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March Babies

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MaryH90 Thu 20-Jun-19 18:11:12

Tentatively starting a thread for those due in March 2020! I got my BFP yesterday and EDD is 3rd March next year. I got my BFP really early so nervously waiting for the days to go by until I feel a bit more ‘pregnant’. This is number 2 for me. Anyone else out there in the same boat?

EstherMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 21-Jun-19 20:20:45

Hi OP. Congratulations.
You might get more responses on the Ante-natal topic area. Let us know if you would like us to move the thread there. Am guessing most people due next March won't know yet...

summeryet Fri 21-Jun-19 20:31:22



Can I join?

Currently pregnant with no 2, found out on Thursday. So am estimating that the end of Feb/early March will be the DD.

MaryH90 Fri 21-Jun-19 20:50:28

@summeryet yey! Glad I’m not the only one I was getting a bit lonely here haha. How have you been feeling? Im getting headaches this time around which I never had with DD and the standard sore boobs!

summeryet Fri 21-Jun-19 22:10:18

@MaryH90 feeling totally fine, although eating everything. I had been doing a Keto diet prior to finding out, so I've dropped that like a hot stone smile

Hoping that the headaches go for you soon!

fulanigirl Fri 21-Jun-19 22:21:10

I'd like up join please, BFP yesterday with my first baby. Due date 2 March 2019. Had 4 chemical pregnancies in a row so I'm very nervous!

summeryet Fri 21-Jun-19 22:27:52

@fulanigirl glad that you're with us! How are you feeling? X

fulanigirl Fri 21-Jun-19 22:30:01

@summeryet just really scared something is going to go wrong. I keep having period cramps so that's not making me feel much better.

How are you feeling?

summeryet Fri 21-Jun-19 23:09:45

@fulanigirl cramps are very normal for early pregnancy! 😘

fulanigirl Sat 22-Jun-19 00:31:25

@summeryet thank you. I'll try to remain calm and be excited. 😊

MaryH90 Sat 22-Jun-19 06:19:49

@fulanigirl I had cramps for weeks with my DD it’s just your uterus stretching out to fit baby in. I’m worried too, my AF isn’t due til Tuesday so I think I’ll be on edge until then just in case it comes. I’ve been testing every day just to reassure myself 🤦🏻‍♀️ X

fulanigirl Sat 22-Jun-19 06:32:05

@MaryH90 I've also been testing everyday. My period is also due Tuesday so I guess we'll support each other from afar 😊

MaryH90 Sat 22-Jun-19 07:19:04

🤞 it doesn’t show for either of us! Does this look like okay line progression to you? First is 10dpo and last is today’s at 12dpo. I don’t know whether I should have expected a darker line today.

summeryet Sat 22-Jun-19 07:39:28

@MaryH90 looks pretty good to me! 😃 congratulations!!

MaryH90 Sat 22-Jun-19 07:48:19

Phew! When I found out with my DD it was quite dark straight away because I didn’t realise I was expecting so the light lines have been nerve wracking!

fulanigirl Sat 22-Jun-19 13:06:18

@MaryH90 I can definitely see progression. Congratulations Mama smile

MaryH90 Sat 22-Jun-19 18:13:28

Are these days dragging for you both aswell? I’m desperate to be further along and further into the ‘safe zone’. I don’t remember being this worried at this stage last time.

summeryet Sat 22-Jun-19 19:07:30

@MaryH90 it's still sinking in, but there's a definite air of 'don't get too excited'.... might get an early scan smile

LouDew Sat 22-Jun-19 19:09:49

Hi 👋🏻

I had a very very faint positive on Thursday and it has slowly got darker over the last couple of days. I would be due 1st March 2020!
Really happy but also super anxious. Had a MMC at 12 weeks in October last year and a chemical pregnancy Feb this year.
Husband keeps telling me to stop taking tests, but I can’t quite stop myself yet!
Had terrible lower back pain, feeling sick on and off, decreased appetite and sore nipples. Hoping they are all good signs although I know I’m pretty good at spotting symptoms that mean nothing...husband jokes that I’m convinced I’m pregnant every month in the TWW.

