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Any young expectant mothers?

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NikolaPiccola Sat 13-Jul-19 16:52:52

I got my faint BFP today at 6 days past my expected period. It wasn't done with first-morning urine so I expect tomorrows to be darker. This is my first pregnancy at 19 years old (I turn 20 in October though.) Would be nice to have some mums to be around the same age to talk to.

Nov19 Sat 13-Jul-19 21:45:38

I had my 1st when I was 20, I ended up making lots of friends a similar age who were either pregnant or had children once I’d announced I was pregnant. I didnt feel too young at the time but looking back I can see why others thought it was young. It wasn’t easy at all but it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

I’m 24 now and expecting baby no.2!

Have you got a good support network around you?

Hope everything goes well for you!

kkl1 Sat 13-Jul-19 21:52:32

I had my first baby as I just turned 20 and she was the best thing that's ever happened to me went on to have my second at 22 and now my third at 28 I don't regret any single one of my children yes they are hard work but they will be hard work if ur young or older each has positives an negatives but good luck and wishing u all the best xx

NikolaPiccola Sat 13-Jul-19 21:53:55

@Nov19 I actually have a few friends/ people I know who are my age and already have a baby. None that I'm particularly close to though.

I am hoping that this is a sticky baby as I did just have some rusty/ pinkish/ brownish spotting so I'm praying that it's not a CP sad

kkl1 Sat 13-Jul-19 22:13:46

Spotting is so normal in pregnancy tbh not sayin that it will all be fine but with my 2 girls I bleed the hole way though and no so many people that did I've had one bled with this one at 13 weeks xx

nzs2019 Sat 13-Jul-19 22:34:38

Hi @NikolaPiccola congrats, I'm 20. Currently 10wks with first baby but third pregnancy ☺️

Nov19 Sat 13-Jul-19 22:37:39

I had spotting early on with both pregnancy and everything was fine. I got checked out at hospital anyway and had an early scan done to be sure - it might be worth speaking to your gp or maternity hospital

NCforthebaby Sat 13-Jul-19 22:42:40

Congratulations! I found out this week that I'm pregnant with my second child. I'm 19 and had my first just over a year ago.

NikolaPiccola Sun 14-Jul-19 12:39:40

@kkl1 how did your bleeding look like, if you don't mind me asking? I did another test this morning and it's a lot fainter so I'm not sure whether this is a sticky baba. I'm a little bit sad and put out at the moment. I'm still going to go to the doctors tomorrow to have blood work done though.

@Nov19 how did the spotting look like for you? I'm going to have blood tests done tomorrow I think

@NCforthebaby congrats! Fingers crossed that yours is a sticky one flowers

kkl1 Sun 14-Jul-19 14:08:25

With my 2 girls it was bright red and just constant spotting though out with this baby it was like a tea spoon full of darker blood good luck tomor keep ya updated xx

NikolaPiccola Sun 14-Jul-19 14:17:15

@kkl1 so I took another cheapie test and there is a clear second line on it so I think my morning urine may have been not as concentrated. I did end up ringing 111 (UK) to ask and they told me as long as I have no clots or stomach pain then I should remain positive. I don't really have any blood coming out onto my bad, it's more like brown stains, if that makes sense. But when I pee I do have some brown blood trickle out (sorry for the TMI.) I have had a few bright red stains when I wiped which is worrying, but I'm trying to remain optimistic until I go to the doctors tomorrow. xx

Snipples Sun 14-Jul-19 17:32:33

I hope things go ok at the docs OP but those are very faint lines for six days past your missed period. I would prepare for bad news, sorry. I've had chemicals before you know how disappointing it is. Hope you're ok.

NikolaPiccola Sun 14-Jul-19 17:43:00

@Snipples I know. Although, I wasn't diligently tracking my ovulation so I can't be 100% sure how far along I am. My mum also had very faint lines when she was pregnant with my youngest sister. And my friend only got a faint positive when she was 6 weeks along (her boy is now 9 months old.) I'm remaining tentatively hopeful. I'll just ask for blood tests to be sure. I did take a cheapie test today and it was much darker than the cheapie I done yesterday! Fingers crossed flowers

Snipples Sun 14-Jul-19 17:53:28

Oh well that's a good sign if you're getting some darker lines. Fingers crossed.

kkl1 Sun 14-Jul-19 18:24:32

My lines never got darker they say that no matter the darkness it will no indicate nothing so hopefully all is well fingers crossed for you tomorrow let us no xx

NikolaPiccola Sun 14-Jul-19 18:27:19

@kkl1 yes, a line is a line. I just always expected it to be super dark like everyone else, you know? But as long as I can see it I'll remain hopeful. xx

Snipples Mon 15-Jul-19 16:37:41

Any update OP?

