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Due October 2019 - 14 weeks to go πŸ’™πŸ’–

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HJWT Sun 14-Jul-19 20:55:25

If anyone knows of a thread already up and being used please link it below 😁

Wanted to start a thread for all the October mums to be if not as no one to talk to in the real world 🀞🏻

I am due 19th with a little boy and already have a DD(3)

Cant believe its only 12 weeks until October 😬

SunshineSophia Mon 15-Jul-19 19:01:45

@Positivity86 @HJWT thanks ladies! I'll look into those smile

HJWT Mon 15-Jul-19 19:24:35

@Rememberallball @KatnissK wow so excited for you both! So you 2 will probably be the first to have your babies on this thread! Unless I have GD I might be with you 🀣

@shouldntbeonhereagain The test was fine thanks just get numb from sitting for 2 hours! Lol x

How is everyone coping in the heat? I am dead today running round after DD is getting so hard πŸ₯΄ I feel really sorry for myself haha x

Nomnom2 Mon 15-Jul-19 20:22:55

Oh well im due on 30th oct
M excited an anxious at the moment...

Nomnom2 Mon 15-Jul-19 20:32:15

Well i had my scan at in june and they said baby is normal but small. M small and petite 152cms in height. Iv been 40 kgs all these years. The midwife dosnt seem worried. I am directly having my next appoinment for glucose test in august. I have a small belly. Just gained 1kg. N due on 30th oct. I had to see a consultant on 3rd july and she said all is fine, the midwife will see me direcyly on 16th august during glucose test.
Do i need to be worried about anything,???

HJWT Tue 16-Jul-19 15:13:32

@Nomnom2 I think as long as your consultant is happy with the way baby is looking then try not to worry 😊

Fingers crossed still no phone call from the hospital for me 😬 xx

Bhappy12 Tue 16-Jul-19 15:38:41

Hello everyone!
I did post on one of the original threads, but then I lost it!

I'm 25 weeks and having my first baby - we haven't found out if it's a boy or a girl.

Is anyone else struggling for names? We have a name for a boy (Named after my grandfather and DH's father who both passed away two years ago) but we can not decide on a single girls name.

HJWT Tue 16-Jul-19 16:20:23

@Bhappy12 HI! We are total opposite ! Had 2 names we loved for a girl but don't love anything for a boy 😩 xx

Bhappy12 Tue 16-Jul-19 16:26:13

@HJWT - Hello!

I have loads of names I love for a girl, but DH seems to know/have known someone with the same name that he doesn't like so doens't like the name. Another one I love is the name of a close work colleague of his - could be a bit odd choosing that one! Hahaha.

One that we both sort of like (the closest we can get to agreeing) is a REALLY popular name, which puts me off a bit, to be honest.

How are you doing, anyway? I think we're due really close to each other aren't we? (If my memory from the other thread is correct, anyway) I'm due 25th October, though I had two other dates originally.

HJWT Tue 16-Jul-19 16:36:54

@Bhappy12 I was originally due the 27th but now the 19th! I had my diabetes test yesterday they should ring today IF I have it... and nothing yet! Quite disappointed tbh 🀣

How are you feeling? Is it hard not finding out what baby is 😁 xx

WyncyG Tue 16-Jul-19 16:48:19

Hey all, I'm due 13th October smile My sister had both hers at 35 weeks and my mum had both of us at 38, so I'm preparing as if she'll arrive in September....Probably end up seeing 42 weeks grin
Very excited here, nearly have a name decided and nursery is done. Think we're decided on a pram and just looking for deals now!

SunshineSophia Tue 16-Jul-19 17:09:48

@WyncyG I know what you mean - I'm so impatient waiting for this baby, knowing my luck I'll be going the full 42 weeks sad I've actually started counting the extra 2 weeks to prepare myself for it taking longer to meet my bubba

@HJWT I've got my GTT tomorrow morning. Trying to decide what TV shows to download to keep me busy!

So I've been signed off with pregnancy related fatigue - I'm exhausted! I'm 28 weeks tomorrow and still working full time but my bump (as pointed out numerous times by others...) is that of someone who's due to pop any day now. My midwife hasn't measured my bump yet so no idea if I'm actually measuring big or not

Hope everyone else is doing well today smile

HJWT Tue 16-Jul-19 17:13:39

@SunshineSophia ahh good luck! Killing eve is good a bit gruesome maybe 😬

I cant believe I don't have diabetes πŸ˜‚ iv never gone into labour naturally was induced with DD because of it so now I am scared πŸ₯΄

SunshineSophia Tue 16-Jul-19 17:20:48

Oh no, @HJWT! It's easy to say but try not to think about it? Or if you're really nervous, maybe ask to be induced again? I know my friend was so terrified of giving birth to her second she forced the consultant to give her a C-section so maybe induction works the same way?

secretlyhermione Tue 16-Jul-19 17:41:17

So lovely to hear all the updates smile we are not finding out the gender so have two names picked out for each although I have my name that I've had since I was a little girl (if it's a girl) and thankfully my partner likes it. Finding boy names a lot harder. We also like the more traditional names but I also feel at times that makes it less unique! I just cottoned on to the fact that in two months exactly I'll be on maternity leave! Mixed feelings really!