Finger crossed!


fulanigirl Sat 22-Jun-19 19:19:07

@MaryH90 it's dragging for me too. I just google all day which I know is not healthy. I've started to her really excited though.

@LouDew congratulations. Try not to worry especially since you seem to have symptoms. Apart from AF type cramps I have no other symptoms.!

MaryH90 Sat 22-Jun-19 19:39:32

I’m googling like crazy too! I’ve got a running list of MC stats by day just so I can watch the little ones chances increase 1% by 1%. My DH doesn’t know I’ve continued testing or that I’m this crazy about worrying something will happen. He’s not the best with reassurance so I would rather he didn’t know. He said the other day ‘you know of something does happen at least you know it’s just a ball of cells at this stage’. He quickly understood that’s the last thing he should be saying to a newly pregnant woman and bought flowers for being such a tool. I think he was trying to reassure me in his own weird way.

MaryH90 Sat 22-Jun-19 19:41:47

I’m hyper aware of my symptoms too, every little niggle down there makes me happy that baby is getting a bit more comfy then terrified that it could be the start of it coming away. I had an early scan with DD at 8 weeks and it was very reassuring but DH said we need to just wait it out cos it’s needless cost. I almost feel like booking one anyway!

LouDew Sat 22-Jun-19 19:59:35

Thank you @fulanigirl
Husband is working away this weekend so have been driving myself mad with googling too! I need him to come home to keep me calm!
I’ve got a drs appointment on Friday...hoping to ask for an early scan, especially as we had several during our first pregnancy which ended in a loss.

Have any of you told anyone yet? I had to let my mum know today, she’s my other pillar of support and I know she’ll keep me calm too.

MaryH90 Sat 22-Jun-19 20:03:41

I’ve only told my DH and mum at the moment. I’m desperate to tell everyone but want to wait until I feel a bit more secure. I ended up having to tell most people at 6 weeks last time because my morning sickness was so obvious! I would like to keep it quiet until at least then. Have you thought about when you’d like to officially announce? X

fulanigirl Sat 22-Jun-19 20:04:00

@LouDew I'm hoping for an early scan as well. If I don't get it on the NHS at maybe 7 weeksI will be paying for it privately.

My husband, my mum and my friend know about it but that is it for now. I was supposed to start ivf and my paperwork arrived today. I think I'll wait till I get that scan at 7 weeks to know if I should fill them out or not.

troodonandon Sat 22-Jun-19 21:14:54

Hey all, I started a thread in antenatal clubs but just found this one. Got a surprise bfp today, not sure of exact due date as my cycles are different every month and I'm not sure if last period was 24th or 25th May (saw spotting on the evening of the former, woke up to full flow on the latter!) but either way it would be either 29th Feb (!) or in early March.

I've got one ds who's 3.5. DH is in shock, not sure he's entirely happy but will see how he feels in a few days I guess. We're not in the best financial situation, I'm the breadwinner and he's a sahp, we rent and have no savings so I'm a bit worried about all that but at the same time personally very happy and want to give it a go. Will just have to hope DH agrees. So... tentatively joining!

Symptoms wise I'm getting lots of cramps and twinges, which I remember from last time. I had bad headaches all the way through with ds so really hoping they don't hit me soon.

All in all I'm slightly in shock and not sure what to think!

MaryH90 Sun 23-Jun-19 09:26:58

Welcome @troodonandon

fulanigirl Sun 23-Jun-19 18:40:17

@troodonandon welcome :-)

@MaryH90 I told one more person! I'm awful with secrets. Told my sister in law, we are very close.