NikolaPiccola Mon 15-Jul-19 17:32:52

@Snipples I got another line on one of the one-step strip tests. My bleeding has stopped almost completely. It's mostly brown discharge that comes out when I wipe now which means that it only lasted two days. It makes me think that it could have been implantation bleeding which would explain the faint positive on saturday?? I'm testing again tomorrow.

Anyway, I rang the doctors up like I was advised and he's having me come in on Thursday for tests and to refer me for a scan either for Friday or Monday just to see whether the pregnancy is still there. He told me not to worry about the faint line because HCG builds differently for others, but he had prescribed me folic acid which I have picked up.

I've been feeling really nauseous today and tired so it's good that my symptoms haven't gotten away. I'm also bloated so there's that. Fingers crossed. flowers My period has never been this late or light as I normally have a 6 day very heavy bright red bleed. I only get a brown discharge on the 5th/6th day.

kkl1 Mon 15-Jul-19 22:57:17

It does just sound like old blood try not to worry at all and fingers crossed that this is alll well am fine for you pregnancy is a worrying thing and u won't stop worrying till baby is here and safe in ur arms but just try an stay positive xx

poccadot Mon 15-Jul-19 23:04:51

Hi OP, I hope you're feeling okay. I'm 20 and currently 29 weeks with my first 👋

MissSophieB397 Tue 16-Jul-19 07:53:46

@NikolaPiccola I remember seeing you on a post back in May!

I'm 22 and currently 13 weeks pregnant today smile

NikolaPiccola Tue 16-Jul-19 08:01:34

@kkl1 yeah, I thought so. It did have little stringy tissue in it but they were also brown and doc said that it could be old period tissue.
This morning I woke up with my pad crystal clear, no bleeding! I'm yet to take a first response because honestly, I'm terrified. If it isn't darker then idk what's going on because this spotting only lasted 2 days and I still have worsening symptoms (I feel really nauseous and for some reason, I can smell burnt toast lol.) Fingers crossed flowers

NikolaPiccola Tue 16-Jul-19 08:02:38

@poccadot Oooo congrats! Do you know what you're having or is it a surprise?

@MissSophieB397 Aw yeah, I remember! Massive Congratulations!

MissSophieB397 Tue 16-Jul-19 08:35:53

@NikolaPiccola how far do you think you'll be? You can always call your local EPU if you are pregnant and have any concerns but if you're too early there won't be anything on a scan as of yet.

First few weeks are terrifying and any niggle worried me but rest assured if you are pregnant, implantation causes bleeding/spotting. I had a few spells of spotting at 9 and 10 weeks too which turned out to be a hematoma and all was fine! FX for you and all goes well for your pregnancy xx

NikolaPiccola Tue 16-Jul-19 08:38:59

I'm so relieved and happy! I think I may have had late implantation bleeding because I took another first response and it was much darker than the one I took on Saturday. It still is faint but it's now blatantly obvious in person. You can't miss it! My camera is a bit poo though so it's not picking it up that well.

NikolaPiccola Tue 16-Jul-19 08:45:38

@MissSophieB397 well, the doctor said that based off my last period I'd be around 5 weeks, expected to turn 6 weeks on Thursday. I'm still not 100% sure that it's real (even though I have never gotten a positive like that on a frer) but a scan should show it by Friday or Monday. At least the yolk sack.
I mean, if I had a chemical pregnancy surely the test would be lighter and not darker? Right?
Thankyou!Are you hoping for a boy or a girl? xx

MissSophieB397 Tue 16-Jul-19 09:43:38

@NikolaPiccola if your 6 weeks you should see a fetal pole and heart beat for sure. I've never had experience of a chemical pregnancy so wouldn't be sure!

