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March Babies

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MaryH90 Thu 20-Jun-19 18:11:12

Tentatively starting a thread for those due in March 2020! I got my BFP yesterday and EDD is 3rd March next year. I got my BFP really early so nervously waiting for the days to go by until I feel a bit more ‘pregnant’. This is number 2 for me. Anyone else out there in the same boat?

BeachYogi Mon 29-Jul-19 20:37:40

Hey, I'm 7 weeks and feeling dreadful! Exhausted and nauseous and I threw up earlier this afternoon. It's my first pregnancy and so I have no idea when things will get better, I've read that for some this feeling lasts until week 14 confused Sorry my message wasn't very reassuring!

I'm self-employed and have had to take an extended leave of absence due to how I'm feeling, so I'm missing being occupied with work too! Wondering if there are any easy admin type work from home jobs that I could do instead of my regular work (which involves face to face client work & travel).
I hadn't anticipated any of this... visualised myself gliding through my pregnancy, like superwoman... What was I thinking?!

BeachYogi Mon 29-Jul-19 21:08:37

Ooh but on a positive note I had my early scan on Saturday and saw the heartbeat! Made it feel real even though it's still early days...

Jesskir89 Mon 29-Jul-19 21:18:45

@barnyb I'm about 6 week 2 days so a bit behind you and I was feeling terrible but been ok for a few days. @BeachYogi good news about the heartbeat x

barnyb Mon 29-Jul-19 21:18:50

@BeachYogi ahhh bless you I remember week 7! Hahaha week 6 was the worst for me but 7 was pretty hideous too! 😂👍 week 8 was better but I'm creeping into 9 now and it starting to kick off again! 👏👏😫🤢😴
I'm glad you had a lovely scan and all we good! Do you have any more scans coming up? Xx

hopefulowl Mon 29-Jul-19 22:08:55

I'm actually so glad to come on here and see a bunch of posts about how awful everyone has been feeling, because today has to be one of the worst days I've had, so it's reassuring I'm not alone!

@BeachYogi I thought the same, definitely didn't expect symptoms like this so early and so badly!

@barnyb Sick and hungry is exactly how to describe it! I'm hungry, but feel sick so can't eat, struggled through dinner again tonight and basically didn't eat it. 

Really fed up of it today so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

@Jampot36 Did you manage your gym session?

Dinosauraddict Mon 29-Jul-19 22:18:24

Sorry you're feeling crap @BeachYogi. I had my first scan last week and it was so reassuring to see the heartbeat. I've been feeling a bit better yesterday/today (currently 7+5) but that actually just makes me really anxious. I have my midwife appointment Weds so think I need to speak to her about my anxiety. I keep thinking baby is just going to stop growing. I'm still doing pregnancy tests every other day. The reassurance only lasts 24/48 hours then I'm panicking again. Anyone else this worried? Is this normal?

Naylor19 Tue 30-Jul-19 07:12:25

@Jampot36 @hopefulowl @Jesskir89

Hey guys didn't get out of hospital until fine 7pm last night but all obs ok, they did internal examination all fine. Said they couldn't find any trace of infection either. They took bloods to check levels and I've got to keep my early scan for tomorrow 10.15 so trying to remain positive. Luckily my fertility clinic said I can also keep my normal early scan on the 7th for reassurance which means I'll get a scan a week tomorrow also!

Hope you're all doing well x

Jampot36 Tue 30-Jul-19 07:31:27

@hopefulowl no i didnt, i couldnt keep my eyes open so didnt bother, fell asleep on the sofa at 6.30 while tea was cooking, a new low! Going to try again tonight!

@beachyogi its the tiredness thats getting me this week, I'm totally wiped which i didnt expect at all!

@naylor19 how do you feel today? Are you drinking plenty? Good luck for the scan. X

Naylor19 Tue 30-Jul-19 07:52:11

@Jampot36 I feel a tad better today, they said I was dehydrated yesterday so I'm trying to drink plenty since! Thankyou, I'll keep you all posted tomorrow on how scan goes x

BeachYogi Tue 30-Jul-19 08:14:19

@barnyb Sorry to hear that the symptoms are creeping back, it's rough isn't it!
I was very excited to see the heartbeat! I don't think I'll do another early scan, I just wanted a viability scan as I'm planning on telling close friends/family in the next couple of weeks. I'll wait and see what the NHS offer. How about you? Xx

barnyb Tue 30-Jul-19 08:19:23

@hopefulowl I'm the exact same! It's awful! I can't even cook anything and I can't look at any food in the shops. Poor husband hasn't had any veg for weeks! Because I can't have it in the house xxxx

barnyb Tue 30-Jul-19 08:21:56

@BeachYogi oh ok I understand ! Nhs will give you one at 12 weeks! I have had two scans already and I have another up next Friday and then two weeks after that which will be my 12 week scan. They are carefully watching at the moment because of my previous pregnancies. And I'm so grateful for ! X

