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Having an ECV

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Annie75 Fri 27-Jul-07 10:03:16

Thought I'd post this for anyone else lined up for one. I had mine yesterday afternoon. I'm 38 weeks. The process went like this:

- Got lost parking and finding the delivery ward
- Taken to side room and hooked up to an electronic fetal monitor for 20 mins (which consists of several belts around your middle) to check baby's heartbeat is good. This appears on a paper readout.
- Consultant came in with midwife, baby was scanned to check its position and how much amniotic fluid there was around the baby as this helps it to move.
- Was given an asthma pump to inhale several times from to relax uterine muscles.
- Was asked to lie on left side on bed and consultant started to press in from pelvic region, explaining that it could be uncomfortable and that we could stop at any point.
- He attempted to guide the baby from the pelvis into a forward somersault. The pressing was strong, and painful at times when it seemed to press on particular parts of my intestines. I found using relaxation breathing through this bit and holding DH's hand helped me stay calm. It's not continuously uncomfortable, which is worth knowing.
- Baby moved transverse (horizontal) but then flipped back to position
- After several attempts, consultant decided to call it a day and I was put back on electronic monitoring to check baby's heart and my uterine activity for about 30 mins.
- Consultant explained that we could either re-attempt it next week, or I could attempt a vaginal breech delivery on the ward (not all hospitals support this), or I could elect for a c-section.

The whole process lasted about 15 mins and I was kept well-informed throughout by both the midwife and the consultant. I'd really recommend emptying your bowel and bladder before you go into the room and get monitored as it can be tender when they press on it. Wear comfy bottoms - jeans aren't ideal as you need to be able to pull your bottoms down a bit. Also, definitely take someone with you if you can - it's nice to be able to chat through it to distract you from the process.

I feel disappointed that it didn't work. He said he had a decent success rate (55-70%), but there were 4 other women having it done and none of theirs worked. Having said that, I do think it's worth trying if it means you can avoid a c-section etc. My placenta is anterior, which makes it harder to get a good grip on the baby's head/bum. My gut instinct is still to try and have a natural labour, but I'm slightly spooked by the fact that only 3 out of the 10 consultants at the hospital support a breech birth and that the midwives aren't able to assist in the delivery (it's seen very much as the domain of the registrars) and that I was advised to be prepared for intervention (epidural, c-section) and stirrups for the pushing stage. A far cry from the natural birth I wanted at home

Has anyone else reading this had a good natural breech birth in a hospital?

Ceolas Fri 27-Jul-07 10:10:59

Oh Annie

Thanks for the update.

Am 36 weeks today. From the kicks in my bladder and pelvic region I can only assume mine is still breech. Scan on Tuesday.

divamumplusbump Fri 27-Jul-07 12:15:07

Im so sorry it didnt work for you. I have had ECV with DD at 37 weeks, and she turned. But i must say i had the consultant, and registrar. Consultant was young lady and she couldnt do it. She tried couple times and i told her her hand were so slim like sharp blades. So she called registrar and he actually was good and turned at first attempt. I know how awkward the feeling was, it did hurt and it wasnt nice anyway, but we were all glad she turned.
I dont know much about natural breech birth, but at the times i been told our hospital dont recommend breech birth
so im little shocked to hear about it.
This is my second and luckily this one is head down, and i have 2 weeks to go. I always said if this baby was breech i would go CS. I know its personal desicion, so please think and do whatever you think right.
I will be thinking of you. When are you do? Seem pretty close
Take care,

DaisyMOO Fri 27-Jul-07 12:46:07

Hi Annie, sorry it didn't work for you. A hospital breech birth with legs in stirrups is a whole different ball game from a midwife attended breech IMHO. Have you tried posting on the homebirth yahoo group? I know there are quite a few women on there who have been through the same thing, and I believe very occasionally hospital trusts have been persuaded to pay for an independent midwife experienced in breech births to attend the birth either at home or in hospital.

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