MaryH90 Sun 23-Jun-19 19:49:35

I saw my SIL and MIL today. It was hard to keep quiet! X

MaryH90 Sun 23-Jun-19 19:57:57

I turn 4 weeks tomorrow, I’m really excited for my apps to show the new little pictures as sad as that is haha. Going to take my other digital tomorrow aswell hoping for a 2-3 weeks

fulanigirl Sun 23-Jun-19 20:01:03

@MaryH90 well done on keeping quite, I could not 😂

I'm also 4 weeks tomorrow. Got the strongest line I've ever had on a pregnancy test so I feel a lot better. When are you booking yourself in with the midwives?

MaryH90 Sun 23-Jun-19 20:32:19

Those are fab lines! I bet that’s nice and reassuring. I don’t think I’m going to let the midwife know until 6 weeks+ because I would rather my booking in appt was in the my annual leave time which is in about 4 weeks. I’m pretty sure they do them at around that time anyway. How about you?

blondie87 Mon 24-Jun-19 05:11:51

Hi! Got my BFP last night- this is #3. Had a miscarriage in April so I’m tentatively excited! Had an awful night’s sleep turning everything over in my head/getting over the shock. Congratulations to all those with recent BFPs!

fulanigirl Mon 24-Jun-19 08:23:54

@MaryH90 thinking of calling the midwife this week so I can get an appointment for 7 weeks.

@blondie87 congratulations! I get about worrying. I took a test yesterday morning and I thought it was a bit lighter so I started panicking and googling. Waited 3 hours, took another and it was strong. I completely understand how hard it is. Any symptoms?

blondie87 Mon 24-Jun-19 08:38:27

Thanks fuliangirl. Yes I know what you mean about the tests! I only took one early ad I’m due out for dinner tonight and wanted to see if I’d be ok to have a glass of wine! Will be making my most convincing excuses! Not really many symptoms other than bloated and sore boobs on and off. How about you?

fulanigirl Mon 24-Jun-19 09:27:33

@blondie87 I have period cramps but that is it. Hoping to get something soon

MaryH90 Mon 24-Jun-19 10:22:25

I took my last digital this morning and it still says 1-2 😩 I was hoping for my 2-3! X

fulanigirl Mon 24-Jun-19 12:38:16

@MaryH90 don't worry, it might be tomorrow or the day after!

blondie87 Mon 24-Jun-19 14:38:28

It’s good that you got a BFP on a digital- they are less sensitive! I know exactly how you feel though- I got a decent line on a frer but today on an ic and a Sainsbury’s the positives were there but really faint. Think we should step away from the tests and give it a few days! I’ve started feeling sick after eating which I’ve never had so early so I’m crossing my fingers for us!

blondie87 Mon 24-Jun-19 14:40:22

Bit of a squinter.

MaryH90 Mon 24-Jun-19 17:39:18

You’re right @blondie87 we need to step away from the tests!

blondie87 Mon 24-Jun-19 18:09:09

Banning myself until Thursday!

Nefelibata86 Mon 24-Jun-19 23:52:14

Hello ! Congrats all smile

All going well I’m due either 29th feb or 3rd March-trying not to get too ahead of myself!

Current symptoms- bloaty, cramps, blocked nose, warmer temp and burpier than usual though I may be symptom spotting! Feel potential uti coming on...also trying to keep away from compulsively testing!

MaryH90 Tue 25-Jun-19 05:26:30

Welcome @Nefelibata86!

Frillyfarmer Tue 25-Jun-19 06:57:44

Morning guys, I joined the March antenatal thread but this seems busier!

My EDD is 3rd March and my period is due today. I'm absolutely shitting myself as I've had two miscarriages this year so far!

Now I'm stepping away from the tests as well before I drive myself completely crackers!

This will hopefully be #2, I have a 21month old as well.

blondie87 Tue 25-Jun-19 07:51:00

Hi @Nefelibata86! I’m feeling very similar in the abdomen- lots of strange sensations and really bloated! My strongest symptom is hot flushes?! Don’t know if anyone else has this but I feel menopausal rather than pregnant!!

