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How much longer?

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D2Jenx Thu 26-Jul-07 18:01:59

Well i am 40 +5. Had a sweep yesterday and midwife states i was doing exactly what i should be down there, i was soft and thinning and approximately 2cm dialiated. She said i would bleed a little afterwards.
After my appointment i went for an extra long walk, ate a whole pineapple, had a hot vindaloo (which was painful), drank extra raspberry leaf tea, had a hot lavender bath, stimulated my nipples, drank milk and even had sex.
Today i am certain i lost my "plug" or had a show (nasty thick browny stuff) and have had slight discomfort.
Does any one have any idea what happens next? ........ How much longer??
Sorry i am just getting very impatient and uncomfortbale.

hayley2u Thu 26-Jul-07 18:13:22

have more sex and another walk. doubt it ll be much longer now, maybe this evening when your most relaxed

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