I don't know yet I'm having my gender scan in a few weeks xx

MissSophieB397 Tue 16-Jul-19 09:44:54

As per your test, mine was quite faint and I was only 3 weeks so you might be a bit earlier as for 6 weeks you'd expect it to be darker on a FRER they're the most sensitive so you might be quite early and ovulated later xx

Islandermum Tue 16-Jul-19 10:01:26

Hi! Can I join? I'm 23 (would you call that young?) and currently only 3-4 weeks pregnant (11dpo). I just got my positive on a clear blue digital this morning after getting positive FRERs since 7dpo!!!

I had a MC in May so I'm very nervous but all signs look good at the moment! Congrats on your BFP!

poccadot Tue 16-Jul-19 10:43:39

@NikolaPiccola I'm having a little boy. I can't wait to meet him smile

NikolaPiccola Tue 16-Jul-19 10:46:53

@MissSophieB397 I can't have ovulated earlier because we've only had sex twice that month during the fertile times. At the moment we live an hour away from eachother (soon to change) so we don't see eachother very often. I'm hoping that it's not a bad sign.

@Islandermum I don't see why not! I consider anything under 28 to be young as that is the average women have their first child these days haha. Congrats! I had a chemical pregnancy two months ago so I get the nerves. I'm still very worried because mine is still faint, but I haven't had anything like I did when I miscarried so I'm hoping that it's a good sign.

@poccadot aw how lovely! I'd love to have a boy as my first smile

kkl1 Tue 16-Jul-19 12:13:14

That's really good atleast the bleeding has stopped and everything seems to be gettin on when do you think ur have ur scan xx

Jowd92 Tue 16-Jul-19 12:21:28

Congratulations to you all I'm also a young mom at 27 although I dont feel it Haha I already have 3 beautiful children my youngest being 11 months and I'm currently 16 plus 2 with baby number 4 was a surprise baby but a much well loved one! smile I also had brown bleeding with my current pregnancy at around 5 weeks I had to have early scans in epu and only saw a pregnancy sac i went back a week later and finally saw a baby with a little heartbeat hope all goes well for you i had my 16 week appointment this morning and heard babys heart beat was so happy, good luck to you all

NikolaPiccola Tue 16-Jul-19 12:27:05

@kkl1 well the doctor said he'd like to do urine tests on Thursday, but if my pregnancy tests are still showing positive (even if it's faint) he'll refer me for an early scan either on Friday (the next day) or for Monday. It depends on availability. I'm really hoping for Friday one as I'm seeing my boyfriend on the weekend so it'd be nice to tell him then if everything is ok or not.

@Jowd92 Congrats! hopefully, mine will be a little more straightforward. it's horrible waiting around, isn't it? Not knowing whether or not you are still pregnant or if it's all in your head.

Jowd92 Tue 16-Jul-19 12:40:38

Yes the waiting is the hardest part days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months fingers crossed for you all goes well these little babys sure know how to make us worry right from the very start I had 3 early scans in epu and then my 12 week one I have a private scan booked for friday cant wait to find out if it's a boy or girl , do you have a scan booked in epu ?

NikolaPiccola Tue 16-Jul-19 12:43:10

@Jowd92 I'm feeling hopeful, mostly because I haven't had my usual period and because I have been getting those faint lines. And a line is a line no matter how faint! (so I keep telling myself.)

Not yet. My doctor didn't want to book it until I was 6 weeks, just so we could see whether I was still bleeding or not and if my tests were still positive. So far they are. Fingers and toes crossed that they will be on Thursday too!

Jowd92 Tue 16-Jul-19 13:04:01

Yes I understand as having a scan like I did as early as 5 weeks and then not knowing and having to wait again it's not nice so hopefully when you do you get good news and get to see your little baby yes a line is still a line I remember being the same I was doing them everyday until I had my scan the things we have to go through I'll keep my fingers crossed for you

NikolaPiccola Tue 16-Jul-19 13:15:39

@Jowd92 my doctor tried to reassure me that they don't measure concentration, just the presence of hcg. Still though! You hear so many people get bright pink lines and I can't help but be paranoid by them warning me to be prepared. It makes me feel as if I imagined it. But then if I did would I really be so damn bloated and nauseous?? lol grin
Can you see the line on this one?