Tr13d Tue 25-Jun-19 08:07:47

OP I’m also 3rd March! Found out super early as well about a week ago! Can’t stop doing tests I can’t believe it! smile

fulanigirl Tue 25-Jun-19 08:18:28

Welcome @Tr13d @Frillyfarmer @Nefelibata86 it's very hard not keep testing when it's so early and have had issues in the past. I booked myself in with the midwives yesterday.

Nefelibata86 Tue 25-Jun-19 08:38:42

Thanks for the lovely welcome X
Have also self referred pregnancy so hopefully can get reassurances soon about the symptoms smile

TimeIhadaNameChange Tue 25-Jun-19 10:11:40

I've been having faint positive lines since last Thursday. Have ordered a couple of First Response tests as I gather they're better at giving stonger lines. I'll believe this is happening more when I see a good, solid line that I don't have to squint at. Am seeing the doctor a week today - eeeek! Apparently they like to check you are, actually, pregnant before getting you in touch with the midwives, which is fair enough!

Boobs are fine but I'm having almost non-stop mild crampting. And I have noticed a huge increase in the amount of mucus being produced - it feels like I'm non-stop weeing, almost! Am I the only one with this?

fulanigirl Tue 25-Jun-19 10:23:10

@TimeIhadaNameChange lucky You get a blood test from the doctors. Mine don't see you at all. About the cramping, I have been experiencing the same thing and it is easing off now. I also have had a lot of CM so you are not alone.

MaryH90 Tue 25-Jun-19 16:18:09

I’ve had loads of cramping and this is also my AF due date so I’ve been terrified all day expecting to see the worst when I go to the loo but no bleeding so far and the cramping seems to be calming down. These first few weeks are awful! X

MaryH90 Tue 25-Jun-19 17:32:52

Reassured with a much darker line today compared to a few days ago. Evening wee aswell so that’s made me feel a bit better. I’ve got one more FR left and two digitals so when they’re gonna I’ve promised myself I won’t buy anymore!

TimeIhadaNameChange Tue 25-Jun-19 17:49:34

That's the exact sort of line I can't wait to see, MaryH90! Hopefully the FR will arrive soon and I will get a line I don't have to squint at to see.
@MaryH90 - ahhh, so it'll be a blood test I'll be getting, not urine. I did wonder, as I wasn't asked to bring a sample in.My cramping has eased off slightly as the day's gone on, but no let up on the mucus, but I'm glad I'm not alone with it. What fun!

blondie87 Tue 25-Jun-19 18:01:06

Very good progress @MaryH90! I caved and tested after work and I’m glad I did as it’s reassured me a lot!

MaryH90 Tue 25-Jun-19 18:37:03

That’s a great line blondie!

fulanigirl Tue 25-Jun-19 19:03:14

Wow those lines look amazing

Nefelibata86 Tue 25-Jun-19 23:03:26

@Timelhadanamechange I’ve had your exact experience. right now thinking positively !

Nefelibata86 Tue 25-Jun-19 23:06:05

Great to see everyone’s lines too smile Im holding off on retesting though figure may as well given they expire

MaryH90 Wed 26-Jun-19 05:57:14

Is anyone else feeling really anxious with the early pregnancy cramping? It’s so similar to period pain I can’t stop thinking I’m just going to come on and it’ll all be over.

MaryH90 Wed 26-Jun-19 05:57:52

It’s started again this morning 😩

blondie87 Wed 26-Jun-19 06:47:07

If it’s any consolation with both my previous successful pregnancies cramping was my main symptom. I think ad long as it’s not too painful and there’s no bleeding it’s usually fine but if you’re worried get checked out x

fulanigirl Wed 26-Jun-19 06:57:21

@MaryH90 yeah I really was but it does stop! I am 16dpo and I am no longer cramping. Anyone else just so exhausted? I am sleeping a lot.

Nefelibata86 Wed 26-Jun-19 08:29:30

Still with the cramping and have bone aching tiredness. Pretty sure have a uti coming so it could be that. @MaryH90 it could always be worth checking with up or early pregnancy unit it's what they're there for?

