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Anyone had a 'fake bake' tan done whilst pg ?

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LilyLoo Thu 26-Jul-07 12:12:29

I am going fro a patch test tonight as the therapist said it may go blotchy due to hormones ? Anyone had one done ?

twinsetandpearls Thu 26-Jul-07 12:20:11

had st tropez done while pregnant and no problems.

hayley2u Thu 26-Jul-07 12:41:25

i do st tropez too no problem apart from cant reach my legs ha

LilyLoo Thu 26-Jul-07 20:11:04

good job i getting someone to do it for me then Hayley . Have had patch test done and seems fine. Thanks

FluffyMummy123 Thu 26-Jul-07 20:11:39

Message withdrawn

MarchMum Mon 13-Aug-07 23:47:45

slightly off topic but I also have a question about bleach. want to bleach my lip (sorry, gross) and midwife said she didn't know!

RGPargy Tue 14-Aug-07 12:07:55

Dunno MarchMum. I would like to know if i can bleach my hair!!! (on my head)

MarchMum Tue 14-Aug-07 19:19:22

books say yes - if after 12 weeks and stylist should know not to go to close to scalp - apparently highlighting is safest. but ask mw?

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