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Top tips for working our position of baby......

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Hopeitwontbebig Thu 26-Jul-07 18:13:25

I've read a bit of info online that suggests that if your tummy button isn't sticking out by a certain stage it could mean the baby is in posterior. Also, does where you're feeling the hardest kicks give an idea. One more, if your tummy feels squishy does that indicate posterior. I def can't feel the baby's back etc. I'm coming up to 32 weeks. I'm sure I had an 'outy' by this stage last two times

TheArmadillo Thu 26-Jul-07 18:15:57

My belly button never popped out when I was pregnant.

Ds was in a perfect position.

I was quite chubby (pre-pregnancy weight) though and assumed it was that instead.

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