁

Wanted to start a thread for all the October mums to be if not as no one to talk to in the real world 🀞🏻

I am due 19th with a little boy and already have a DD(3)

Cant believe its only 12 weeks until October 😬

gkeal3 Sat 20-Jul-19 21:32:54

Hi I'm also due 19th October, making me 27 weeks today! Can't believe the third trimester is just a week away!
We didn't find out what we are having πŸ’—πŸ’™

Frizzy1986 Sat 20-Jul-19 22:57:29

@Nomnom2 I am unfortunately not petite. 5"8 and was a 12-14 before pregnancy, but prob a 16 now with these thunder thighs!

Anyone else nice and swollen down there? If I stand for too long I really feel the pressure and I can sense the swelling when I go for a wee.

Off to an icecream festival tomorrow. It'll be fun I'm sure and dd will love it, but being on my feet for a while is not filling me with joy.

HJWT Sun 21-Jul-19 14:03:39

@Holiday16 congrats! Do you know what your having? πŸ˜„

@YorkshireIndie LOL that made me giggle! My worst one was my SISTER being in love with DH and him leaving me for her 🀣

@gkeal3 iv spoken to you a few times on here 😊 cant believe the third trimester is fast approaching ! Actually freaking out a bit now I didn't realise till you mentioned it!

@Frizzy1986 probably TMI but I feel like the bones in my vagina are separating 🀣 my ribs hurt to but no swelling yet! Cant actually see down there though tbh haha! X

Holiday16 Sun 21-Jul-19 16:35:22

@HJWT yes we are having a little boy smile what about you? X

YorkshireIndie Sun 21-Jul-19 17:08:03

Fizzy1986 how are the feet? I swear I hit 20wks and my feet thought let's have fun for the next 20wks!

Frizzy1986 Sun 21-Jul-19 18:17:50

@YorkshireIndie my ankles swell nicely in the warm. With dd I was only 3 Β½ months pregnant at this time of year so it was lovely. Much easier being pregnant in the cold when you can layer up.
This time at getting close to 7 months my body doesn't like it so much and I'm not good with heat at the best of times.

@HJWT sounds glorious and totally know what you mean. I had a little look with my phone camera (ensuring I didn't accidentally take a shot) If Google are tapping my phone they'll have got a hell of a view!! πŸ˜‚ It looks very weird down there and if I feel it, well it feels like some sausages are exploding out of their skins. Not sure it was this bad last time, but I can't remember.

The icecream festival was good but I'm exhausted. We only wandered for about 2 hours but my feet and back ache a lot. I did have the most tasty icecream. A double waffle cone with salted caramel and white choc kinder bueno flavours. It defeated me though. It was rather massive, but usually I'd polish it off no trouble. I felt ashamed having to bin some of it. Damn baby taking up food space!!

I'm hoping for a nice week this week. Dd's first week of summer so she spends days at the inlaws while I'm at work. I'm off for 2 days at the end of the week with her and then we go to visit my parents next weekend and leave dd down there with them for a week of fun with my side of the fam.
Me and dh need to finish off her new room while she is away, with a new bed arriving later this week.

I still feel like I have so much to do, including somehow preparing for our holiday. We were idiots and booked before we found out I was pg. We go to Normandy on the euro tunnel for a week when I am 34+3!!
What the hell are we thinking!! Its a 3 hour drive from my folks to the tunnel and a 3hr drive to our Airbnb on the coast. We were hoping to do a day at Disney as well as dd would love it but I worry that a 2 Β½ hr drive there and back is pushing it (but I really want dd to feel special) Maybe we need to save up and we have a holiday once baby is a bit bigger. Although she has already been told about it so might be upset if we don't go.

Apologies for the mammoth post!

HJWT Sun 21-Jul-19 21:06:11

@Holiday16 also a boy! Feel like it is defo the year for boys! I know 1 person having a girl out of around 20 πŸ€”

@Frizzy1986 oh god! Maybe mention that to your midwife 🀣 no sausage skins here just feel like iv been kicked down there a few times! Told DH the other day I need to shave but cant see it and he offered to do it ! Got to give him credit for offering but don't think ill be letting him look down there anytime soon!

Wow disney land! You are definitely braver than me I nearly died at the park the other day we was only there half an hour! Haha xx

Frizzy1986 Sun 21-Jul-19 21:27:45

@HJWT I keep forgetting to mention it!! Maybe I'll try and call them this week when I'm off work. Not really a conversation for work to overhear.
Yeah, Disney is a risk. It's in our minds but not definite yet as if I'm feeling too tired I don't want to push myself too much. Not like I'll be getting to enjoy everything. We'd only be driving there and assume we can just rock up, pay for parking and get tickets on the gate???!!

AngeloMysterioso Sun 21-Jul-19 22:59:57

So this weekend I went on a whistle stop tour of 5 different libraries in London and am now the proud temporary custodian of 6 books and a CD (and picking up a 7th book from yet another library tomorrow)grin reckon I'll have enough to be getting on with?

