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Due anytime now?

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unicornsprinklesss Sun 14-Jul-19 13:21:39

I'm 39+6 with DS2 and ready for this pregnancy to be over grin
Anyone in the same boat?

Fedoos Sun 21-Jul-19 07:05:19

Yay! Congratulations @Ilovemypyjamas! 25 minutes?! Wow that was cutting it fine! Glad you're both doing well.

Sounds promising @Hellosunshine30. Fingers crossed for you.

41+2 here and nothing to report. Feeling a bit more relaxed about things. Booked in for induction on Wednesday so the end is in sight and if baby decides to make an appearance before then it's a bonus.

Ilovemypyjamas Sun 21-Jul-19 09:11:26

He's 7lbs 11oz, but looks so tiny next to DD grin

Home now and resting.

My labour started off as feeling like I needed a poo but couldn't do it!!

Hellosunshine30 Sun 21-Jul-19 12:06:27

@Fedoos that's good you have the end in sight.

@ilovemypyjamas Aww lovely. Congratulations again.

Well, I've nothing to report. I don't think it was my plug as I did some go ogling and it was totally clear unlike ones I saw on here and Google. Still have a very sore back and feel sick. Nothing else. hmm

nutellabebe Sun 21-Jul-19 17:58:37

Hi all it's the OP (got locked out of my account so made a new one!) - promise it's me! @Ilovemypyjamas congratulations!!! yayyyyyyyyy.
I took Isaac for his check up today and all is well - he is a chunky monkey! DS1 is getting used to life with a sibling haha. Hope you're all doing well.

Fedoos Tue 23-Jul-19 13:11:41

Glad all was good at the check up @nutellabebe

@ilovemypyjamas, I hope you and baby are doing well.

Any news from anyone else?

I'm going for one last sweep shortly in a last ditch attempt to get things going before being induced tomorrow!

cravingmilkshake Tue 23-Jul-19 18:41:01

Hi all,

40 +2 today, went in for reduced movements-baby seems fine! Because it is the second episode, I have a scan booked for Thursday morning.

They also tried to give me a sweep today but my cervix is too high and I am booked for induction Saturday morning at 9am 🥺 I hope baby makes an appearance before then!

I hope everybody else is doing well!?

ememem84 Tue 23-Jul-19 18:58:34

39+2 today. Due date the 29th. Heatwave here. 36 degrees. So unbelievably hot and sweaty and ready to have baby. Ds arrived at 39+4. Fingers crossed.

Fedoos Wed 24-Jul-19 20:43:45

So, we didn't quite make it to induction. The last sweep did the job and our little girl was born in the early hours of this morning. 9lb 15oz! No wonder I've been so uncomfortable!

We are both doing well. Back home by lunchtime after a pretty straightforward labour. Absolutely besotted with her.

Hope everyone else is doing OK.

Hellosunshine30 Wed 24-Jul-19 21:26:16

Well done @Fedoos

I went into early labour late Monday night and baby boy was born this morning weighing 8lb 3. Pretty horrible labour, but so amazing St the same time.

Woo xx

Ilovemypyjamas Wed 24-Jul-19 23:52:58

@Fedoos and @Hellosunshine30 congratulations and a huge well done!!

Enjoy your lovely babies smile

ememem84 Mon 29-Jul-19 18:46:40

Baby girl - Florence Marie born this afternoon at 12.50. 8lb9oz. Best addition to our family.

So relieved to no longer be pregnant.

Ilovemypyjamas Tue 30-Jul-19 06:50:38

@ememem84 well done and congratulations! What a beautiful name for her too smile

Hellosunshine30 Wed 31-Jul-19 08:01:42

Well done @ememem84 fantastic news.

It's so nice to hear about all the July babies 😊
Can't believe my little one will be a week!

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