BeachYogi Tue 30-Jul-19 08:22:38

@Dinosauraddict It sounds like you are really struggling with anxiety, I think your idea to tell your midwife about it is a good one. They might be able to reassure you or help you cope with it. I can relate somewhat. As I'm grieving a recent bereavement I think about death/loss frequently and often have thoughts about the pregnancy not working out and how upset I'd be. I have decided "let it be" is my new motto and that helps me to go with the flow a bit more. I know it's hard but some things just aren't in our control and so I try to enjoy the moment. Harder than it sounds I know. Xx

Jampot36 Tue 30-Jul-19 08:45:59

@barnyb sounds so rough! I guess maybe make the most of your good days when you can.

@Dinosauraddict its really hard with anxiety to find a way to manage it...i think speaking to your midwife is a great suggestion and obvs keep talking to us whenever you feel you need to. Anxiety is a bitch, i think what you're feeling is totally normal. I feel really anxious everytime i go loo that I'll see blood and last week convinced myself the 6 tests i took were all wrong. Its a weird time because we can't see or feel anything tangible.

@Naylor19 home bargains have great water bottles that remind you to drink, i have a couple that im constantly filling up and i put fruit in to make it taste more interesting. Constantly need to pee though!

barnyb Tue 30-Jul-19 08:57:31

Has anyone had any funny dreams? the last two nights iv had nightmares and woken up scared or upset. they have both been about my pregnancy. I wonder if that's hormones or something x

Naylor19 Tue 30-Jul-19 09:11:17

@Jampot36 that's a good shout may pop over today (trying to keep busy to make the day go quicker! And to stress less) The fresh fruit idea is good too! Also the hospital said I need to eat a high fibre diet but I'm so fussy!! Any ideas on less exotic choices for high fibre foods? I have an intolerance to nuts x

Jampot36 Tue 30-Jul-19 09:21:50

@Naylor19 i get most of my fibre from fruit and veg. Broccoli and peas are great generally greens are my biggest fibre source and berries are good i think.

But wholegrain foods are good so if you have white bread/pasta switch to whole wheat alternatives.

Naylor19 Tue 30-Jul-19 09:28:09

@Jampot36 lovely thankyou, I'll try that!

Dinosauraddict Tue 30-Jul-19 09:35:18

Thanks @Jampot36 I really appreciate that. @BeachYogi I have also had a relatively recent bereavement. And I wonder now you've said that if that isn't helping. I'm trying to think 'what will be, will be' which my DH keeps repeating, but I just so want this baby to be ok, I'm genuinely terrified for it. I don't know what midwife would be able to say to reassure me though. I've booked another scan for reassurance next week (9+0) so hopefully that helps. My poor bank balance! grin

Jampot36 Tue 30-Jul-19 10:00:20

@Dinosauraddict you're still grieving and that on its own is hard enough without adding raging hormones into the equation. Your midwife might be able to give you some balanced advice to help and support. There's probably no one quick trick other than give it time and be kind to yourself, grief is difficult. Could you maybe plan a couple of nice things a week to have as a distraction? Go for a walk or cinema or something you like just to try to distract yourself? I hope that doesn't sound patronising, sometimes having too much space to think isnt helpful and it might be nice to do something for you? X

Lemon27 Tue 30-Jul-19 16:22:31

Hi girls. I ended up getting a surprise scan last night as I woke with horrific cramp on my right side. And had the same during the week last week so was a bit freaked and went doc, who referred me to fetal assessment unit in the maternity hospital to check for possible ectopic. Was a bit freaked but my sister care with me for support. Was waiting 2 hours but got scan and baba all fine and in the right place, saw the sac and heartbeat ☺️ Was a big relief.

dream109 Tue 30-Jul-19 16:40:39

Hi everyone, I haven't updated in a long while. I'm 8+2 (according to app, no early scans). I've just got my 12 week scan for the 27th August.

This is my first pregnancy and I have to admit to feeling like I'm being let off lightly when it comes to nausea. I've got major smell aversions and completely gone off sweet food (actually appetite is almost non-existent, but forcing myself to eat), but as long as I eat little and often, I don't have nausea and haven't been sick at all. I've read that this is normal too, so that's good. I'm super tired and emotional today though, so spending the day working in bed!

Hope you're all getting on well. <3

Disney1010 Tue 30-Jul-19 16:48:10

Glad to hear all is ok @lemon27. I'm counting down the days until my early scan! It doesn't feel real yet, I was the same with my DD until I saw her on the first scan!

barnyb Tue 30-Jul-19 17:45:32

Guys I think this page will stop once we've sent 1000 messages! One more !!!!

Dinosauraddict Tue 30-Jul-19 18:04:37

@barnyb meeeee!!! I'm going to be 1,000!! grin

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