Jowd92 Tue 16-Jul-19 13:30:51

Yes I can see the line hun I also had faints at the start then when I had pain and bleeding I was a mess and that's why I ended up having scans in epu and when I had that first one and was too early to see anything and they booked me back in then I had another to be told there was just a sac and to prepare my self just incase was so hard every day waiting for that next scan was awful I was so glad to get there and be told everything looked okay and there was a heartbeat how many weeks are you now ?

NikolaPiccola Tue 16-Jul-19 13:42:39

@Jowd92 Yeah I bet that was grim. That's the bit I hate- the waiting. I don't know what to do with myself as I wait for this appointment!

By my last period, I'm estimated to be around 5 weeks 5 days so when I have my appointment on Thursday I should be 6 weeks. I was told that it's the earliest that they can see anything on a scan.

Jowd92 Tue 16-Jul-19 14:50:26

Yes fingers crossed for you hun

kkl1 Thu 18-Jul-19 18:21:41

How's it going x

DAR125 Thu 18-Jul-19 18:23:47

I'm 20 and so unsure if I have a positive or not 😕😕 I'm lacking the normal symptoms but if my calculations are correct I'm nearing 6 weeks so I'm presuming the line should be so much darker.

IntoValhalla Thu 18-Jul-19 18:26:40

I fell pregnant with DC1 at 19, was 20 when she was born. Had DC2 17 months later. And I’m now 31 weeks with DC3 at 24 smile

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Thu 18-Jul-19 18:27:00

Hi @NikolaPiccola I wasn't sure if I counted as young haha but you said under 28, I'm 26 and 21 weeks with our first! Hope things are going well for you.

NikolaPiccola Thu 18-Jul-19 22:43:14

@kkl1 I had my doctors appointment today. I took a first response this morning and it was negative. My doctor wasn't too worried about it despite my concerns, but I am scheduled for an ultrasound at 10.10am tomorrow. At this point, I'm worried it's either ectopic or a miscarriage. For some wild reason, they have debated it could be twins and one died. I don't even know anymore.

All I want right now is to just fully know what's going on with my body and move on. I have already grieved the potential loss of the pregnancy, but if it turns out fine then it'll be a nice surprise. I just want it over with tbh. I'm still feeling nauseous and sore, I'm ridiculously bloated and stressed out by it all. I hope things are looking better on your end.

@DAR125 that looks like a positive. Similar to mine actually. Honestly, best advice is to just go to the doctors and save yourself the trouble of worrying and second-guessing. I hope you get the answer you're looking for hun x

@IntoValhalla see I reckon it's better to have them young. My mum had me at 22, she then had conceived my brother around 3 years later but unfortunately had a stillbirth at 23 weeks. She had my sister when she was 28 which she says wasn't too bad, and then decided she wanted a third at 35. The older they got the less patience they had. My youngest sister is only 7. My mum will be 53 when she becomes an adult! I don't want any of that haha.

@smartcarnotsosmartdriver awww congratulations! Do you know what you're having?? x

stucknoue Thu 18-Jul-19 22:51:42

I had a similar experience - I was told after it was probably a twin pregnancy originally.

kkl1 Fri 19-Jul-19 08:09:21

Good luck today I hope all is well pregnancy is such a worrying thing aswel as amazing I really hope that it all goes well for you today keep us updated xx

NikolaPiccola Fri 19-Jul-19 12:51:27

@sttucknoue @kkl1 Unfortunately, it was a miscarriage. They only saw the broken down fluid (which they suspected was tissue that should come out sometime soon.) I have already grieved this a few days prior. I mostly hated the looks of pity from the nurses when I walked out with a miscarriage leaflet.

My boyfriend and I have both decided to take a break from TTC. I know that he needs time to grieve this baby and so do I. It was very early but it was still my baby. Thankyou all for your support.

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Fri 19-Jul-19 13:26:51

@NikolaPiccola look after yourself, we lost a baby around 6/7 weeks 4 years ago. Allow yourself time to grieve and heal. thanks

kkl1 Fri 19-Jul-19 14:07:48

I'm so sorry to hear that and yes it doesn't matter how far in the pregnancy u are it's still your baby no matter what wishing u all the best for the future xx

Snipples Fri 19-Jul-19 14:52:43

Sorry to hear that OP. It's so shit. Take care of yourself 💜

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