HJWT Tue 16-Jul-19 19:15:18

@SunshineSophia yeah I see my consultant at 36 weeks so I am going to ask about being induced due to baby's size ! DD was 8LB 9 at 38 weeks so dread to think what she would of been 4 weeks later 🀣 I also haemorrhaged with DD and live an hour away from hospital so its scary xx

HJWT Tue 16-Jul-19 19:17:06

@secretlyhermione its crazy when you start to think about it like that! 7 weeks till DD is 3 and then it will only be 6 weeks from then! So strange to think about ☺️

Nomnom2 Wed 17-Jul-19 09:32:44

@HJWT why on the 19th?

HJWT Wed 17-Jul-19 09:45:46

@Nomnom2 why am I now due the 19th?? Thats how the baby measured at 12 weeks! We have big baby's in this family πŸ₯΄ xx

Nomnom2 Wed 17-Jul-19 13:34:29

frankly speaking m new in uk... n we have different procedures in our country. I thought only the midwifes see you here through out but iv just been booked in west middlesex hospital. I saw a midwife first while booking,,, and then a counsultant and now i have a letter from the consultant for scan... i mean sometimes i dint understand who do i call in case of emergency or inquiry...

HJWT Wed 17-Jul-19 18:28:58

@Nomnom2 you only see midwife if you pregnancy is LOW risk, if your pregnancy is middle-high risk you then see consultants to make sure you and baby are safe as they have higher better training!

If you need to ring someone you ring your delivery unit at night or your day unit if its 9-5 in the week days! This should be stuck in the front of your notes, if you don't have it ask at your next app for the numbers xx

Frizzy1986 Wed 17-Jul-19 19:34:22

Hi again all, i'm due 1st October and am finding this whole thing very stressful. It's #2 and dd is super excited. She's 5 and it feels like a really nice age as she understands what is going on a lot more and can't wait for it all to happen.

I'm just hoping I make it to full term. Dd was 37+4 and I go to Normandy on holiday for a week at 34+3 so don't want to have to deal with it kicking off while I'm there.

I'm under midwife care but also have consultant appointments. I had a 3b tear last time so from what my midwife has said, its because I can opt for a CS so the consultant sees you at 16, sometimes 28 and finally at 36 as at 36 weeks you would decide if you wanted one and they'd book it.
I def don't want one so am hoping I can say at my appointment this week (28 weeks but at 29+2) and I'll be fully signed over to the midwives. Technically i don't count as under consultant though, apparently.

I'm considering home birth at the moment. Both birth centre and home have "obstacles"
Home I worry about time filling the pool, transfers to hospital, midwives getting there on time, emergency issues and my daughter hearing the labour etc.
Birth centre I worry about getting there in time (dd was waters breaking to 6cm in 1hour and 6cm to out in 50mins), it being too busy so I get forced into the delivery ward, them moving me out into the ward after birth due to capacity at the birth centre (restrictions in visitors and visiting hours in the ward)

We have no names yet as we can't agree on any at all!

HJWT Wed 17-Jul-19 21:49:42

@Frizzy1986 if your labour goes fine will they not let you home after 6 hours? I had a PPH & stitches with DD so understand your pain! I was made to stay on delivery though for HOURS I wasn't actually allowed to stand up for 9 hours and had a natural birth no epidural 😬

Hopefully we both have a smooth delivery this time and can be home with our girls asap πŸ₯΄πŸ’–

Frizzy1986 Wed 17-Jul-19 22:28:50

@HJWT yes I think it's 6 hours minimum stay and 24hrs max.
One of the local birth centres has closed so anyone who wants a birth centre now goes to the one attached to the hospital which has 4 rooms and 2 postnatal. They have had instances where the postnatal rooms are full and more women are due in so they request you go to the ward so the birth room can be cleaned.
Thats something that doesn't sit well with me and I'm not sure how likely it would be and I doubt they would either. They'd only know that it has happened on several occasions before.
I worry that what ever choice i make will be the wrong one and will cause stress.

Rememberallball Thu 18-Jul-19 07:43:22

Names were easy for us - which was a surprise as, prior to knowing we were expecting, we had ideas for girls names but no idea for boys; once we knew we were expecting twins we found 2 names for each twin and combination of girls/boys names if it were one of each. Now we talk to them using their names!!

I’m automatically high risk as twins, my age and IVF pregnancy so never had a choice about being consultant or midwife led but always knew I wanted a section so it was pretty academic. Now I’ve also got placenta praevia it really is out of my hands - unless the placenta moves significantly (which everyone, apart from one Dr, says is unlikely to happen)then it’s section or stay where they are!!

What I’m finding hard to get my head round is they’ve said the latest I’ll go is 36 weeks so, as of today, I’ve only got a maximum of 7 weeks left!! Depending on twin 2’s growth over coming weeks and my placental function they could well bring that forward so might well be less!!

YorkshireIndie Thu 18-Jul-19 10:49:52

Hi adding my name to the list. Due 15th October and have a couple of pieces of clothes and the car seat because it was on offer. Just made my life more complicated by putting the house up for sale and accepting an offer for the full asking price. Looking for somewhere to live but resigned to the idea that we will have to move in with my parents for a bit between house moves

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