Nefelibata86 Wed 26-Jun-19 08:30:08

Gp not up !

fulanigirl Wed 26-Jun-19 18:16:38

I think I am losing this pregnancy. Went to pee and wiped brown blood, a lot! Immediately took a test on an internet cheapie but it was still very positive. I now have back pain like I usually do on my period.

I'm very confused. Normal when I have chemical pregnancies my lines completely disappear before I start bleeding. It's usually red blood to begin with.

I called my GP who said I should go to the A&E. Currently at the waiting room.

MaryH90 Wed 26-Jun-19 18:22:24

@fulanigirl I really hope you get some good news and baby is a sticky one x

Mostunexpected Wed 26-Jun-19 20:09:46

Hi and congrats all grin. I got a huge surprise with my BFP today. Apparently due date is March 1st. This will be my second but first was from IVF so I'm extra nervous this time.

Frillyfarmer Wed 26-Jun-19 20:56:15

@fulanigirl I hope everything is ok xx

Mostunexpected Wed 26-Jun-19 21:10:12

Fulani, i'm so sorry I didn't even see your previous update when I posted and it was such an inconsiderate post of me.
If it is very different to previous occasions and only brown blood I'd assume that's a good sign. Fingers crossed for you x

Nefelibata86 Wed 26-Jun-19 21:40:49

@fulanigirl I've got everything crossed for you - hope all turns out to be well x

blondie87 Thu 27-Jun-19 08:00:56

Hope everything is ok @fulanigirl.

fulanigirl Thu 27-Jun-19 11:05:19

So we went to AE yesterday but it was a 3 hour wait and I didn't feel it was right to be there. I also had an appointment at the recurrent miscarriage clinic this morning so I thought it was best to go home.

Bleeding has completely slowed down, light spotting every few hours, still brown blood. Plus the tests this morning are still very strong.

The consultant said he'll monitor my hcg levels, if they are rising, he'll give me some hormones. I have to go back on Saturday for the second blood test.

Thank you all for your concern. I'm thinking positive.

MaryH90 Thu 27-Jun-19 12:08:51

Those lines still look great, 🤞 your levels keep rising x

Abi58 Thu 27-Jun-19 15:07:37

Hi everyone can I tentatively join?? I've my bfp but very nervous as I had a chemical pregnancy last month. Af is due tomorrow/sat so if I make it Monday I'll feel a lot better! Been testing every day to make sure it's still positive. Last month the lines were very faint and started getting lighter but so far this month mine have been getting darker each time so keeping everything crossed and hoping my progression is good!🤞🏻

Congratulations to everyone else on the bfps! I wanted to read all the messages but there are so many I'd forget what I read 🤦🏻‍♀️

🤞🏻this is a sticky one I'll b due approx 7th March 😁

@fulanigirl sorry to hear you're having a tough time 🤞🏻 for you it sounds good if the bleeding is brown and has slowed. When will you get your results?

blondie87 Thu 27-Jun-19 15:58:59

Welcome @Abi58! Congratulations on BFP! I know how you feel after a loss in April but I’ve become quite philosophical and think I really hope it works out, I’ll be as healthy as I can and the rest is out of my hands!
I hope things continue to go in the right direction @fulanigirl

MaryH90 Thu 27-Jun-19 17:18:35

Welcome @Abi58 I love that our little thread is filling up!

Nefelibata86 Thu 27-Jun-19 22:09:19

Welcome @Abi58 and @Mostunexpected great to see everyone’s happy news . Thanks for updating @fulanigirl hope things continue to look positive

Abi58 Thu 27-Jun-19 22:24:11

@blondie87 thank you 😁 sorry to hear about your loss 💕
Congratulations on your bfp too!!
Yeah I agree what will be will be as I know I have no control, still poas addict but more because I'd rather know if it's not looking good if it is going to happen again, rather than just starting to bleed 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Thank you @MaryH90

@Nefelibata86 thank you 😁

blondie87 Fri 28-Jun-19 07:28:33

Got a digital coming today so hopefully I’ll see it in words that I’m pregnant!

