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35 + 5 wks and slight bleed??

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ozchick Sat 28-Jul-07 11:14:37

Hi, I am 35 almost 36 wks pregnant and had a small bleed on Tuesday morning - phoned the maternity unit who told me to ring again if got worse/any pains. However, all stopped so didn't ring again. Today and yesterday I have had a browny discharge (ugh sorry). I haven't contacted the hosp but wondered if anyone had this or knows whether it's a sign that the bub may come early?? There isn't much and it definately isn't a 'show'; no mucus plug. I didn't have it with my first child - also no pains. Any thoughts? Thanks.

moljam Sat 28-Jul-07 11:18:19

ive no idea on this one but may be worth phoning again if only to make you feel better.goodluck-hope all ok.

Marne Sat 28-Jul-07 11:20:50

Brown blood meens old blood maybe left over from tuesday. I bled through out both of my pregnancies and was told not to worry about brown blood but if blood is fresh get it checked out, also bleeding in late pegnancy is more common and not as worrying as in early pregnancy but if you are worried get it checked out.

SlightlyMadSpider Sat 28-Jul-07 11:21:55

I had some browny discharghe at 26 wks with DTDs. It continued over a few days - small amounts at a time. It certainly wasn't a classic show, and wasn't really mucousy (a bit sticky though).

I gave birth at 26+6. It was my show coming away in pieces.

If you need reassurance ring hosp. They could examine you (with a speculum) to confirm that your cervix is as it should.

SlightlyMadSpider Sat 28-Jul-07 11:22:48

Agreee with Marne I was told not too worry too much about brown blood (after I was checked initially). They were more concerned about red blood.

Leati Sat 28-Jul-07 11:31:28

Probably your mucas plug...It is not so abnormal at this point...Means your cervix is starting to thin...

daisyandbabybootoo Sat 28-Jul-07 11:54:37

I agree with the others that the brrown discharge could be old blood left over from your bleed.

The bleed itself could possibly be bleeding due to cervical erosion (can happen after intercourse)

Provided the baby is moving as well as before and there are no pains or further bleeding then all should be well.

If you are still worried though I would definately call either the hospital or your community midwife.

Good Luck xx

ozchick Sat 28-Jul-07 11:55:47

ooo thanks girls.
Crumbs SlightlyMadSpider, hope everything was ok 26 + 6 is jolly early.
After the bleed on Tues I rushed off to the chemist to get a few bits for my hospital bag, then have rather neglected to put it together, perhaps I should get a wriggle on and get a few things ready just in case!

SlightlyMadSpider Sat 28-Jul-07 12:28:03

Yes - they had some time in NICU & SCBU. Came home just before due date. Perfect now. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone, was stressful at the tie but the longterm outcome was no different to giving birth at 40wks fortunately.

Get that bag put together!!!!

SlightlyMadSpider Sat 28-Jul-07 12:31:25

Oh and I am sure everything will be fine for you - whatever happens. Although not necessarily the norm I know 34/35wk triplets where one of hte babies went home with mum after a week on postnatal ward. The other 2 stayed 1-2wks on SCBU.

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