AngeloMysterioso Sun 21-Jul-19 23:01:13

@Holiday16 you're my doppelgΓ€nger- I'm also due on 24/10, also first pregnancy, also a boy smile

HJWT Mon 22-Jul-19 12:28:41

I cant breathe today! And tomorrow is going to be even hotter! SOMEONE SAVE MEEE 🀣

secretlyhermione Mon 22-Jul-19 14:29:24

Hi ladies! Nice to hear all the updates smile I live in a country where it's hitting 40 degrees today so it's testing my spirits!
Wondered if anyone else was suffering with ligament pain? I had pretty bad ligament pain on my right side for a couple of hours this morning. Hard to walk and extremely painful. Was a tad worried at first as the other times I've had it it's gone away quite quickly. Thankfully now I feel better. I'm just really looking forward to my holiday in a bit over a week, really need the time to relax!
@AngeloMysterioso well done on the books! I'm also getting through mine (hypnobirthing and birth skills) and it's helping me prepare mentally well enough. Have also found a very good pilates video for pregnant women which I started yesterday, it's only half an hour and very relaxing. If anyone is interested I can send the link!

Rememberallball Mon 22-Jul-19 14:42:08

@Frizzy1986, you didn’t go to Mount Edgecombe yesterday did you? Friends of mine went with their kids and had a fabulous but said they’d have preferred they had more non ice cream options!!

YorkshireIndie Mon 22-Jul-19 15:05:12

Had my 28wk appointment and apparently baby is head down. My mother said I did the same. Back at work after a week off and my back is really hurting me today 😒

HJWT Mon 22-Jul-19 16:09:08

@YorkshireIndie iv got mine next week! Going to eat extra healthy this week and hopefully drop a couple of pounds so the midwife doesn't have a go at me πŸ˜‚ hope your back feels better! Have you tried hot water bottle.

gkeal3 Mon 22-Jul-19 16:57:31

Can I ask you all what kind of weight you've put on so far at around 27/28 weeks?
I'm measuring small and haven't put on much at all...going to speak with midwife at my 28 week appointment next Tuesday

YorkshireIndie Mon 22-Jul-19 17:42:26

I have put on 11kg so far. I did not loose any weight with morning sickness. I spoke to my midwife friend and she said that was fine for me. Hope that helps

Positivity86 Mon 22-Jul-19 17:51:26

@secretlyhermione I know how you feel! I had ligament pain around 22 weeks quite badly and struggled to walk sometimes. I'm now I'm 27 weeks and still get it occasionally. Definitely take the time to relax as much as poss 😊

@gkeal3 I've put on around 1.5 stone overall which I feel is a lot...especially as I lost nearly half a stone in the first trimester πŸ™ˆ I'm 5ft 7 and was 9 stone before I got pregnant. I hope all goes well at your appointment next week, try not to worry. I think everyone is just very different!

Frizzy1986 Mon 22-Jul-19 18:19:16

@Rememberallball no I was in Garstang in Lancashire. It was really good if tiring.
Called the midwives today to say I'm feeling anxious about my scan and they reassured me, also told me to contact the physio team about my hip pain so I've done that and am waiting for a reply.
With regards to swollen down there, she said it's totally normal. Some people get varicous veins there! Suggested a cooled sanitary pad to help with any discomfort.

@gkeal3 I darent weigh myself. I think I've put on a lot, yet am measuring very small which worries me.
I put on 3 stone with dd but managed to lose it within a year.

KatnissK Mon 22-Jul-19 18:26:37

I have put on 8kg. I put on a fuck-ton the first time so really need to watch it in the 3rd trimester as that's when I ballooned before.

SRK16 Mon 22-Jul-19 18:51:58

I’ve put on about 23lbs at 29 weeks. I was slightly overweight beforehand so am concerned about where I’ll end up and could do with not gaining much more.I should probably slow down on my snacking!

Rememberallball Mon 22-Jul-19 19:28:56

@gkeal3, at 28 weeks I’d gained 20lbs which, according to the weighty app I use is somewhere in the middle of what I should have gained so far in a twin pregnancy!!

SunshineSophia Mon 22-Jul-19 19:31:47

@gkeal3 hiya I've put on about 8kg but I think I lost loads with the morning sickness so the actual figure is probably a lot higher!

This heat is unbearable!!! sad

HJWT Mon 22-Jul-19 19:41:23

Iv also put on around 1.5 stoneπŸ™ˆ doesn't help with the heat having ice lolly's and ice cream! I need to stop putting it in the freezer because my meals are fine its the snacking I cant stop πŸ€” x

SunshineSophia Mon 22-Jul-19 19:54:27

@HJWT any particular ice lollies??

R Whites lemonade lollies are the absolute bomb - only 3 in a pack and I've only found them in Sainsbury's - I need to stock up as they're a life saver

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