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Want to quit earlier than said I would

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niceglasses Tue 20-Aug-02 16:20:27

I'm 35 weeks and have this week and next before I start mat leave - I work about 3 and half days a week. I have a 20month old son who isn't sleeping well at the mo & I'm so exhausted I can't concentrate on anything, I just want to sleep!! Being at home wouldn't be a breeze with a 20mo old - he goes to nursery a couple of mornings a week, but I think it might be easier than preteneding to do some work!

I'm useless and really want to go earlier than I said I would. I have a few things to finish off, but I'd love to go this week. Anyone any advice?
Can I leave earlier than the date I said (30th Aug)?

PamT Tue 20-Aug-02 16:32:19

I don't know what the rules are about this but if you could get your midwife or doctor to say that you aren't fit for work then they would have no choice and would have to put you on maternity leave early. It used to be a rule where I worked (I don't know if this is a government regulation) that if you had any pregnancy related sick leave after 34(?) weeks you would automatically be signed off onto maternity leave. Do you have a sympathetic boss? A few tears can work wonders!

Joe1 Tue 20-Aug-02 16:54:39

I think PamT is right, if you get signed off by the doctor at so many weeks, cant remember the exact time, your maternity leave starts from that date. Do they have the maternity rulings in print anywhere, or if there are a big enough company do they have internal web site with all details on. If you ring CAB they have all the details you will require, they gave a great book when I was having trouble at work but cant think where it is otherwise I would look it up for you.

Loobie Tue 20-Aug-02 17:17:02

i am currently fighting with my work over mat leave and was given a book "maternity rights" a guide for employees and employers, it says-

"if the employee is absent from work due to a pregnancy related reason after the beginning of the sixth week before the expected week of childbirth but before the date she has notified, or before she has notified a date, her maternity leave period begins automatically on the first day of her absence. She must notify her employer that she is absent from work wholly or partly because of pregnancy as soon as is reasonably practicable."

so if you went to the doc and got signed of for pregnancy exhaustion you could start your mat leave earlier than you first said.Incidentally this book is from the department of trade and industry so is correct.HTH and good luck with the impending birth.

batey Tue 20-Aug-02 18:26:47

There's an organisation called The Maternity Alliance (www.thematernity who are great. They'll have all the info you need and are right up to date on recent cases and rulings. they're great if you ring them but they may have the info you need in their site.

I wrote a mat. policy in my last job (when I had a brain!) and they were a brilliant help.

P.S. I went off 1month before I planned due to hyperemesis, so I know how you feel.

P.P.S. They might be of some help to you too Loobie.

mears Tue 20-Aug-02 23:14:50

You can stop earlier if you like. Just tell your employer you have decided to stop earlier than planned. There is no need to get signed off. Enjoy your last few weeks of relative peace.

Coleminer Sun 28-Oct-12 13:43:25

You can change your date, it's not a problem and they can't object

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