Abi58 Fri 28-Jun-19 07:35:35

@blondie87 I have one but I'm too nervous to use it 😂🙈
How exciting 😁

dreamer2 Fri 28-Jun-19 12:15:03

Hey everyone, I would like to join as well smile , currently 4weeks exactly and the period pains are so scary ! I don't know how I'll survive the next two weeks until I can see anything ahh , I just wish I could sleep through it and wake up on scan day lol , I hope everyone is doing well smile

Abi58 Fri 28-Jun-19 13:01:46

Welcome @dreamer2 are you having an early scan?
I know I've been getting cramps and after a chemical last month I'm freaking myself out! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

dreamer2 Fri 28-Jun-19 13:14:08

Hi @Abi58 yeah I think am definitely going to have an early can , just for a little bit of reassurance 🙏🏽 it's such a limbo time ahh

Abi58 Fri 28-Jun-19 13:48:46

@dreamer2 🤞🏻 😁

MaryH90 Fri 28-Jun-19 18:56:26

I’m thinking about an early scan aswell, DH says no but I think he can be persuaded! I still don’t feel like this pregnancy is real whereas with my DD I felt totally committed immediately. I don’t know whether it’s because it happened quicker than we were expecting.

Mostunexpected Fri 28-Jun-19 20:27:04

Congratulations to all the latest bfps.

I have to have an early scan because one of my fallopian tubes is wavy so I have increased risk of ectopic pregnancy. It's great I'll get to have a scan earlier, but it's also one more thing to worry about!

dreamer2 Fri 28-Jun-19 20:55:07

@Mostunexpected how many weeks are you going to be at your scan ?

Also has anyone had their blood tests done ? I have to go do my bloods and progesterone test next week and I am nervous !

Mostunexpected Fri 28-Jun-19 21:03:45

@dreamer2 I have no idea. I'm guessing 6/7 weeks, as that was when I had it last time.

What bloods do you need? I never had any bloods done last time 🤔

Abi58 Fri 28-Jun-19 21:12:39

@Mostunexpected 🤞🏻 for you! How far are you at the moment?

@dreamer2 I had my beta done today and another booked for Monday but not progesterone. What part is worrying you? 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Mostunexpected Fri 28-Jun-19 21:17:23

@Abi58 thanks! As far as I can work out I should be 4 weeks 5 days.

dreamer2 Fri 28-Jun-19 21:24:16

@Abi58 @Mostunexpected yeah I meant the beta hcg to confirm BFP by blood and aslo progesterone because this is a Clomid pregnancy so just to check the levels are rising appropriately x

Mostunexpected Fri 28-Jun-19 21:45:32

Ah yes we don't have a blood tests to confirm pregnancy here! Weird eh?

dreamer2 Fri 28-Jun-19 21:49:48

@Mostunexpected Yeah i suppose it's because Its so early on , I think after they can start detect something on the scan then no need for bloods x

Abi58 Fri 28-Jun-19 22:00:02

@Mostunexpected where are you based? My dr said they don't normally but as I had an early miscarriage last month and was a bit of a mess he said yes

Abi58 Fri 28-Jun-19 22:01:08

@dreamer2 when will you get the results?

Mostunexpected Fri 28-Jun-19 22:03:33

Ah that all makes sense. And there's lots of things that vary between area anyway. I'm in Hertfordshire.

dreamer2 Fri 28-Jun-19 22:19:09

@Abi58 I think a few days after smile I am trying to think positive and not worry too much 🙏🏽x

fulanigirl Sat 29-Jun-19 11:24:09

Was at the EPAU today and my hcg levels are increasing by about 63%:

Thursday: 745
Saturday: 1210

The doctor wants to do another on Monday and then scan afterwards. Still spotting a little but there is no pain which is good.

blondie87 Sat 29-Jun-19 19:57:59

That sounds promising @fulanigirl 🤞🏻

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