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Due August?

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mumoftwo1988 Sun 07-Jul-19 17:38:29

Hi all anyone else getting anxious? Il be 37 weeks on Thursday and its starting to hit me that.... I have to get this baby out.... lol

TheSweatyPregnancy Sun 07-Jul-19 17:41:01

Hey OP

I’m 34 weeks today and feel the same. Now that everything is sorted for the baby and the hospital bag is packed, I have spare time to panic about the labour grin

Extra time in fact because I can’t sleep any more!

FrancesV83 Sun 07-Jul-19 17:45:37

Me! I’m 32+1 and due on the 31st but I think he’ll be early like my other son.
As much as I’m scared of the labour process it’ll be nice to be able to get comfy in bed again and not waddle and wear nicer clothes, I HATE maternity clothes.

kittytiggy Sun 07-Jul-19 18:02:13

I'm 33+5 with DC2, due on the 20th and I am shitting it. DS's labour was not an easy one with - extremely long with complications so fingers crossed this one will be easier! confused
Lets look at the pros lol:
- No more waddling
- Not needing to piss every 2 seconds
- No more ugly maternity jeans!
- Being able to lie down in a comfortable position
- wine wine wine
- Being able to walk more than 100 metres without being puffed out
- I could go on
- Oh and how could I forget a screaming crying bright red thing beautiful baby.

Could we use this thread as a little community thing for all of us due in August where we can post updates etc?

Also I have no name picked out yet, love that smile

MissPollyHadADolly19 Sun 07-Jul-19 18:05:01

32wks next week, due 28th August with my 2nd DD. smile
Suffering with PGP, counting down the weeks until I can move like a normal human being again!!

gem584848838 Sun 07-Jul-19 18:09:28

I'll be 37 weeks on Friday so due a day after you OP and I'm starting to worry a bit about the labour. All seems real now.

I've got everything ready, her clothes and washed and put away, Moses basket up and I've done a whole load of batch cooking. Just waiting for it now. Feels like it's going to be a long 3 and a bit weeks waiting and worrying about the labour part now!

EverythingNow Sun 07-Jul-19 18:09:55

I'm 36wks with number 4 and due 4th August.

There is an August thread over on Antenatal clubs too.

I'm looking forward to no heartburn!

TheSweatyPregnancy Sun 07-Jul-19 18:26:57

I can’t wait for no heartburn and no PGP!

Also desperate for a medium steak and to sleep on my belly!

It’s the little things wink

kittytiggy Sun 07-Jul-19 18:29:18

We'll make it only a few more weeks to go!!!

tinker1317 Sun 07-Jul-19 19:23:33

34 weeks today with baby number 2. Booked in for a c section on 7 August and now starting to panic about how I'm going to look after 2 children 🙈

MrsD28 Sun 07-Jul-19 19:34:49

32+3 today with DC2. So so so much more tired than when pregnant with DC1 (who is now 3). Another 6 weeks to go at work.... dreading it!

mynameiscalypso Sun 07-Jul-19 19:37:09

33 + 3 here with DC1 but booked in for a section at 39+1. Two more weeks of work, can't wait. So exhausted and so uncomfortable all the time. Pretty sure baby is trying to claw his way out at the moment.

Firsttimemumdueaugust Sun 07-Jul-19 19:38:38

Also 37 weeks on Thursday OP.
Finished work just over a week ago, everything all sorted for baby. So ready for her to be here now. I hope it goes quickly. Every twinge has me thinking she's going to make an appearance. 😂

happygoluckyhippo Sun 07-Jul-19 20:07:31

Hey folks, 33+4 here, due 21 August. Already have a 14 month old and slightly dreading having a new born as well blush

kittytiggy Sun 07-Jul-19 21:14:41

Has everyone got names sorted etc?

TheSweatyPregnancy Sun 07-Jul-19 21:45:31

We’ve got our name sorted.

We’re having a boy, decided to keep the name secret as people are just so judgemental! And would hate anyone to put us off what we have both loved since day one.

You all decided @kittytiggy?

Firsttimemumdueaugust Sun 07-Jul-19 22:29:58

We also have a name. We've told a few people but not making it common knowledge just yet. Picking a name has been so hard and we've picked something a little.more unusual for our LG. Like you say people can be judgemental.

tinker1317 Mon 08-Jul-19 06:47:41

Nope! Have a few ideas but haven't decided on anything yet x

Lexyness Mon 08-Jul-19 07:35:13

35 weeks tomorrow, dc4! Hardest pregnancy by a mile! Completely exhausted, have developed evening (overnight) sickness just recently 🙈
Would also love to be able to sleep on my front again, but tbh laying in any position, sitting/driving or doing pretty much anything makes this child wild and therefore me in agony from all the movements!
Have no idea when I’m giving up work as it’s a little complicated, currently covering sickness and there is also holiday to cover at the end of the month 😭

And we have a name sorted, had names very early but I thought I was having a boy and much preferred boys name to the girls we had picked, discovered were having a girl and went off the name, literally cannot find a single other name we both agree on so our original name has grown on my again 🤣

mumoftwo1988 Mon 08-Jul-19 08:07:08

I'm now suffering from insomnia I get like 3 hours (if that a night) everyway I lay it hurts lol

kittytiggy Mon 08-Jul-19 08:19:50

What even is sleep anyway? grin We are having a girl and have absolutely no idea of names yet!

mynameiscalypso Mon 08-Jul-19 09:40:51

We don't have a name yet either, we haven't even thought about it! My family have established a complicated betting arrangement as to what the name might be - they keep trying to get clues out of us and offering to split the winnings but we can quite legitimately say that we have no idea!

TheSweatyPregnancy Mon 08-Jul-19 10:01:58

@mynameiscalypso my family are the same.

“Just tell me what it begins with”
“Is it in the top 20 boys names”
“If you won’t tell me what it begins with that must mean it’s an OBSCURE letter and I’d be able to guess”


DP is a huge Liverpool fan so we have told everyone he is being called Virgil, after Van Dyke. That’s shut them up! grin

mynameiscalypso Mon 08-Jul-19 10:09:12

Ha, @TheSweatyPregnancy. For a while after the Champions League Final, my dad insisted on calling the baby 'Divock' 😂

Lexyness Mon 08-Jul-19 10:27:37

@TheSweatyPregnancy with dc2 (first daughter) we also thought we were having a boy then (turns out I carry exactly the same no matter the gender lol) anyway we had a boys name then also and just told the family what it began with - my mum guessed repeatedly until she gave up and the last name she suggested was Dougal! My daughter was called Dougal for at least the first 3 years of her life 🤣 (nothing like her given name) and she would still answer to it now if I called her Dougal (she’s 11 next month)
This time my bump is called Bert, so I’ve no doubt she will also be called Bert for several years - also nothing like the name we have picked lol x

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